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  1. This gamer has treaded well for a few years, however, I've had some issues with the company lately and am looking to trade more than sell. Price is necessary so 275 OBO shipping included. Club is built very short (im 6', club is 31 3/4", center of bottom face to top of grip. I heat pinched the head so if you're curious about the rust stripes at connection that's whats going on. I have no issues separating the head. Looking for anything niche in CS heads, preferably blade/mid blade but I can be swayed. Sim head in 9.5 or lower. Bending machine. Newer range finder. S
  2. I get some rub on mine. Nothing to write home about. Soft cloth and soap/water and nothing changed. I tuck my stands though, they seem a little flimsy.
  3. I bought myself the player stand 2.0 about a month ago. It's very nice. The material is crazy.
  4. First things first, I've never been properly fitted. However, I've had the opportunity to try/test multiple shaft options through the bag and nothing changes. I hit the ball way too high. I have a higher swing speed (115+) with driver and similar down through the irons. I play a driver at 8.5 and it's still too high but that's not exactly the issue. The thing I need help with is iron play. I hit a 4 iron that apexes higher than my playing groups 9 iron. Its obscene. Wondering if anyone has had this problem and corrected it or if this is just my shot and I learn to live with it. I play at a 9,
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