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  1. 190 is very light. My 10.5* Sim2 same in at 197g. It may take them a bit, but I have bought weights from Billy Bob's Golf for every TM head since the OG M1. I'd imagine they'll have front weights and back weights available pretty soon. They are MUCH better quality than the junk on ebay. I believe Tour Issue heads may be even lighter than stock to let them customize weighting with hot melt, but that could vary.
  2. I just ordered another pair of the white with black swoosh Roshe G Tours on ebay. Gonna stick to those this year unless something else comes out. These that Rory is wearing just are not doing it for me. I had to switch to a wide size in 2020 anyway...those look painfully narrow.
  3. I'd agree. I bet he rides this season out (even thought it is just starting) and then signs with somebody next offseason. Peter Millar or Greyson are strong possibilities. Ralph Lauren was a pretty good fit for him, even though those horses did keep getting bigger and bigger. He would look strange in the sportier Nike/UA/Puma stuff. He definitely has built his brand on the more classic shoes and apparel.
  4. Just found the Catalog back on Page 1. I must say I am a little disappointed in the 2021 shoe offerings. I guess I am off to ebay to pick up the couple of colors of Roshe G Tours I don't have.
  5. Especially when NDC straight up shows the wrong color swoosh like they did with the Roshe G Tours. Speaking of...are the Roshe G Tours out of the lineup for 2021? Anybody know? I haven't seen the catalog for this year yet. I know a lot of guys were wearing them, with Rory even ditching "his" shoe for them.
  6. It's ok guys. I will take one for the team here and go in your place.
  7. it looked like Rahm was trying to not laugh after watching Bryson card that 7
  8. I am not a pro, but I don't think a provisional into the creek is a smart play
  9. To answer your question: I opened a case with the United States Postal Service Inspector General's Office and worked with an investigator there via phone calls and test conversations. That was the assumed result from that investigation, but nothing was done about it to correct it financially and I did not pursue it past that. On your observation: You may be right, but I do think there would have been less opportunity for the item to be tampered with had I had it scanned at the counter instead of leaving it sitting on the counter where one of the guys from the back came and picked
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