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  1. It’s truly been crazy. Been trying to snag a 5 wood on a good deal to see if it fits a gap in my bag and prices just balloon up on me every time right at the end.
  2. I just moved on the 9th Tee and Magnolia. It’s an awesome track that is loved by a lot of people. Full grass range nice putting greens and the brand new clubhouse is awesome. The course is a lot of fun and is tough but rewards great shot. The defense is the greens as the run offs are everywhere and can be fast if it hasn’t rained in the past few days.
  3. I would go mini driver. The 12 degree either Calloway or Taylor Made. I think you could get it out there a good ways off of the tee and slot of people can hit them well in the fairway
  4. $250.00- headcover sold Putter for 185 Gamed for 1 season 34" Golo 3 with British Open head cover in great gamer shape.
  5. Wholesale for TM depends on your account down accounts depending on volume get more of a break and TM pays for shipping with any descent size account. Also many places get a bunch of demos which are even cheaper as they are highly discounted to the account.
  6. Amazing course lucky to live 30 minutes away and work at a local course so they hook us up.
  7. Thanks guys and that is what you call sleep deprivation. NC on its way to OHIO
  8. The twins have made it and well things add up real quick. Just 4 things today all priced pretty aggressively but I will listen to offers. I don't think Ill do trades as the bag is set and I'm keeping the work bench clear for now. All prices are shipped to the US. If your from Canada we can work something out. 1. Taylormade Aeroburner Mini Driver 12 degree Stiff- SOLD 2. Taylormade Maranello Ghost Tour Black 35"- $50.00 This putter has been gamed or about 5 months but was given a Golo 3 as a Becoming daddy present. It has a SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 on it. This this is in great shape as I am OCD
  9. Nike 3XL fit perfect for length on me and I am 6'5
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