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  1. Tensei blue sold!!! Come in fellas make me some offers these gotta go
  2. Hey fellas got some nice stuff today would like to move fast Everyrhing listed is like new!!! 1. Tour issue Tensei Blue 80TX has epic flash fairway adapter, meaures just over 42”. Iomic grip tipped 1”. This is straight off the tour van $185/shipped OBO 2. Tour issue Scotty Cameron weights the dog and rat 20 gram in black $55/shipped OBO 3. Handcrafted yellow hazardous 6.0, 63 gram 44.5 inches tipped 1/2” with Callaway adapter. Shaft is new never used. MCC+4 grip $145/ shipped OBO 4. Yellow hazardous 6.5, 76 gram and 44.5” with Callaway adapter. M
  3. Longer heal to toe definitely more forgiving topline is thinner
  4. Brand new set {in plastic) Callaway Apex pro combo set 4-GW. Shafts are black tour elevate 117 gram stiff flex. Standard L/L/L. 4-7 are Apex 8-GW are Apex pro. Grips are tour velvet +4. $950 shipped!!! As always I ship fast and paypal preferred west of Miss add $10 for shipping. No lowball offers this an unreal price for this set and no trades on these. Any questions pm me thanks for looking.
  5. Yes!!! I ordere my 311x 2 iron with same shaft in my irons tour elevate x flex the elevate shaft is so good love mine
  6. I seen small gains over my Apex pro combo set distance is only couple extra yards per club. The dispersion and turf interaction is where these shine.
  7. For me very small differences between 2 and 3 gen 3 might be a touch softer Bit I like the looks of the gen 2 a lot better. All personal preference really gen 1-3 311t are all very solid offerings IMO.
  8. Yes almost every tour pro has hotmelt in there driver
  9. Same here I was playin Apex pro 19 and went with all 311T and pxg might be more forgiving than my Apex. Great irons and with the price blowouts everyone should hit them if they can.
  10. No still playin prov1 the 311t feel great and spin is perfect
  11. I got the tour elevate x in my pxg 311t irons and love them been a x100 user for years and these are best feeling shafts ive ever gamed.
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