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  1. Mom is a happy camper because I have missed golf so much. I plan to go spectate at the championship which is at poppy hills in pebble beach one of my favorite places to visit. Its been a minute since I've watched golf!!! Christy will be on the bag for him again. He is lucky to have found someone who will support him and his love for golf.
  2. Ags here.. lol. Richard asked me where I came up with Agatha and I really don't know, just popped into my head. Richard that was so so kind of you and I feel so honored to call you a friend and appreciate all the support and friendship you have given to us over these past years. I benefitted from Matthew's golf by meeting a lot of really great people and am thankful for all of them and all of the great places I was able to visit with his golf. Do I miss it - SO MUCH!!! My plan is to ask him to enter the state am or try for US mid am for mothers day. I can't imagine not ever seeing him compete again. I have a whole closet full of cute golf clothes too.. ha ha. Amateur status back next March.. I hope he does do Mid am.. I think that might be pretty fun. No young hot heads, sooo much less pressure and just playing for the enjoyment. I feel like he has too much talent to just not play.. Anyway, thanks Richard and thank you to all of the people who supported Matthew on here over the years..
  3. For anyone who is interested or wondering, Matthew is dealing with putting yips. They have come and gone for him over several years now but they have reared their ugly head this week. He is of course frustrated as he said the way he is ball striking this week he could be just putting -okay- and be 10 under. He has tried quite a few things, changing grip, looking at a different target and many other things I am sure. Its tough because at that level a few strokes just kills your round and as his mom, he doesn't deserve that. Yes I am bias. Anyway, that's the story, stupid, frustrating putting yips. If anyone has a miracle cure or an out of the box idea, feel free to share. Also he has spoken to mental trainers and the like so he is familiar with all that as well. Figuring out what is triggering this is the mystery.
  4. No his parents are not there.. :'( Wish we were, we are going to the 4th event in Lethbridge. His gf will be arriving however on Friday am in time to see him play. Ill be glued to the app... For those that don't know there is a free PGA tour app that you can follow along scoring for any of the pga affiliated tours, you can favorite the McKenzie tour and Matthew, or whomever and get notifications of how they did and such. I love it.
  5. You all know your golfers.. The Western Amateur is one of the top amateur events in the world, when Matthew played it was ranked #3. It is by invitation only based on past success and I believe the fields starts at around 144, after 2 rounds there is a cut to 40 (?) and then 2 more rounds and a cut to the very special - SWEET 16!!! Its a true privilege to make it into that elite group, they throw a fantastic meal (no parents didn't get to go), you get an amazing medal, and you go in the record books because history has shown that making that elite class each year has proven to be a good pathway to success as a pro. In 2014 I was along to watch.. Matthew made the first cut no problem. As he was coming to a close of his 4th round I noticed he probably needed to make birdie on his last 2 holes to have a chance- I told him that because he likes to know where he stands.. He made birdie birdie.. Then we waited for what seemed like forever.. At the end there were 3 guys in a playoff for the last spot, Matthew being one of them. I literally could not watch, way too nervous. There was a huge screen with his picture and the other 2 guys who were in the playoff and I couldn't even look at that. Anyway I think I went in the bathroom to hide, when I emerged his caddy for the week walked up somewhat glum looking and then busted out the huge smile (he was teasing me) and told me he did it. That was a golf moment I won't forget. Here is a link to the Western Am record book if anyone is interested in looking at names of past players https://thewesternamateur.com/images/download/2018_Western_Amateur_Record_Book.pdf And here is the actual names of the sweet 16 that year, - you guys know your golfers.. 2014" " " " " " 112th Western Amateur July 29-August 2 Beverly Country Club, Chicago, Ill. 7,016 yards, par 71 Beau Hossler rallied from 3 down in the final, winning six of the last seven holes to turn back Xander Schauffele. 36-Hole Cut: 50 players at even par 142. Sweet Sixteen qualifying: 5-under 279 (3 for last spot). Medalist: Doug Ghim, 270. Round of 16 " Doug Ghim (270), 18, Arlington Heights, Ill., d. Matt Hansen (279*), 22, Los Osos, Calif., 1 up " Beau Hossler (276), 19, Mission Viejo, Calif., d. Cheng-Tsung Pan (276), 22, Mialoi, Taiwan, 3 & 2 " Scottie Scheffler (278), 18, Dallas, d. Taylor Macdonald (274), 22, Brisbane, Australia, 3 & 1 " Nick Hardy (278), 18, Northbrook, Ill., d. Geoff Drakeford (274), 22, Traralgon South, Australia, 6 & 4 " Brian Campbell (278), 21, Irvine, Calif., d. Joshua Mann (272), 23, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2 & 1 " Cory Crawford (276), 21, Sanctuary Cove, Australia, d. Lucas Herbert (276), 18, Ravenswood, Australia, 1 up " Xander Schauffele (278), 20, San Diego, Calif., d. Bryson DeChambeau (272), 20, Clovis, Calif., 1 up " Hunter Stewart (275), 21, Nicholasville, Ky., d. Charlie Danielson (277), 20, Osceola, Wis., 2 & 1
