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  1. Looking for 15 degree head only.
  2. need tensei blue stiff
  3. Looking for 9 degree head only.
  4. Agreed. I’m just not seeing many trade in the 500-600 range. Seems to be in the 300-400 range now.
  5. There are a couple I like that I’ve been watching for a while. What they are asking for them and what the market is bearing isn’t close. I’d buy a few if we weren’t 300 apart.
  6. what is everyone's thoughts on the softening of this market. I seem to see the same ones on ebay. people asking a lot of money for months (and some a year old) still sitting there. Just really curious if I am the only one noticing this. A few years ago they held some of their value. Now you spend 850 and as soon as it arrives it is worth about 50% of what you paid.
  7. Hey guys - please let me know if you need any additional pics or measurements. 1. hzrdus Smoke 41.25" - 6.5 80g with a callaway epic flash tip. tour velvet 360 - $60 2. Hzrdus Handcrafted Black - 42.5" - 6.5 75g with no tip. tour velvet 360 - $90 3. Diamana Whiteboard D+80 - 42.5" - S flex with callaway epic flash tip. tour velvet 360 - $80 4. Tensei Raw White AV TX - 45" - TX flex 65g with ping g410 tip. golf pride tour velvet align - sold 5. GD ADDI 7x - 42.25" - X flex 75g with callaway epic flash tip - sold 6. Tour issue Epic Flash 3 wood - this thing
  8. Would be interested in head only if anyone wants the shaft.
  9. 2 items today. Both in great shape 1. epic flash 3 diamond head. 10.5 degree. No marks at all. Comes with headcover. $275 $240 SOLD 2. Byron Morgan - 35 inches 612 in a blue mist oil can. Head is about 340 grams. Great feeling putter. Not in a hurry to sell but the putters are starting to take over the office. $500 $450 pin 10/8
  10. I’ve got a new Byron that has been traveling less than 200 miles for over a week now. The package is now further away than when it started. don’t feel good that i spent 825 on a putter and it wasn’t shipped ups or fedex.
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