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  1. Well. The title says it all. Great set of irons that i will probably regret selling. Miura tc-201 kbs $ taper 125s+ golf pride mcc cord align grips 4-pw $1600 pin 9/22
  2. Looking for head only
  3. 1. Rossie OG. Used 3 rounds with a super stroke pistol gt. 35 inches. $175 2. VA Composites prototype. Taylormade tip driver shaft. This shaft became the vylyn shaft. 65X. SOLD 3. VA composites raijin 3 wood shaft. 75X with TM tip. SOLD
  4. Just got it after a 2 month wait and have decided to stick with my ping. Rdx smoke 6.5. Standard length. Looking for 475
  5. Thanks. It is there now. In my mind i had put it there.
  6. Two projects i have not gotten to. Both are 35 inches and feel incredible. 1. Scotty Cameron Santa Fe. Never been refinished. Some light buffing and finish will have this in great shape. Original grip is in amazing shape. 325 2. Byron Morgan 006 needs a little more work but feels great. New grip from Byron. SOLD no headcovers for either but will be shipped protected.
  7. Agreed. I’m just not seeing many trade in the 500-600 range. Seems to be in the 300-400 range now.
  8. There are a couple I like that I’ve been watching for a while. What they are asking for them and what the market is bearing isn’t close. I’d buy a few if we weren’t 300 apart.
  9. what is everyone's thoughts on the softening of this market. I seem to see the same ones on ebay. people asking a lot of money for months (and some a year old) still sitting there. Just really curious if I am the only one noticing this. A few years ago they held some of their value. Now you spend 850 and as soon as it arrives it is worth about 50% of what you paid.
  10. Hey guys - please let me know if you need any additional pics or measurements. 1. hzrdus Smoke 41.25" - 6.5 80g with a callaway epic flash tip. tour velvet 360 - $60 2. Hzrdus Handcrafted Black - 42.5" - 6.5 75g with no tip. tour velvet 360 - $90 3. Diamana Whiteboard D+80 - 42.5" - S flex with callaway epic flash tip. tour velvet 360 - $80 4. Tensei Raw White AV TX - 45" - TX flex 65g with ping g410 tip. golf pride tour velvet align - sold 5. GD ADDI 7x - 42.25" - X flex 75g with callaway epic flash tip - sold 6. Tour issue Epic Flash 3 wood - this thing is hot. 15.1 degree is the actual loft. - $150 7. Byron Morgan 612 - 350g head at 33" beautifully refinished (by the putter spa) with an oil can rub comes with a new headcover- sold
  11. Would be interested in head only if anyone wants the shaft.
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