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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHIjbKnL8Lj/?igshid=o1auy82pclb8
  2. Yes, Studio Stock and a new face milling as well as the Queen B are new for 2021. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGnkSjnFDM_/
  3. Pretty solid imo. This was a custom design by a Tour players request as a tribute to KB. Bettinardi isn’t doing anything commercial with this from what I have seen.
  4. Love the new line up, the design is simple but still adds a little “pop” on the sole. The bb8 wide is a model I’m looking forward to trying and the inovai I’ve already pre ordered. I think that one is a game changer! Overall I think Bettinardi crushed the new line.
  5. I have purchased multiple putters online from hive releases. They just go quick bc there is high demand for a small amount of putters.
  6. That putter is ??. Hope to get my hands on a 3 step jam. Glad to see collin break through for his first win.
  7. Bettinardi started teasing product for the ‘19 summer social. Looking forward to seeing what comes out in the next few weeks.
  8. Looks like Jason Kokrak has officially signed with Team Bettinardi.
  9. Matthew Fitzpatrick rolling a betti today at API
  10. Just saw Bettinardi launched this one today. Going to be a tough decision between this and the SS28 slotback. Love how clean the new SS line is! Specs Model: Studio Stock 38 Armlock Material: 303 Stainless Steel Weight: 400 grams Loft: Standard 5 degree Lie: Standard 71 degree Grip: 15” Custom Deep Etched Cord Grip Headcover: Matching Studio Stock Headcover
  11. I didn’t get a code, are there any extra or does the store have cards like last year? TIA
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