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  1. Ebs and flows of golf. I am a 1 HCP and shot an 87 the other day.....in a semi final match play for club championships . Golf can kick you in the teeth sometimes.
  2. 36 even par after work yesterday. 2 birdies and a double. Super windy, short game came in clutch. Starting to get dark early now....cant fit in 18 anymore after work. Sad.
  3. Yep post 18 then the 9 separately. Your 9 hole round will be combined with another 9 when posted to give you a full round score.
  4. 79 today- 73.6/137 at 6980 Yards The wind was insane and made things challenging. I remember having 110 to a front pin, downhill and hit a 9 iron perfectly, nice low cut and still came up short into that head wind lol. Not to mention I was in putting purgatory, burnt the edge of the cup all day long, lipped out so many birds. Tough day but grinded out an ok score.
  5. Lots of golf over the weekend. two rounds at TPC Osprey Valley and one at my home course, Summit. Never been to TPC Osprey before and what a treat it was. North Course- 76 with two doubles from not know the shot to make off the tee, blind forced carries. Hoot Course which was much more difficult, 73.6/144 rating. Shot a 78, had a rough start- 5 over through 5, 41 on the front and 1 over on the back with a double on 18, another tricky tee shot not knowing there was water over the fairway, 3 wood would have been the play. Summit- 75. Home course, made a stupid double on 6 by putting a ball over the green. Played without any rangefinders or GPS watch as my battery died lol.
  6. I play rain or shine. Bring a towel, umbrella, push cart helps if you have one to mount your umbrella and hang a towel. Rain gear is over rated if its warm out.
  7. 73. 2 over Par. been struggling with driver lately. Just not in control with it to the point I want it to be. Started off good after a couple range sessions but a couple bad drives snuck up on me near the end of the round. Good score but way to many opportunities missed.
  8. My home course is known for having crazy uneven lies like this even in the fair ways. It really comes down to feel and practice to get confotable with judging how the ball will come out. First off its all determined by the lie. Being in the rough is one thing, how the ball is sitting in the rough is another. Grass behind the ball? sitting down? sitting up? etc. This will all effect how it comes out when struck. Also we can't just say 150 yards. Where is the pin, how do you want to approach this shot? running it up to a back pin, hitting it high to a front pin? etc. All these things have to be considered. In general though, set up is key. If the ball is sitting down in the rough and with it being above your feet. Stand a little further away from the ball, ball further back in your stance and you want to get steeper on the ball on impact. Then just get used to judging the line.
  9. This is probably just in my head but I somehow screwed up my driver swing / lost confidence in it. I went for my weekly lesson ( currently a 1 index) and we worked on wedges for an hour. Only wedges in the sim to dial in distances, etc. After it was done we just started to smash some drivers for fun as we had some extra time. I don't know but I felt like I had to hit the ball a bit different in that sim to get the shot shape I was looking for and it felt strange. The next day I go out to play and I simply cannot control my driver what so ever, which is strange because I usually have a lot of confidence off the tee. A strong part of my game. OK chalk it up to an off day, next day..same thing. Lost all confidence now in it, lost two balls in 9 holes ( I rarely ever loose a ball) and it sucks as I was playing my best golf last week. Taking a few days off of golf and trying to reset now....
  10. Married- Got out once in a while for fun. Now divorced- Joined a club, moved to a condo 2 min from my club, play 5x a week. Now scratch.
  11. If your cap is accurate then who cares? Every golfer has good days and bad. My friend who is a 14 cap just shot a 79 for the first time. It happens, does not make you a sandbagger.
  12. Yes definitely. As you get better you will always be tinkering and trying new ways to find that shot shape, control, consistency, etc. I truly believe you should follow what works in that sense. Keep building on it and layering it. Creates depth in your swing which in turn gives you more consistency. Unless it’s breaking fundamentals to an extreme , obviously for some that works.
  13. 74. Too many mistakes as I made 5 birdies. Not a very good ball striking day but grinded out a good score. Working on making my bad days better, cause lets be real. Most days are bad days.
  14. I am scratch and have no idea what you are talking about. Most of my playing partners want to see me crumble and have the worst day of my life hahahaha. I say dress and look however you want. A lot of good golfers I know dress like bums and do not care. Money spent on playing, not looking the part.
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