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  1. TBC “Tees” putter cover, used for only a handful of rounds. Like New. Can send more pictures if needed. $120 shipped!
  2. Everything here is very lightly if at all used, all headcovers are very close to (if not) brand new. Lamb ballmarker has been used for 5 rounds. Stitch bag was carried for 4 months, very light wear. Mackenzie pouch basically brand new Stitch SL1 White: $190 (prefer to meet up locally in NC, but will work with anyone who wants it shipped) Lamb Zombie Donut marker: $old Mackenzie black valuables leather pouch: $old Salty golfer fairway leather headcover: $60 Sugarloaf Fore ewe fairway cover: $old Stitch tour Monaco leather driver cover: $old Stitch knit hybrid cover: $old Stitch knit fairway cover (pinehurst #4 logo) $old Stitch alignment stick cover: $old
  3. I love it man, thanks for asking! It carries like a dream and I’m just in love every time I look at it lol
  4. Brand new still in plastic, 15 degree stiff 65 gram stock tensei blue. Comes with headcover. Now only $230 shipped!
  5. I’m really not sure, I only asked for the final price quote once we got done designing it. I would guess $40ish
  6. Forgot that I never posted mine once it came!! Just absolutely thrilled with how it came out and how it carries. Already have the urge to start working on another project with them...
  7. PXG would definitely be Lamborghini. If you know the history of Lamborghini you know that Ferruccio Lamborghini was pissed at Enzo because the car he received wasn’t up to his standard, so he went and started his own company. This kinda ties into Bob Parsons thinking he can just start a new company and be the best by being flashy and charging outrageous prices. As well as stealing engineers away from PING
  8. I have those $-taper shafts in my apex’s, spin killer for people who fight spin in irons. Legit combo, GLWS!
  9. Only if the other person chose to burn their own property themselves... you make it sound like I put a bounty out lmao. But I understand that words don’t mean that much to some people
  10. I won’t lose sleep over dissenting with an individual who supports a bigot. Cheers
  11. I’ll make a $30 donation to black lives matter if you burn one of those headcovers and post it
  12. I just got an X-Forged UT with an Atmos black tour sled and I’m in love with it
  13. No thanks man, the reason I’m selling is I’m more of a driving iron guy haha
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