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  1. 2 items today. Both in great shape 1. epic flash 3 diamond head. 10.5 degree. No marks at all. Comes with headcover. $275 $240 SOLD 2. Byron Morgan - 35 inches 612 in a blue mist oil can. Head is about 340 grams. Great feeling putter. Not in a hurry to sell but the putters are starting to take over the office. $500 $450 pin 10/8
  2. Looking for a black baby t
  3. I’ve got a new Byron that has been traveling less than 200 miles for over a week now. The package is now further away than when it started. don’t feel good that i spent 825 on a putter and it wasn’t shipped ups or fedex.
  4. 10.5. Prefer head only.
  5. Thanks. Don’t really want to sell it but I’ve got a Byron bill coming!
  6. Guys - all come with Cameron head covers.. 1. Scotty AOP oilcan Newport 2. Refinished by BOS. 35 inches. Putter is in incredible shape. New Scotty pistolini on and comes with titleist Scotty headcover. 425 SOLD 2. Studio style Newport 1.5 with red baby t. Putter is in incredible shape. Has studio style headcover 325 SOLD 3. Future 5cb. Never seen the course. This was a quarantine purchase that i shouldn’t have made - 34 inches. Cameron and crown headcover 225
  7. was this on ebay? or did you order from byron? saw one similar on ebay - if you ordered from him what was your timeline?
  8. Used copper spider x. 34 inch. Games but taken care of. Ready to ship. $200
  9. Been doing it for 20+ years in the south. Keep a little baby powder around for the really humid days. Also a big tour towel (super gym) does a way better job of soaking up the sweat than any other towel out there.
  10. Guys - 2 items for sale today. copper spider x. 35 inch in great shape. Slight wear from being gamed. Comes with original headcover. Soldaugusta national azalea headcover. Great shape. Picked this up towards the tail end of the spider being in the bag. 75
  11. Great head in great shape. Headcover included. No tool. $275 shipped
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