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  1. To answer your question: I opened a case with the United States Postal Service Inspector General's Office and worked with an investigator there via phone calls and test conversations. That was the assumed result from that investigation, but nothing was done about it to correct it financially and I did not pursue it past that. On your observation: You may be right, but I do think there would have been less opportunity for the item to be tampered with had I had it scanned at the counter instead of leaving it sitting on the counter where one of the guys from the back came and picked
  2. Yeah, there is no way to avoid the "In Transit to Next Destination" message which really means they don't know where it is and they hope it will eventually show up, but if you get the initial scan you at least have a record of when it was accepted. Like I said above, when I dropped a package off without a scan, the first scan I saw was halfway across the country. YMMV, but I tend to like proof of acceptance - even it it just makes me feel better about it and doesn't actually make a difference.
  3. I'd contact the local post office if you know which one he took it to and ask them about it. They should be able to help locate it.
  4. A few months ago, I shipped out a package with Mizuno MP-18 iron heads, a TM M1 T3 tour head, Rombax P95 shaft, Tour Nike/Artisan Engage 46*, Taylormade tour wedge heads off to get a set built up. I printed the label at home, took it to the post office, and the line was long inside and I had stuff to do. There is a spot to drop off pre-labeled packages that I use from time to time. I dropped my box off and went on my way. I keep up with the tracking and see it arrived. I get a DM saying "hey, when is the rest of your stuff supposed to be here? Only a few things from your list are in this box."
  5. I agree 100% here. I enjoyed watching it, but it came off more as an infomercial than a competitive golf event.
  6. Today, I have a handful of putters that I am looking to move. All are in great shape and well taken care of. All prices are shipped to the CONUS. Descriptions and pictures are below each item. Let me know if you have any questions. Quick shot of all 4 putters followed by details and images: 1) Nike OVEN Tour Issue Method Origin B2-05 w/The OVEN stamped magnetic headcover & NIW Velcro Origin Cover. 35". $280. SOLD! Nike B2-05 is a long slant neck. Naked - no sight line. This putter was a Tour Issue/Sample model of the line of Origin putters that would have been released in the next produc
  7. Hey I will take delays over USPS just straight up stealing items from my package. I sent a 6x6x48 golf box to Florida a couple weeks ago with with an assembled wedge, a fairway shaft, tour issue fairway head, 8 heads (MP-18 irons & Nike/TM wedges), and a bunch of grips. They show up in Florida, and the only thing in the package is the assembled Nike wedge, the fairway shaft, and the grips (and my spec sheet I sent with the package). Those heads were wrapped in bubble wrap then stuffed in bubble wrap pouches then stuffed in the box. There is no way they were falling out unless you wanted th
  8. In the mean time, I am putting together a TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge set. Hoping to have some fresh grooves for this upcoming golf trip. Milled Grind Chrome 48* bent to 46* Milled Grind Raw 50* Milled Grind Raw 54* bent to 55* Hi Toe Raw Face 60*
  9. Update on the USPS theft issue: I filed a claim with the Postal Service Inspector General's Office. I got a phone call today from a Special Agent who works on these internal mail theft claims. We had a good information gathering discussion, and I sent him pictures of the missing items. I even had shots of the serial numbers on some of them. One thing weird is I dropped the package off here in East Texas, and the first record of the package being scanned is when it arrived at a sorting facility in Florida. He agreed there should have been a history of the steps it took to get there. Hopefully h
  10. I am ordering a 13 Wide. The Wide may be the issue here. I hadn't seen any Wide black swooshes in the wild, so I was excited to see Zappos had them. Nope. Then I was excited to see NDC had them. Nope. Back to the drawing board.
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