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  1. Irons are sold. Crazy price drops on the remaining items.
  2. Guess I was a little off on the market value for these. Big price drops.
  3. Apparently, I "need textbooks" for next semester, so some of the extras have to go: Ping i20 3 and 5 woods. 15* and 18*. Shafted with Project X 5.5 graphite shafts. Picked these up on a whim a while ago and never really got around to using them. Some wearing of the black face and the five wood has a small skymark that is just barely visible from above - seems like these do wear fairly fast though. Looking for $220 $170 shipped. Ping Tour-S Wedges. 47/10, 52/12, 56/12, 60/10 respectively. The 52, 56, and 60 have the tour rustique finish and the 47* had the brushed chrome. KBS
  4. Take your pick with the Mizunos - almost every set in the MP-series (especially post-MP60) has been great for pickers. As far as Mizzy, the MP-33s were my favorite, although it looks like the MP-53/63s were almost designed for the sweeper in mind. Also, have been trying to find a Ping setup lately and have found the S56s to be quite nice.
  5. Definitely a big proponent of making that year after HS a 'gap year' if you have the means. After my freshman year I took a year off to figure out what I was passionate about, which eventually led into an internship and finding out what I wanted to do when I finally have to get a real job. Glad I did it, but wish I would have done it right after high school as it seems most people have no idea what they want to do when they get into college anyway. Taking a year off to play golf is something a lot of people would kill for. I don't know what your ACT/SAT scores or GPA is, but if taking a year
  6. Got a set of Ping S56 irons. Orange dot (2.25* flat) and Ping confirmed that they are KBS Tour X-Flex softstepped once. Normal wear on the irons, except the 8 iron, which has some lamination issues (especially on the sole and lower face). Everything is original with matching serials so Ping should replace the 8 iron I would assume. 5 iron measures 37.75 aka Ping standard. Like the irons, just looking for something with a softer flex. Best case, I'm looking for a set of S56s with KBS Tour stiff shafts. Also interested in S-series Ping irons and I-series Ping irons. Since I have to put a pri
  7. [quote name='budeagle' timestamp='1350604224' post='5814131'] What Flex Thanks [/quote] Oh wow - can't believe I forgot that. Stiff flex. Correction in ad has been made as well.
  8. Little 'clubmaker special' for everyone. As always, trades toward Ping gear, especially toward rustique wedges, i20 and Rapture drivers and fairways, as well as S56 and S58 irons. I have money to blow. KBS Tour 90 shafts 4-PW. Stiff flex with .355 taper tip. White/black Dual Decade grips in very playable shape. Epoxy will need to be drilled out and ferrules removed, but otherwise, great condition. $70 shipped SOLD White Ferrules from Cell-Parts Eleven white ferrules with two black stripes. I've used these on multiple occasions and they are great - just ordering a set in pur
  9. Exotics 3 wood is pending and I have more stuff to sell so this ad is coming to a close. Thanks everyone for all the 'hits,' offers, and purchases.
  10. Everything sold except the Exotics fairway wood. Make an offer.
  11. All PMs should be replied to. Some updates though: Scratch wedge set is sold. Scratch 60* wedge is now $63 shipped. Due to demand at a specific price-range, the first person to paypal me $50 for the Mizuno MP-33 heads gets them. Someone should buy the Exotics 3 wood - it's really long.
  12. Didn't realize the PW on those MP-33s was so beat up. Little price drops on all.
  13. Decided to finally migrate towards an all-Ping bag so all of my none Ping stuff has to go: As far as trades go, I'm interested in Ping i15/20, s56/57/58 irons, Ping Tour-S rustique wedges, Ping drivers and fairway woods, any putter (prefer Cameron or TP Mills) - in other words, if you have anything Ping, odds are I'm interested. TOUR EDGE EXOTICS XCG 3 WOOD One of the longest 3 woods I have ever hit, however, I never found a five wood to match it. 15* with an Aldila DVS stiff flex shaft and original headcover. Topline is in perfect condition as the pictures show [via non-panoramic scan
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