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  1. I have a pair of these and they are solid. I found them on sale a few weeks back for $19.99 and I'm kicking myself for only buying one pair.
  2. Tiger hugged his son and I lost it! My goodness what a beautiful week. Thank you Tiger
  3. Did the guy you were talking to also arrange a "spectator" for that round? https://en.wikipedia...Tiger_parenting Thank you sir
  4. Someone help me understand the title of this thread? Tiger mom?
  5. Another L for the American team
  6. The US team brings in Michael Jordan and the Euros have this...............No wonder we got our hats handed to us. How do you lose after watching something like this?
  7. What a train wreck. It's almost embarrassing. It's as if our team was a perfect microcosm of the US as a whole these days. Even our freaking golf team is divided. Compared to the camaraderie shown by the Europeans, it's absolutely embarrassing. If I cannot "like" this post enough
  8. They care enough to NOT fight with each other on the plane ride over to Paris? I mean c'mon, do you really think a plane full of guys with their own logos are going to come together for the good of the team? Some logos deserved but most not so much.
  9. Jim Furyk seems like a stand up guy, he got hosed. Give him a mulligan and let him captain again at some point.
  10. My wife texting every 15 mins telling me things that could've easily waited until I got home.
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