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  1. Ags here.. lol. Richard asked me where I came up with Agatha and I really don't know, just popped into my head. Richard that was so so kind of you and I feel so honored to call you a friend and appreciate all the support and friendship you have given to us over these past years. I benefitted from Matthew's golf by meeting a lot of really great people and am thankful for all of them and all of the great places I was able to visit with his golf. Do I miss it - SO MUCH!!! My plan is to ask him to enter the state am or try for US mid am for mothers day. I can't imagine not ever seeing him c
  2. For anyone who is interested or wondering, Matthew is dealing with putting yips. They have come and gone for him over several years now but they have reared their ugly head this week. He is of course frustrated as he said the way he is ball striking this week he could be just putting -okay- and be 10 under. He has tried quite a few things, changing grip, looking at a different target and many other things I am sure. Its tough because at that level a few strokes just kills your round and as his mom, he doesn't deserve that. Yes I am bias. Anyway, that's the story, stupid, frustrating putt
  3. No his parents are not there.. :'( Wish we were, we are going to the 4th event in Lethbridge. His gf will be arriving however on Friday am in time to see him play. Ill be glued to the app... For those that don't know there is a free PGA tour app that you can follow along scoring for any of the pga affiliated tours, you can favorite the McKenzie tour and Matthew, or whomever and get notifications of how they did and such. I love it.
  4. You all know your golfers.. The Western Amateur is one of the top amateur events in the world, when Matthew played it was ranked #3. It is by invitation only based on past success and I believe the fields starts at around 144, after 2 rounds there is a cut to 40 (?) and then 2 more rounds and a cut to the very special - SWEET 16!!! Its a true privilege to make it into that elite group, they throw a fantastic meal (no parents didn't get to go), you get an amazing medal, and you go in the record books because history has shown that making that elite class each year has proven to be a good pat
  5. Okay fun quiz for you all who know who some of the young guns are on the full pga and web.com tours.. This is a picture of the Western Amateur sweet 16 from the year 2014. Matthew is top left. Can you identify/recognize any players here? Hint- one of them won about a week ago at Harbor town..
  6. Ill chime in there since I am less busy. He can comment on the grind. The tour is sponsored by MacKenzie investments which is why it is called the MacKenzie tour PGA tour Canada. From my experience they do an AMAZING job, the players are so well taken care of. If you have actual status you can get host housing at almost all of the events and if you can't they provide host hotels for a discount for the players. They have shuttle drivers to take them all over the place and to and from the course and host hotel. They have a caddy master to provide them with caddies, (required for final 2
  7. BIG NEWS!!!! Matthew just got his Canadian tour card back.. I told him I really felt that's where he should be playing and my husband and I paid for Q school (he didn't ask, we offered).. Anyway after a grueling 4 day Q school in AZ at Wigwam resort he got his card!!! 6 sites this year, 120 players at each site and only 14 cards.. not easy.. Back to Canada and a pretty big league tour if you ask me.. So proud
  8. I have to say the AJGA was a huge factor in helping my son get noticed by college coaches and eventually leading to a scholarship. Also we did not have the $$ at that time and there was a program called the ACE grant and my son qualified for it so the AJGA paid expenses for him so he could compete. Lots of gratitude toward their organization for all they did for my son. He was playing back in 2006-2010. For our family, GREAT experience.
  9. I have to share with you all what happened today. Matthew was playing great, he was -4 thru 10 holes and even if he got himself into some trouble he was able to save par. He had a few long 2 putts he had to make that made me nervous but his putting was "on" today. So imagine he knows he needs to be at -4 to get status and he has 2 holes to play. He is facing the hardest playing hole this week, (hole 8, up to down par 3, island green, lots of water and its windy. And there is a delay because we caught the leader group. Finally Matthew is up and he does his routine and is in his swing w
  10. Adding to my son's post above I recall the scottsdale open had this great idea about earlier sign ups meant lower entry fee. So the first 50 paid say $750 then the next 50 paid $800 and so on. I thought that was brilliant because these guys are also looking at how to save a few bucks as well.
  11. Just El Campeon, well so far its been a few days of what I might call "no breaks" golf. The good bounces the good lies etc.. Its unfortunate because even today with a 2 over he said he felt like he was playing well and just not getting the results. I would agree. One more round tomorrow and I believe he will have a shot at conditional status but not sure yet.
