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  1. Would love some Bio towels and the Titleist hat! Had the chance to meet Greg in Charlotte and was one of the best guys you will ever run into.
  2. I follow one of TaylorMade's photographers on Snapchat and he posted the following Thoughts?
  3. Anyone have any pics or news for the new year? I've heard talks of a new Tour Preferred iron, anyone know anything about this?
  4. Any pics or rumors about a new line? Apparently there is a lot of buzz from the guys on Tour about them. Wondering if anyone knew anything or heard anything from a rep.
  5. Was working in the pro shop when a rep came by and gave away some new prototype sleeves to the shop guys. New Chrome Soft I suppose but he wouldn't say, just said to try them out and report back what we thought. Took it out for a round and it feels solid like a ProV1X but spins more than a ProV1. Needless to say I might me making the switch next year.
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