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  1. I’m right hand control for my putting stroke it’s basically like an Y motion with conventional grip I tried the claw grip then I feel like I have to make a slight forward press and play ball hair back The cackhand grip feels weird to me I have to grip my right hand really tight with my left hand and lead the stroke with my left arm I tend to putt better when I can relax
  2. Depending on my grip I look at my hands or the butt or the end of the shaft of the putter as my last look before I putt then my eye instinctly follows the path of the ball after I stroke it
  3. I played 9 holes more often at our club. It’s only the men’s league I played 18. I find that about 90 mins of golf and walking is about right for me. The longer it gets the more I don’t feel like playing i usually have to bring food and mentally talk about other things during the round as much as I can or use a cart to get through 18
  4. I turning 56 this year and I know that my driving distance will decline The new drivers don’t do it I just try to stay fit ,loose and strong. If I get 250-260 I’m satisfied I play with a few players who seem jealous when ever there’s a drives past 300+ on the fairway in our league and says it’s “luck” I used to be like that but I appreciate those who can Golf is not all about long driving
  5. For the medium to long putts Ball above the hole I feel there is more “luck” factor. Cannot will the ball into the hole as much as other putts.
  6. How do the greens run during fall ? Faster or slower than spring
  7. Happiness is just getting the day off to play golf Sadness is when the course closes due to bad weather
  8. For full swings I wear glove. When I’m inside partial wedge distance towards the holing our or on the green then go gloveless it’s very important I wear a tight MS or M glove. The larger ones or ML fits to loose on around my thumb and can cause more problems with grip.
  9. What? Gambling makes golf interesting between players. I agree it’s skill. Not as much luck Poker is gambling. Though there are very skillful poker players but ultimately luck determines who wins most of the time. The skillful poker players are the ones who can make players fold by bluffing so there’s no showdown
  10. Some golfer named Seve had his putter toe raised upwards and was very good putter. 30 putts per round is very good as well. Bend it and see what happens. I bet you prefer your “look” with toe up slightly
  11. Few years ago I was playing a causal round and pair up with a stranger that was awful on the green. Three putts regularly. Took long , long time setting up and over the ball and never looked comfortable with his stroke Ball rolls way by the hole by or come short and never looked like it had a chance By the 10th green , the cart girl drives by as he about to putt 40 footer He all set up and about to putt but then turns head and shouts excitedly to the cart “to wait I be there after this putt” Turns his head back at the hole Looks once and strokes ball quickly. Ball rolls with perf
  12. The few Rare rounds in the past when I hit almost every fairways and green I had no body swing thoughts. I remember feeling confident where the ball would land , remember the anticipated ball flight I think the only mechanical thought before I setup was making sure the clubhead/clubface closes through the ball. Annika teaches a think box. I like that analogy. I have my swing thoughts before I pick up the club and set up
  13. Even 2 degree off at 5 feet is a miss putt on straight forward no break putt I think putting and chipping is just a different game to develop
  14. I wish there was more discussion threads about why my chip ended up 15 feet from the hole rather than 6 feet Or why I miss putts more than make inside 8 feet Instead threads are all about the swing. I think the point you are making has a bigger impact on scoring for the average golfer
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