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  1. One item up for a quick sale today its a new Tour Issue Fujikura black ventus 5x with Callaway adapter. Grip to adapter is 44.5” shaft is not tipped and has tour velvet +4 grip. Shaft has tour issue etching serial on it. $295 shipped OBO. As always I ship fast and only trade item would be a fuji black ventus 6x or 6tx with Callaway adapter, thanks for looking.
  2. The loft increasing accuracy is a myth. The higher spin lowe lofted driver will be more accurate for most people. TXG guys did a video on this subject very informative. I switched from 9.5 to an 8 degree and driving it the best I ever have
  3. Hey fellas up for a quick sale is a Fuji ventus blue 10x velocore hybrid shaft. Shaft is 39.5” long and is not tipped. I ended up with black ventus 9tx. Shaft is almost brand new maybe 10-15?swings on it and has new mcc+4 grip. $135 shipped OBO Always I ship fast and will look at trades on this one balls, shafts, etc.
  4. I have a blue 10tx in my pxg 311x I just cant get used to it so I am going with the black 9TX the blue felt good but was a little wild. Anyone needing a blue 10tx hit me up !!!!
  5. Pxg 311x and is super hot
  6. I just got a Tour issue ventus black 5X was gonna sell but might take it out for a spin soon
  7. The black 7x is very very stout I ended up in the black 6x untipped my swing is 115 and I couldnt load the 7x at all
  8. Yep good players hit there long irons high and flight wedges and scoring clubs down. Helps with accuracy and distance control. Most pros will only hit wedges 80% rarely do they swing full unless its a specialty shot.
  9. Hey fellas got a super nice setup here for a quick sale. As always I ship fast and paypal preferred no trades on this one 1. Epic Speed 9 degree 198 gram headweight super mint shape with brand new tour issue Fuji Black Ventus 5x. Plays 45.5 inches long and has not been tipped. Tour velvet plus 4 grip with 1 extra wrap. Bought this to game but hitting my single diamond flash to good so wanting to sell while this setup is basically new, thanks for looking!!! $675 shipped
  10. Im at 112-115 black 6x non tipped
  11. The tensei 1K white doesnt feel like the pro white at all the torque is very high and the shaft felt very soft. I know the 1K was supposed to be the answer to the Ventus but its not even close. Tensei felt very weird and kicked to much. I loved the pro white but the 1K is a different animal.
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