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  1. I hope the weather and skies COOPERATE, not corporate.
  2. Effectively, making an existing club longer makes the club more upright, not flatter. About 3/4 of a degree per half inch. In my experience for full shots, most people have a similar posture regardless of club length and this holds true. For putters, many people respond to different lengths by holding their hands differently, so all that goes out the window. If you like the putter, I'd buy it and figure out the rest later.
  3. My minimum criteria for modern players (post-WW2) would be 20 wins (PGA Tour or Euro) including 2 majors. And no, the Players isn't a major. 58's or Ryder Cup performance or FedEx Cup wins or #1 rankings are a bonus, but doesn't effect the minimum criteria.
  4. I didn't know there was a PGA Champions dinner either. Is there a U.S. Open or Open Champions dinners?
  5. I can't see the OP's video, but one key thing when I was trying to ingrain a steeper shoulder turn that Iteach told me after viewing my swing video was that my HIPS were turning too level. When I started turning my hips on a steeper plane, it was much more natural for my shoulders to turn on a steeper plane. YMMV
  6. Titleist Balata Pro Traj 100.
  7. Did her parents come out of retirement too to shadow her around the golf course?
  8. I reshafted a set of Tourstage Z101 irons several years ago and they had ridges inside the hosel. Those are the only ones I've seen among a few sets of Adams and PINGS, and Taylormade and Vokey wedges.
  9. Payne Stewart to Spalding back in the day. Switched club and ball at the same time which is always riskier. I remember reading that he said he lost two clubs distance in the irons because he was spinning it so much. I think the ball was that Tour Edition that Greg Norman kept spinning off the front of the greens.
  10. I just hope he gets one more W to officially break the PGA Tour wins tie with Sam Snead. Doesn't have to be a major, it could be the Puerto Rico Open and half the field lays down for him.
  11. This thread wasn't dead, it was just dormant.
  12. 61 years young, switched to graphite shafts in irons a couple of years ago to help with aches and pains. Hitting Steelfiber i95 in Regular. Feels not too stiff or too soft. Driver swing speed down to high 90's.
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