  6. Okay fun quiz for you all who know who some of the young guns are on the full pga and web.com tours.. This is a picture of the Western Amateur sweet 16 from the year 2014. Matthew is top left. Can you identify/recognize any players here? Hint- one of them won about a week ago at Harbor town..
  7. Ill chime in there since I am less busy. He can comment on the grind. The tour is sponsored by MacKenzie investments which is why it is called the MacKenzie tour PGA tour Canada. From my experience they do an AMAZING job, the players are so well taken care of. If you have actual status you can get host housing at almost all of the events and if you can't they provide host hotels for a discount for the players. They have shuttle drivers to take them all over the place and to and from the course and host hotel. They have a caddy master to provide them with caddies, (required for final 2 rounds at all events),, Tons of volunteers at each event, to do everything from player services to hole by hole live scoring. Its a top notch tour experience. On top of just the tournament they have clinics and outreach experiences that the players participate in and even a tv show about the tour that airs in Canada.. I personally can't wait. My husband and I are going to the 4 th event as its a new place for us to visit.
  8. BIG NEWS!!!! Matthew just got his Canadian tour card back.. I told him I really felt that's where he should be playing and my husband and I paid for Q school (he didn't ask, we offered).. Anyway after a grueling 4 day Q school in AZ at Wigwam resort he got his card!!! 6 sites this year, 120 players at each site and only 14 cards.. not easy.. Back to Canada and a pretty big league tour if you ask me.. So proud
  9. I have to say the AJGA was a huge factor in helping my son get noticed by college coaches and eventually leading to a scholarship. Also we did not have the $$ at that time and there was a program called the ACE grant and my son qualified for it so the AJGA paid expenses for him so he could compete. Lots of gratitude toward their organization for all they did for my son. He was playing back in 2006-2010. For our family, GREAT experience.
  10. I have to share with you all what happened today. Matthew was playing great, he was -4 thru 10 holes and even if he got himself into some trouble he was able to save par. He had a few long 2 putts he had to make that made me nervous but his putting was "on" today. So imagine he knows he needs to be at -4 to get status and he has 2 holes to play. He is facing the hardest playing hole this week, (hole 8, up to down par 3, island green, lots of water and its windy. And there is a delay because we caught the leader group. Finally Matthew is up and he does his routine and is in his swing when some yahoo whistles (SUPER LOUD) and of course it messed him up bad.. He flew over the green into a patch of camellia plants with absolutely not shot to the green whatsoever. I was PISSED.. I was, I know it wasn't on purpose but when you are having a great round and the result is so crucial and that happens, man was I upset. Matthew was calm and merely said "this is just typical for how this week has gone for me" just very matter of fact. I was impressed, He was not feeling sorry for himself or mad or sulking, just trying to figure out what to do next. He managed to smash it out into a green side bunker which was a miracle in and of itself and then got up and down to save bogey. But that stroke cost him because he missed conditional status by one stroke. I felt he deserved to hole out for eagle on last hole but that wasn't meant to be. Im not going to lie both his dad and I felt nervous about him going to LA anyway so that's good I guess. My thought all along is he should go back to Canada, he played 3 seasons there and had success so it makes sense to me to go for that route. I told him I would pay the q school fee (he has not asked me for any money and doesn't want to but I insist).. So I believe he will be going for it, he needs to go to q school for that and sign ups are in 3 days. It will be in March. He is headed to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow after dropping me at airport to do 2 web.com qualifiers, long shot odds though only 2 spots for at each course with a max of 120 at each site. Lastly we had a fun and great conversation with Gary Gilchrist. His academy is on site at this course and we popped over there to check it out and he recognized Matthew and we had a great chat. When Matthew was a senior in hs they opened a small satellite academy near our home and Matthew was given a scholarship to train there his senior year. Anyway that was a fun perk, seeing him.
