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  1. Priced to move. Prices include shipping but add $5 on the west coast please. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. Feedback speaks for itself. Please PM for paypal info. Looking for quick sale. Tour Issue Taylormade Tour 2 RBZ Hybrid head only. Phenomenal condition, light brush marks on face only. T serial as shown. Will send with hybrid headcover. $75 shipped Original Taylormade M1 10.5 Driver head. Blemish on outside of toe is NOT visible at address fortunately but it is there. Comes with original headcover. $75 shipped
  2. This was really cool to hear an all time great talk about what he's feeling, seeing, etc. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Paypal and CONUS only. Got this is a trade recently and it isn't going to work for me unfortunately. Made by up and coming custom builder Ian Raybon from the UK. This has one round on it so far as I know and is wonderful shape with a nice patina. Brand new this would cost $600+ plus shipping. I'm asking $450 and willing to listen offers. REALLY want this thing moved asap. Very cool piece for any custom putter collection. Pics tell the story, if you're serious and need more send a PM. Comes with headcover, COA and an extra grip. Feedback speaks for itself. Thanks for looking. OPEN TO ALL OFFERS I WANT THIS GONE Specs: 35" 410 gram headweight Winn 1.18 grip Site Dot Tiffany paint w/ dancing letters
  4. Stenson has putted 3 times consecutively without losing his turn. And here I was thinking I was the only one who did that...
  5. I think I can certainly tell a little bit in terms of performance, I think the Srixon XVs that I play now are the best ball in the wind I've ever played, and still perform well around/on the green. SO much more durable than a ProV as well. In terms of feel, I think most all premium balls feel similar. To answer your question, I personally don't think most guys even great players could identify the brand of a "blank" golf ball just by hitting it. Maybe some could, but I'm not among them.
  6. Congrats! A round you'll never forget. The only thing in my mind that will feel better is when you do it for a full 18 holes! Now you know you can do it, it'll be hard to meet your own expectations every time you go out, but that's part of the challenge and fun.
  7. How on earth has there only been one photo posted in here so far?
  8. You enjoy playing in this game with people who not only act this way, but condone it of others (clearly yourself included) ? If I saw this happen once it would be enough to never come back. Rationalize it all you want, but you cheated and took other people's money dishonestly. Them doing the same thing (according to you) does not make it right. Golf is about integrity, maybe you guys need a different game.
  9. I was always taught that if you didn't want to see someone celebrate, don't let them win.. I felt that the US team's behavior was more than under control given the magnitude of their victory, spurred on by a home crowd. Who is out there saying they were offended? I haven't seen that commentary anywhere. The Intl's got whipped and they knew it. "Act like you've been there" is appropriate when you're going out of your way to show up your opponent, I don't think that happened at all. Let them enjoy their victory. We'll all be sure to stay off your lawn, don't worry...
  10. I think my list looks like: 1. American Light Beer 2. Mexican Beer 3. Guinness The real answer is I love beer, in almost any size, shape, variety etc. Beer is awesome.
  11. This is a timing thing I imagine, at least it would be to me. After 3 rounds you still expect your new sticks to look fresh like when you unboxed them, after 30 rounds I personally would not notice quite so much and probably care a lot less too. If you spend 15 minutes talking to Titleist and you get some peace of mind (or new clubs) then it's probably worth it.
  12. Tell him congrats from the WRX family!
  13. Doesn't appear to be a lefty option unfortunately. I would love to hit one of these against my UDI but sounds like the performance gains are moderate vs. what I think is a major step back aesthetically.
  14. Mizzys are sexy and feel nice, that's the extent of my thoughts on this matter.
  15. This was my exact concern as well.. relief is an understatement Actually, I don't mind and don't have the "hate" on for Brandel like some do cuz Bob Ford said that he's a nice guy, down to earth with a nice sense of humor however I did ask Bob why Brandel has such hard feelings towards Tiger though he didn't know why. Well, thanks for responding Hawkster & AY and have a great weekend Cheers, RP RP, Great to see you back on the boards. Your posts never fail to brighten up my day (even as I battle a crippling hangover at work) and are insightful and thoughtful, without exception. Hope you're well my friend! AY
  16. This was my exact concern as well.. relief is an understatement
  17. Putting is such personal preference, that's why there will never be 100% of people/guys on tour using the same style of putter. I think there are fads (like the 2-ball many years ago) and they eventually fade away. Guys had early success with the spider so others wanted to try it, now they're trying something else, that's it. I don't think there's a ton of hard-hitting analysis to be done here.
  18. I really like Punch, in most any form. The San Cristobal mentioned above is a great option too. Gotta be careful though, I nearly cut my finger off trying to cut a cigar this summer... makes a real mess in the cart, that's for sure
  19. I think every serious golfer has been there. I went through a period like this last year. That said, I had surgery 2 months ago that ended my season prematurely and let me tell you, not being able to play when you want to is pretty brutal. So, get back on the range and work through it! Or grab some buddies and a case of beer and just enjoy being outside for a few hours. Golf is about more than just the number you write down at the end of the round. Anyway, that's my 2 cents
  20. I was just going to say the same thing. There are enough people with 100% positive feedback to work with that it's not worth the risk. Yes exactly. Largely this site is full of great people who all love golf, so if you're patient you can get a great deal from someone who leaves no doubt as to how they will perform throughout a transaction.
  21. I think you should probably play the clubs that allow you the opportunity/potential to shoot the lowest scores. That's what I like to do.
  22. Hmm, nearly 10% less than positive feedback.. that's too high a percentage for me. I would probably be wary of dealing with him.
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