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  1. Toulon garage line is amazing a tour chocolate chicago H1 neck just kicked my Scotty to the curb feel is amazing!!!
  2. I hit the forged tec and 790 they both felt “clicky” I think the Pxg 311T felt much better and if lofts were the same I believe distance woukd be close. Just my opinion and what I observed when I hit them.
  3. Only If that chicago had a top sight line uugghh!! Lol great looking putters
  4. Never never ever he doesnt have the wedge or short game to ever be number 1.
  5. 45.25 tour issue epic flash sub zero
  6. Same here and they are so easy to flight low and the spin is perfect. Really love These shafts in my Apex pro’s. Sleeper iron shaft of the year
  7. I switched from x100’s to the black 117gram elevates and absolutely love them. I hit them the same height as I did x100 but feel is soooo much better. It is a very solid shaft IMO a lot better than the AMT.
  8. Anyone know where I can get a 30 or 40 gram weight?
  9. Looks like on the way down your getting steep and over the top a bit
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