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  1. Got a few things to get rid of today. As always shoot me a message with any questions of if you would like some additional pics. 1. Ventus Velocore Black 7x - Measures 44 1/4" tip to grim with TM tip and new MCC Plus 4 grip. In excellent shape, normal wear from bag chatter. Asking Sold Add $5 if shipped to west coast. 2. Whistling Straits Ryder Cup 2020 Putter Cover (Blade) - Gamed it a few rounds, near mint. Purchased directly from Straits pro shop. Magnetic close. Asking $45. Add $5 if shipped to west coast. 3. Epix MAX LS 9 Degree - Brand new in plasti
  2. Thanks guys! I figured it would be ok but didn’t want to risk messing up the finish on the Ventus haha
  3. I've only built out steel shafts thus far in my clubmaking career as I don't have a shaft puller. However, I just found out a golf buddy has a puller and i had him pull a cally adapter as Im switching it to a TM. My question is, can I use acetone when cleaning excess glue and turning down the ferrule? I wasn't sure if acetone would eat away at the finish on the graphite shaft if it gets on it. Thanks!
  4. Alright after over a years worth of active experimentation with tons of different gear following a swing change I've finally settled on the gamers. So I have quite a bit to sell. I exceeded the size limit when I tried to upload all the pics so posted as much as I could and tried to post at least one pic of every item for sale. I have plenty of photos so if you're interested in something just message me and I will send the full compliment of pics for that item. Taylormade P760 Irons 3-PW DG 120 X100. Standard length and lofts. Lie's are 1.5 flat from TM standard. GP MCC Midsize grip
  5. First up is some Mizuno JPX 900 Forged, heads only, 4-PW. These were my gamers the last few seasons, absolutely loved them. Moved into the 921 forged this year. Grooves still in great shape. Normal bag chatter for the most part. I did picture a small ding in the 4 and 7 iron, you cannot see it at address, does not affect performance. PW, 9, 8 is pictured in the group of 3 heads. 7,6,5,4 is pictured in the group of 4 heads. Asking $350 OBO add $5 if shipping to the west coast. Next up is a set of mint Modus3 Tour 120 S pulls 4-PW with tour velvets. These never even saw the course
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to try to do the extensions first and see how that feel. If there is anything noticeable, which it sounds like there shouldnt, Ill try the soft stepping.
  7. That’s a very good idea chip. Holy s***. Then I would just need to snag a 3 iron shaft for my 4 iron. Just to clarify that would mean 9iron shaft into wedge, and so on. I always mix up hard vs soft stepping...
  8. If anyone’s getting rid of a black 6x or 7x I’d be interested! Can’t miss out on the cool aid!
  9. Thanks Stuart. I’ll just plan on extending them I think, at least to start off. Picked up some extensions from the pga store but wanted check into this before I started the build.
  10. All, I need another 1/4"-1/2" on my DG TIX100 shafts. My question is will will using a shaft extension to do this affect the feel and or performance of the shaft? Im swapping out my old shafts into some new JPX 921 forged heads and when doing so, I lose some length due to the shaft inserting lower into the clubhead than my old irons did. (If that makes sense) So I will essentially be bringing them back to standard length. I'll be good checking and altering SW due any counter balance issues or anything like that. More so just curious if the shaft extension will greatl
  11. Good to know on the LA Golf Version, I may have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those. Interesting on the KBS, I missed that they even released a driver shaft haha
  12. Thanks MP. I forgot to mention I had tried the HZRDUS. Although it was the OEM version, I’m not sure if there’s a big different to the HC one.
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