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  1. Probably need a picture with your username and date so people will take it seriously
  2. All prices shipped. Message me if you want more pictures Callaway Epic Sub Zero 5 wood with Fujikura Pro 93X, no headcover, in fantastic shape - $old Ping G410 Crossover 3 20* with Diamana S+ 80x barely used - $140 Vokey SM6 48* F grind, raw, used but lots of life left - $60 Vokey SM6 60* L grind, raw, used 1 season - $50 Fujikura Atmos Red 7X fairway shaft, used but still in really good shape - $70 Bettinardi grips, Red tour and Blue jumbo. Red - $40 and Blue $20 7 Golf Pride MCC +4 Orange, used half season - $old Shinnecock Driver and Hybr
  3. I would just have him ship back and refund. He’s going to be a jerk about it and no need to drag it out and make it miserable for yourself.
  4. No no that’s ok.... got out of the putter collecting game because if I have more than one I try and switch too much. I’m monputterus from now on
  5. That Mills is amazing. It has an Apollo Black step less putter shaft I got from GolfWorks. It has such a good feel to it.
  6. I think it was around the same time Horshel and Chex left. They got rid of the rep they all liked
  7. Anyone know where I can get a green dot adapter for the original Epic fairway? I’m wanting to turn a 5 wood down to 16*. Don’t like adding loft since it closes slightly
  8. Here ya go. It only let me upload 20 pictures for some reason when I made the ad
  9. I was just afraid, I heard if you hit a ball on the red screws it will explode... just trying to stay safe out here
  10. Oh! Haha I had a hard time getting photos to work. I was afraid there was not any showing
  11. Tour Issue M5 with Graphite Design AD IZ 6X. Play 45” and comes with Stitch American flag knit headcover. Head is 198g and 247 CT. Shaft sold. Head only $old Bettinardi Tour BB8 VWS. Black shaft and Black and yellow T Hive grip to match paintfill. No headcover. Message for more pics. $650 shipped pin 1/19
  12. What does his testing process look before putting new stuff into play? and how important is data to him vs what he feels and sees?
  13. He was rocking a GFore hat which makes complete sense. I think the only brand that would make more sense for him is TapOut.
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