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  1. I just got a TS2 fairway and put it up against my 910f. I thought over the Christmas break I would put in some serious range time and compare the 2 and throw in my old 906f2 as well. I may post about this later but I honestly think I like the 906 the best. Hard to tell the diffetance in distance (but they are all similar). Not crazy about the sound of the TS2. Lacks that nice traditional 3wd sound in my opinion . 906 is workable both ways for me and also like the smaller head. Maybe I'm crazy.
  2. I play an old Cleveland 64* that I have had for a long time. Always liked having it for those tricky greenside shots. Don't use it too often, but love having the option. Never use it for full shots. Usually out of short rough when there's little green to work with. Or pitching to an elevated green.
  3. Custom that Tom made for me a few years ago. Always liked this progress pick he sent me before welding the neck on.
  4. I currently play a Titleist 910f 13.5 that I have turned up to 14.25 I believe. For basically the same reasons you do. I primarily use it off the tee, but it's nice to have that little bit extra for long part 5''s.
  5. So I have played a Titleist 910D2 with a UST Proforce 76g stiff shaft, and a 910f 13.5* with a project x 5.5. For many years. I am comfortable with both, mostly the driver slight fade. After 10 years of technology though I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out on some yardage/forgiveness? Or if it's all just marketing? Looking to hear people chime in that have made the switch or have stayed with what worked? Any talk is appreciated
  6. Ya I was not sure. I'm in Canada so so PGA tour superstores, only golf town. Found it at a small golf shop for pretty cheap. So figured why not? What is the headweight anyways? Feels around 310-320ish?
  7. Went to a somewhat local golf shop that I hadn't been to in years today and found a brand new anser 2. Im not a ping expert but I believe it's been a few years since these were released. I prefer lighter putters so I figured why not. Had a headcover and even putter tape on the sole lol. Always like finding old putters.
  8. Hand made like on a Bridgeport? Or when you say handmade you mean the CNC’ing is done by him in house? Byron has always offered handmades . They’re unreal. Your cost and turnaround time goes up, but you can get a true handmade putter from him. I'm not an expert. A few pics he sent me I'll post below.
  9. This thread is partially why I went with slighter for my custom. Completely Handmade with dozens of progress pics along the way. I could justify the price considering all the handwork put into it. Not just smoothing some rough edges.
  10. Love Toms work. Currently play a custom slighter myself. I'm a blade guy. That thing looks no worse than any of the cameron mallets of recent years
  11. I don't get it either. Like mine in the 330g range
  12. A little bit. If it's the stock shaft you'll want to re-shaft it anyways. Had it out on the course today and it was great. Probably only 5-10yrds shorter than current offerings. But I put 3 outta 4 right where I wanted. Felt nice and crisp. I'll take consistantcy anyday.
  13. I've owned a lot of putters over the years. From OTR putters from Scotty, Ping and oddyssey. And customs from TP Mills and Byron. (Although not originally ordered by me). Having played many putters I was finally ready to order my first custom putter. I figured with my first child coming this spring if I didn't do it now I probally never will. I chose to reach out to Tom Slighter first. With his great reputation in both full customs and aftermarket work I thought he would be the one to go with. I sent my first email and Tom answered about 20 mins later. Toms communication was like none ot
  14. So if the one I picked up has been cut 1.25 in down to 41.75. In theory it will stiffen the flex up a bit???
  15. Had them years ago and like many users have said over the years the cheap badges were coming off. Really wasn't impressed with them at all. For the money I expected a higher quality.
  16. I appoligize if this has been covered in here, but what was the factory stock lenth for the 3wd when these came out? I just picked one up for 20 bucks and although it has a stock reg shaft it only measures 41.75. Which noticeably shorter than my other 3wd. It setup great in the store and since it had a newer grip and headcover I figured it was a no brained to try out. Always had trouble finding a 3wd.
  17. -6*. Or 21*. My buddy brings a drill to drill holes for the tees ?
  18. Just wanting people's opinions on this particular rangefinder. How does it fair against say the bushnell models? Any info is appreciated.
  19. There's a clip on YouTube where scotty is talking about making Tigers putter back in the day and saying Tiger had to have a D2 swingweight.
  20. What brand of putter is it? Jk lol. Tom does great work. Nice flatstick!?
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