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  1. Wanting to upgrade driver this off season so unloading one of my favorite Ping drivers $125 + shipping (will send you a quote, just ask) Ping Tour 65 X flex 45.25" length Golf Pride MCC+4 grip Headcover included Ping Tool included if you want it
  2. > @dmbrill719 said: > Brand: Odyssey > Model: White Hot XG > > :smile: > > Call Callaway, they'll sell you one if they have any left. Im sure they have grips sitting around from a putter that was released in 2006
  3. Anybody know the brand/model of this grip? Tried finding the original as replacement but no luck. Guessing it was a Winn, just not sure on exact model. Thanks for any help you can provide
  4. Got 2 Ping snapbacks and 1 of the Titleist in yesterday. All were $9.99/ea. The Ping hats I'm super happy with, Titleist is ok, a bit deformed on arrival. Anyways, I went to check again and these hats are all back to $30+ each. Thanks for heads up on this!
  5. I got one was well, I might counter balance this putter with a Super Stroke grip but like the Rosemark that it came with. Cool! Hope it works for you. I won't be able to try it on a real green for a while (cold Midwest!) I am thinking of putting a P2 grip on but actually liked the original grip. Time will tell.
  6. I just got a Cure CX1 (well it's waiting at home when back from business trip) went in wanting a Stroke Lab and just kept coming back to this guy. I found a sweet deal online on a new one so I'm excited to get home and play around with it.
  7. M2 driver '16 M1 3wd '16 816 h1 hybrid 64's 4-9 T7 wedges
  8. Irons are 64's and last season finally went to T7's. Really really good wedges. Had Callaway before that and am happy with the switch. Feel, flight & looks of the T7 are all tops for me
  9. If you buy one of those converter grips you don't need to change loft. Most likely will need change lie angle to more upright, at least I found I needed to. I just put one together last week to mess around with. For length, I used a shaft extension- tried out a few stances that felt comfortable and marked off where I needed to cut. Apparently it can't be any longer than your elbow? I cut mine an inch or more shorter than that. I think mine ended up around 41.5"
  10. Srixon Z785 right handed Loft: 9.5* Shaft: Hzrdus black 65g 6.5 flex Length: 44.75 Grip: GP Multicompound BLK/WH
  11. Check out Sigma G Ketsch B as well, a bit smaller than the ketsch mid.
  12. so you got a gift card for the value of the glove PLUS an additional $10 gift card? Yep
  13. I bought a glove from Golf Galaxy earlier in year and they offered same thing. About 2 weeks ago it was pretty worn out and a couple holes popped open, so I called the ph # and placed a claim. Pretty smooth. They send you a shipping label to ship the glove back, once they got it they sent me a gift card for value of glove purchased. Also in the meantime they sent out a DSG/GG $10 card. Nice little bonus.
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