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  1. Same boat I played nippons forever I switched to the tour elevate in Xflex and play them in my 4-Lw PXG 311t and wedges. Best feeling shaft ive tried and have hit them all.
  2. Looking for a custom callaway driver headcover pm me what you got!!
  3. Needing rear slider weight grom Epic max 16 gram
  4. Looking for new Epic max ls headcletvme know what you got!!!
  5. Omg I gotta have one love my 311 forged wedges
  6. Someone buy this shaft and I will give you wrenches for free!!!
  7. Hey fellas just doing some spring cleaning and throwing up a few items that I will never use so here goes!! 1. Tour issue Scotty weights in 20 gram they are the dog and the rat in black and have never been used. $60 shipped. SOLD 2. PX yellow hazardous shaft 45.5” long 6.5 Xflex, no tipping, and NDMC grip shaft is perfect condition with Callaway adapter $65 shipped 3. 3 brand new torque wrenches 2 TM and 1 Titleist $30 shipped for all. if someone wants all items I will bundle for $120 shipped. I ship fast and paypal preferred thanks for looking
  8. I was in same situation and I went with the gen2 311 T’s. I got great pricing and the gen2 are phenomenal so glad I went with the 311t they are very forgiving and feel fantastic.
  9. I have a guy who can hook you up with any ventus shaft you need.
  10. Tensei blue sold!!! Come in fellas make me some offers these gotta go
  11. Hey fellas got some nice stuff today would like to move fast Everyrhing listed is like new!!! 1. Tour issue Tensei Blue 80TX has epic flash fairway adapter, meaures just over 42”. Iomic grip tipped 1”. This is straight off the tour van $185/shipped OBO 2. Tour issue Scotty Cameron weights the dog and rat 20 gram in black $55/shipped OBO 3. Handcrafted yellow hazardous 6.0, 63 gram 44.5 inches tipped 1/2” with Callaway adapter. Shaft is new never used. MCC+4 grip $145/ shipped OBO 4. Yellow hazardous 6.5, 76 gram and 44.5” with Callaway adapter. M
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