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  1. I'm playing off scratch, took two weeks off and just shot an 81. To be fair the conditions were pretty unplayable. Its whatever, at the end of the day we are not pro's. Go out and enjoy yourself win or loose, good day or bad you are still golfing outside and not stuck in the office.
  2. you stopped compressing the ball with your wedges.
  3. I am going to say for a vast majority of golfers....none.
  4. I went from CB's to MB's this year as well. I am now playing a combo set. 4-6 Iron are my old Cleveland CG4 Tours and 7-PW are Titleist 710MB. Its not that I couldn't hit the 4-6 iron consistently. Its the tough lies in the rough that would cause me some trouble when I needed to use the 4-6 irons. Bad lie in the rough with anything 175 out using a blade was terrible. Its a bit easier now with the CB irons. Take that into consideration. If it means anything I am playing off scratch at the moment.
  5. Yes I know what you mean by not hearing the music. Almost like everything fades out and you only focus on what you are trying to do. I have had this experience with many sports. I used to race cars and when I would finish a qualifying lap I sometimes could not even remember all the details of the lap, everything would kinda go blank as you fall into that zen moment.
  6. ha funny you mention that. Went out for 9 today to a random course with a friend from work and did the exact same thing!
  7. My club was a few of these in the pro shop and they always catch my eye. Very good looking bag. Even more so with the club logo embroidered on the side. That being said another member got one and I was kinda taken back by how heavy his bag was. I do not know what was in it but man it had some weight to it. As a walker I do not think I could justify it, also its close to 600 here in Canada.
  8. I think something important to take into consideration when it comes to pro's and all their weird set ups, tweaks and things like putting with their eyes closed is that these guys play so much golf to the point that they run out of ideas to keep things fresh. When you play a lot of golf its hard to stay on top of your game and sometimes a little swing thought or fix can make a world of difference in the way you play. Hence putting with your eyes closed, probably something he came up with that worked, do not be surprised if by this time next year he has one eye open instead or some
  9. Should have used that old putter on the last hole instead of a wedge. Cost him the a chance at a playoff.
  10. Alright I’ll join in. Ping G410 LST - Fujikura Speeder 660 TR Ping G400 3 wood- Hazardus Black A really old Nike VR Pro 3 Hybrid 4-6 Iron - Cleveland CG4 Tour - Project X 6.5 7-PW- Titleist 710MB - Project X 6.5 Titleist SM6 Wedges - 52,56,60 Wilson Windy City at 33”
  11. Never had one but came close the other day. 220 uphill into the wind. Plays about 235. One of the hardest holes on the course, the only one I have no birdied. Sawed off a 3 wood to a back left pin and it just rolled up to the pin and we lost sight. Everyone was fist bumping me , double checking with the range finder. We all thought it was in. I was trying not to get excited. got up and literally half the ball was hanging over the cup. It was a fraction away from dropping. at least I birdied the only hole I’ve yet to on that course.
  12. Because little things like untucked shirts, hat off in the club house, collared shirts, etc keeps a certain feel to the club, and some people enjoy that feel and style. Now I can understand some public courses having a hard time maintaining as this have less say against the public, but when you pay a lot of money to be at a private course, it becomes like a second home for some members. Some members enjoy the formalities of the club and is probably one of the reasons they joined. No one is saying you cant go get drunk on the course, or even play music.....just do it w
  13. I personally enjoy the etiquette and standards my club enforces and I hope it continues. For me it’s the one a very few places where there is somewhat of a formal atmosphere. One of the few places I can dress up. I’m 31, not an old stiff by any means. Even when I take my daughter to the course who is only 5 I make sure she is dressed the part. Shirt tucked in, skirt, etc. She doesn’t have to as per the rules but I know she enjoys it as well.
  14. My thought process would be to just focus on solid contact and to get through the ball, maybe tee it down a little. I will always go to my go to shot shape into the wind as I have the best chance of making solid contact doing so. Forget about how far you want it to go all together. Number one though is solid contact and a good swing. Other than that its not much different. I may play it a bit more off the to right side to fade in more just in case it does spin a bit more into the wind. If it a balloons up it doesn't bother me either as it will most of the time fade back in and jus
  15. I played 5 roundA with the same ball at one point this season. It was pretty beat up by the time I lost it. Didnt effect anything to the point I feel like I was loosing anything by playing it.
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