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  1. Got mine in today, 3.5 months to the day nearly. I love it. Looks fantastic
  2. I went launch pro with GS Pro. It’s really good but I would imagine GC2 + HMT is as good if not slightly better if you want all the info maybe not if you don’t need it.
  3. All prices are shipped. Prefer to sell the stuff in sets. No trades please. 1. Greyson Medium 1/4 Zips, light gray and blue. Both have been worn maybe twice. No holes and smoke free. $old 2. Ping Glide 2.0 50 and 54 both SS grind. Used for a season, head only. Lots of life left in them. $100 shipped for both. 3. Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind 54 and 60, the legends themselves. These were used maybe 10 rounds a few years ago and have just been sitting in my closet. Lots of life left. I did remove some of the paint fill because I like the all raw look. There is lead tape on the 60 that I would be happy to leave or remove at buyers request. 6.5s in them. $100 shipped for both
  4. I have a cheap gaming computer that runs 1650 Super it works great. Like others said, if it’s above the minimum spec it will run plain and simple.
  5. I don’t think so. I’ve had some pretty bad people over to use it and never had a worry. I mean there is always a chance but I think it’s very unlikely
  6. It’s about 1 foot from the unit and it’s not in front, it’s behind the unit where the zone is. The zone is 8” x 12” I think
  7. If you haven't joined Bushnell Launch Pro Users on Facebook, you should do that. I have posted updates here and there on using it for the last week. Lots of people posting about it.
  8. I found with the alignment stick you want the middle section right in front of it. I was trying to line it up with the middle right in the hitting box but it works way better with it directly in front
  9. As someone who has one of the first units, it’s gone great. You really only ever see the complaints and not the praise so here it is. Mine has been working great. The foresight team worked through the weekend to help me get my software set up. There has been some challenges but they are definitely doing the best they can.
  10. For those like me who are seeing different yardages between FSX and actually on the unit, one of the developers just told me on the LP Facebook page that the barometer isn’t active in the current firmware and will be released soon.
  11. There have been some other people have trouble too. I could just be the subscription software. I installed FSX 2020 to be ready when it came and it worked fine. I’m guessing it’s just the new subscription one that has a bug right now
  12. Just FYI, FSX needs to be run in 16:9. I was trying to run in 16:10 and it would open and then close. After changing to 16:9 it worked great. Change in graphics card settings
  13. 1. Set of Ping Glide 2.0 wedges. 50,54,58. These were the black ones but the finish was coming off so I soaked in vinegar and they are now raw. The 50 and 54 have stock wedge shafts but the 58 has a KBS $Taper 125 in it. Used but still have life left. $old shipped takes all three 2. Nike VR Pro Ltd Ed 5 wood. Project X Hzrdus black 6.5 shaft with a crooked grip (don’t judge my skills). Look at pictures for condition, has a couple paint chips on top line $65 shipped 3. Ping DS72, 35”, stock grip, NO headcover (but will be shipped protected) $150 shipped 4. Bettinardi Hive Red and Blue grip with Tour T Hive top, one time pull, $50 shipped
  14. Same has happened to me, pending charge fell off but still says awaiting shipment. I didn’t get the email on Monday however….
  15. I would guess that Foresight set the subscription prices and then priced GC3 accordingly so that it would make people have a decision on whether to buy theirs or Bushnell. If they don’t price subscription that high then everyone would go Bushnell. But if they made GC3 $5K let’s say then everyone would do that since there’s no subscription. It’s a balancing act from the the parent company so that one doesn’t kill the sale of the other. It’s really the best of both worlds because they guys who have the extra cash went GC3. They guys that didn’t went BLP and will now be paying a yearly subscription.
  16. I just ordered a slate last week. Did you get a quote on delivery? I heard it would take a bit but they weren’t sure
  17. It’s an additional 4K. what would be optimistic is that when they release the new software next year they give the Launch Pro people the option to buy outright and have it fully unlocked for the 2k cost or whatever it is
  18. I use the older one for speed training and ran about 100 balls through it and Trackman. I would say about 90% of the time it was sighing 1-2 mph on club and ball speed
  19. I don’t think so. I saw a poll on the facebook group where 21 said they purchased. Could be inaccurate but I’m guessing it was more in the 100 range
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