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  1. Looking for a new 34” Spider X w/ short slant neck. Thanks
  2. Hi All, Got to move this backup set to make room for newer and shinier backup set. Razr x Mb 3-P, standard length/loft, 3* flat but easily adjusted. Project X 5.5 flighted with original grips with plenty of life. Bought off a fellow member and played them a season. I’m confident you won’t find a set this good unless new. Priced at what I think is to move but you be the judge, $525 shipped. If you need more detailed photos or have any questions please PM me. Thanks!
  3. Hey All, Looking to move a backup that won’t see the bag. It’s brand new, 10 range balls and not a mark on it. Comes with wrench and headcover 315 shipped. 10.5, X flex, 45”.
  4. No not overly but C was their standard width so it is narrower in comparison. I would consider the A to be really narrow.
  5. Hi all, few things to sell off. All prices are shipped CONUS. No trades. First time selling so prayers up the pictures are attached below. I did my best to be thorough but please DM if you need more! Thanks for looking! 1. Maltby DBM 4-P shafted with KBS C-Taper Lites in Xflex. Played these one season. Finish is exceptionally durable so very minor wear on clubheads. 6iron off of a rocky surprise is worst mark up (pictured). Built by golfworks to their standard L/L/L specs. Paintfill removed for what i think is a cleaner look. Shafts are mint. Playable Royal Grips with one build up wrap. **SOLD** 2. Original TM RBZ 3 wood. This head is a rocket launcher. Had it forever but it never fit the gaps. Very minimal sole and face wear. Standard Ozik stiff. Tacki mac grip almost new. **$85** 3. Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0 Counterbalanced putter. This was just a failed experiment. Rolled 10 balls on the practice green. It is brand new. **$95** 4. BNIB OG FJ Classics. Smooth White Uppers with Orange Lizard skin. These shoes have never seen grass. Shoe trees since day 1 so absolutely NO caving of the leather. There is not a mark on them. Size is 9.5B so its going to take a special foot to saddle these up. **$275**
  6. I went from Ping S55s to a component set with very low bounce... i did not notice drastic performance differences...but I do prefer the look of a sharp leading edge..maybe from yrs of playing wedges with low bounce...the sharp leading edge gives me the feeling of the club entering and exiting the turf after impact quickly and efficiently where as the muted leading edge of the pings left me feeling like id have to drop and axe blade to get through the turf..i didnt and divots and flight were comparable..but again like most things golf i feel its personal and honestly quite a mental thing.
  7. Aldila rip 85x...TP graphics on 09 rescue has been in my bag forever
  8. I play DBMs with CTLs and will until they break...they are every bit as good as any other iron available from a numbers standpoint...hit in the center i could put a blanket over where the 7 different heads i tested finished...i chose on looks...love the black finish and the fact it lasts forever...got 4-P built for 550...a little over half of what i was quoted for other major OEMs on a custom build.
  9. 77 is something to be proud of there! Awesome Thanks man!
  10. Ughhh I remember it well...given the day...Bethpage Black...45* and drizzle...brutal carries...28 putts for 77!!
  11. Most can go 3* in either direction rather easily...price will vary..a local fitter near me was just rated a GD Top 100 fitter so his prices seemingly went through the roof...do your homework and you'll almost certainly save a few bucks if you have options.
  12. Practice putts from inside 5ft and pitching from 30 yards and in...both should be manageable with your wrist...and I'm willing to bet several shots were lost in these areas when you shot your 80s...I wouldn't believe you if you told me you got everything up and down and made everything you looked at and yet shot 80...short game will get you there..most important aspect to scoring by far once you've reached a certain level which it seems you have...put the time in...good luck OP!
  13. In the Bag : Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball Backups : Cleveland Classic BP #2 Ping Anser 1966 Collected : Original Scotty Studio Design 2.5..my first quality putter..retired her years ago and got it refinished..only sees the carpet now.
  14. Geez I just replied to the topic above this one..basically same ?...TM Rescue 09 TP has been in my bag forever..ultra versatile club..loved the rescue mids as well...always gotten on well with TM hybrids
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