  12. Hi all, Both myself and Matthew's gf are here to support and watch. Course is tough, a good comparison would be spyglass hill in pebble if you know it. The bogies at the end of round were due to speed of greens and not getting them correctly, they slowed quite a bit late in the day. It actually happened to all 3 of the guys in our group. One of them 4 putted hole 17.. Anyway, its a course with lots of water hazards and uneven lies. Only one of the par 5's would be considered "easy".. On hole 17 unless you can land it in an area of about 4 yards square you have no opportunity to reach
  13. This is actually my problem with it. It certainly doesn't hurt your child, but it certainly does crowd out another child from having the leadership experience, starting spot on the team, etc. that your redshirt giant is taking. IMHO it's an incredibly selfish move and the fact that it's so pervasive is indicative of where we are as a society right now. It's the "jacked lofts" debate of kids; no harm no foul to call a 3i a 5i...until you realize that there's no place left at the top of the bag for a 2i anymore. Like Palmetto golfer, my son was September so that bday is actually in the
  14. I am of the opinion that being older is advantageous for athletics as a whole if that is important to a kid. And I can guarantee you that college coaches for golf REALLY LIKE multisport athletes. My son was a sept b-day, we decided to wait and it made a tremendous difference, not only academically but very much so in athletics. He played all sports growing up and excelled at them, I have to think much of it had to do with age and the confidence of doing well in both school and sports brought. Success breeds success. My son found golf at 7, he was very serious at 10 and made it his goa
  15. I think a good coach is invaluable. My son has been with his since Freshman year of high school, thru college and now in his 4th year as a professional. His coach doesn't just work on his "swing". First of all my son's swing is a bit unconventional but Don did not try to change it because it worked for him and why change what is working. Rather, he works with him on what he can do to fine tune it. But more importantly he is dialed into his mental state, his physical state etc.. He knows what he needs whether it be a nutritionist or a fitness trainer or just a good old fashioned chewing o
  16. I love how small the golf world really is.. so many people have been so kind to him from his site..
  17. Was just going to say McCann thread is under tour, I can't find if he tried to Monday for this past Canadian tour event, he is not in the field but I only could see who the 10 qualifiers were and could not find scoring. Matthew is currently in Sioux Falls SD playing on the Dakota's tour. This particular event has a winning prize of 15K, The format is different in that each pro plays with 3 amateurs who keep score for the pro. They pay to play so I guess that is how they can put more money into the pros purse. Here is a link to this weeks event. https://dakotastour.bluegolf.com/bluegol
  18. Done up in SF, one of Matthew's pairing made it, SJ Park, -6, has been on PGA tour, best season was 2015, he didn't have practice rounds and just played tremendous golf. Matthew just didn't have his A game, a lost ball on a par 5 with a very uncharacteristic hook was a bummer. Some guys saw it go in the junk and we just couldn't find it. Hit a spike mark on his putt for Bogey so took double. Next hole he hit it close but missed the birdie putt.. Was still in okay shape until he missed 2 good birdie opps on 10 and 11 at O club and he did say he was feeling pretty frustrated at that point a
  19. Idk if this helps but when my son was going thru growth spurts he needed his lie angle needed to be adjusted along with the growing.
  20. Hey guys was just trying to give Matthew a "heads up" is all. Matthew has been in that situation before (albeit junior golf) and its not a big deal, just good to be aware of as someone said. As far as Matthew is concerned he won't let it interfere with what needs to be doing out there. Honestly it will probably more on my mind than anyone else because I hate that sort of thing. Golf is all about integrity but I also think what goes around comes around. There was a known cheater on Canadian tour first year Matthew played on there, he got banned for awhile and now has disappeared into thin
  21. He is playing with a Filipino kid I've played with several times and is very good but has been known to cheat. Watch him in the bunkers. Always a "stone" behind his ball and sweeps it away. Was DQed from a sectional before for rules violation in bunker and he broke a rule with me in the Philippine Open this year which he won for the 2nd time by the way. He was medalist last time it was at Olympic and Lake Merced. Good luck. Thanks for the heads up, I will let him know, good luck to you as well.
  22. Here is O club and Lake Merced, my kid is there- https://www.ghintpp.com/ncga/TPPOnlineScoring/Pairings.aspx?id=2533
  23. Guys how about Golfingbro, he legitimately needs sponsorship.. :)
  24. Sorry to chime in for him, he's sleeping, a tournament starts tomorrow here in Scottsdale AZ (I am here to watch) .. He is not playing in Canada this summer. He felt he needed a change so he revamped his whole spring summer plan. Very kind of you to offer however. Yes that was Tyler Raber who won the Pac Coast in Vancouver and his brother was on his bag. One of our Aggie Family will be there however, Ben Corfee, it will be his first year. Scott Morgan is going to be on his bag for Vancouver.. (Scott was on Matthew's past 2 years, super good guy)
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