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  1. Love the Nike B2-05. I also bought one from Dallas Golf when they purchased Nike's tour/proto stock. Great club. GLWS.
  2. I'm really on the fence between copper and raw. Is there really a difference in feel between the two?
  3. The worst part about all of this is the only 60* available now is the X grind.
  4. I'm still holding on to the P95 fairway shafts, and I have been interested in trying the Ventus Red 9x to see how they compare, but now this has me thinking maybe I should try the Ventus Black in a lighter weight. Thanks for the insight!
  5. Sheesh. Just reading that run-on sentence alone instantly prevents me from buying that wedge. That is brutal.
  6. I was looking at the Mizuno site for some specs on the T22 wedges and noticed they were gone from the site. Came straight to this thread to see what was up. This is definitely worrisome since these just rolled out and are already caught up in legal trouble. We all know how the supply chain is right now, so if they have to discard and re-make stock due to a lawsuit, we may be in for some significant delays or [hopefully not] scrapping of the whole line. I'm really curious to get some details on that suit.
  7. I am definitely intrigued by these. I have been using the Pro TS 95 shafts in my 3 and 4 iron for a few years now. Ventus iron shafts would be money!
  8. Being raw, they'll rust up pretty quick I am sure. Just buy some CLR and keep it in a plastic paint container with a lid. when they get too rusty for you, soak the head in the CLR bath for a few minutes and then rinse them off. That'll take off most of the rust. You could hit them with a scotch brite dish washing pad to scrub more rust off if you want. You can re-use that stuff over and over, and it works much better than coke or vinegar. It also won't affect the paint fill at all, and its not a harsh chemical. https://www.walmart.com/ip/CLR-Calcium-Lime-and-Rust-Remover-Multi-Use-Household-Cleaner-28-Fluid-Ounce/14574716
  9. Really cool giveaway by Fujikura and GolfWRX. You guys take any pictures of the shafts with the GolfWRX logo etched in? @QuigleyDU and I were lucky enough to see that puppy in action at their HQ, so I'd love to see how it turned out on the Ventus TX shafts!
  10. It makes me happy to see that TM included the 46* PW as part of the retail offering this year. I had to order a 48* and have it bent 2* strong to get the gapping I needed in the MG1 wedges. I'm glad you guys were able to work those into your new wedge sets on the trip as well!
  11. Just read through this thread. It looks like you guys had a great time. There is so much great information in this thread, and it felt like I was there with you guys. GolfWRX always does a great job on these trips, and TaylorMade looked like a great host. Job well done guys!
  12. 190 is very light. My 10.5* Sim2 same in at 197g. It may take them a bit, but I have bought weights from Billy Bob's Golf for every TM head since the OG M1. I'd imagine they'll have front weights and back weights available pretty soon. They are MUCH better quality than the junk on ebay. I believe Tour Issue heads may be even lighter than stock to let them customize weighting with hot melt, but that could vary.
  13. I just ordered another pair of the white with black swoosh Roshe G Tours on ebay. Gonna stick to those this year unless something else comes out. These that Rory is wearing just are not doing it for me. I had to switch to a wide size in 2020 anyway...those look painfully narrow.
  14. I'd agree. I bet he rides this season out (even thought it is just starting) and then signs with somebody next offseason. Peter Millar or Greyson are strong possibilities. Ralph Lauren was a pretty good fit for him, even though those horses did keep getting bigger and bigger. He would look strange in the sportier Nike/UA/Puma stuff. He definitely has built his brand on the more classic shoes and apparel.
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