  11. Adding to my son's post above I recall the scottsdale open had this great idea about earlier sign ups meant lower entry fee. So the first 50 paid say $750 then the next 50 paid $800 and so on. I thought that was brilliant because these guys are also looking at how to save a few bucks as well.
  12. Just El Campeon, well so far its been a few days of what I might call "no breaks" golf. The good bounces the good lies etc.. Its unfortunate because even today with a 2 over he said he felt like he was playing well and just not getting the results. I would agree. One more round tomorrow and I believe he will have a shot at conditional status but not sure yet.
  13. Hi all, Both myself and Matthew's gf are here to support and watch. Course is tough, a good comparison would be spyglass hill in pebble if you know it. The bogies at the end of round were due to speed of greens and not getting them correctly, they slowed quite a bit late in the day. It actually happened to all 3 of the guys in our group. One of them 4 putted hole 17.. Anyway, its a course with lots of water hazards and uneven lies. Only one of the par 5's would be considered "easy".. On hole 17 unless you can land it in an area of about 4 yards square you have no opportunity to reach in 2. Matthew played late yesterday and he tees off in about an hour this am. On a side note I only found 1 tiny alligator which was disappointing and he/she was only about 2 feet long. Lots of turtles however. Regarding cards, winner is fully exempt, places 2-15 get 1/2 season guaranteed, places 16-35 conditional status. Send good thoughts today.. Off to cheer.. :)
  14. This is actually my problem with it. It certainly doesn't hurt your child, but it certainly does crowd out another child from having the leadership experience, starting spot on the team, etc. that your redshirt giant is taking. IMHO it's an incredibly selfish move and the fact that it's so pervasive is indicative of where we are as a society right now. It's the "jacked lofts" debate of kids; no harm no foul to call a 3i a 5i...until you realize that there's no place left at the top of the bag for a 2i anymore. Like Palmetto golfer, my son was September so that bday is actually in the normal area of trying to decide to start them or wait a year, they will either be oldest or youngest. It is hardy a "redshirt" scenario.
  15. I am of the opinion that being older is advantageous for athletics as a whole if that is important to a kid. And I can guarantee you that college coaches for golf REALLY LIKE multisport athletes. My son was a sept b-day, we decided to wait and it made a tremendous difference, not only academically but very much so in athletics. He played all sports growing up and excelled at them, I have to think much of it had to do with age and the confidence of doing well in both school and sports brought. Success breeds success. My son found golf at 7, he was very serious at 10 and made it his goal to play in college and then be a pro. He played D1 on an 80% first year and full ride for his final 3 (yes that is VERY uncommon in mens golf) but the coach wanted him and he saw something in him so he made a generous offer. Anyway back to the being older thing, Most all coaches that were recruiting my son loved that he played multiple sports, (he did so thru junior year of high school) and they loved his size 6'2" 180.. I believe in my heart that if I had put him in a year sooner, he may have still had success, but not to the same level, the kids in his grade that were almost a full year younger just didn't have the same level of strength coordination and quite frankly maturity to really strive to be successful. In Malcom Gladwells book Outliers, he even discusses that when you are born and what age you are in athletics can be a huge impact. For club soccer the birthday cutoff was right around my sons b-day and he benefitted there as well, being oldest in an age group. All I am suggesting is if you want to give your kids an athletic advantage which can carry over into other parts of their lives it seems to me that age does make a difference by the way, he is now a pro, has not made it to the top tour yet but he is still working hard and determined.
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