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  1. On my trips I’ve actually asked several caddies what they use personally, and the typical reply is a sun mountain or ping stand bag of some sort. Anything similar to that will likely be fine. Just don’t be the guy with a tour bag.
  2. Yes usually right at the beginning of the year it opens up for next year. And you have to call. I’ve been on site and asked and they say call.
  3. They advertise it on the Bandon website, but I think it's seasonal, not sure of the exact dates. https://www.bandondunesgolf.com/resort/getting-here?utm_source=Footer_GettingHere&utm_medium=Footer_GettingHere&utm_campaign=Footer_GettingHere
  4. Alright tequila guys, what would you recommend for a beginner? I’m o whisk(e)y drinker, mostly scotch and bourbon. I was a scotch novice until a Scotland vacation and started to educate myself. My tequila experience is cheap shots decades ago in college and making margaritas. What’s a good starting bottle or two? What’s the best method to drink it? What other esoteric knowledge should I look for?
  5. My only usability suggestion would be additional columns to divide between stroke or match play. As I am not nearly the rules expert that most are in this forum, I like the relative simplicity, and don't need to get too far into the weeds for my normal game with my buddies.
  6. While not guaranteed to finish, I’ve still had good luck getting through full or nearly full rounds late in the day. As for booking additional rounds, follow 2bgoods advice. But if it doesn’t work out, stick with your plan of staying in town and trying to walk on anywhere you can. The preserve is usually not as crowded in the AM. And being not picky on which course you play helps the odds. Worst case if nothing is available the punchbowl and the practice center are excellent ways to occupy time. Or possibly play Bandon crossings in town.
  7. I agree with that. I think I’ve had maybe 3 lies over at least a dozen rounds where I had a normal level lie and stance. It’s always some weird angle where controlling the amount of sand is difficult.
  8. That spot is the worst.
  9. I can top a hybrid, iron, or driver regardless of the wind direction, thank you.
  10. Yeah I gotta listen to the whole thing rather than the first 4 holes as I’ve done twice this morning.
  11. In the spirit of random, the music when on hold with reservations is DMK touring Bandon right before the US am final and discussing hole and pin set ups. Better than elevator music.
  12. When we were there in March, at the very beginning of shutdown, they switched to takeout only literally overnight, and it worked fine. Food was the same as if sitting in the dining area, just in to go containers. Gotta plan ahead a bit more if you want impulse things like extra drinks or something, but if you just want the simple meal in the room it was fine.
  13. If you did ok doing 54 at sand valley you’ll be able to handle 36 a day a bandon. The caddies are a nice luxury but not strictly necessary. I agree with the suggestions to get one for one round a day to save energy. You can also try doing a half set for the rounds you carry yourself, saves a lot of weight and energy, and it’s a fun shot making experience. If you’re getting fatigued after a few days you can always cut down to one round a day, but you already kind of have a rest day with the Pac/Preserve combo. Caddies or not, fatigue or not, you’ll have a blast.
  14. I think you'll be ok with that. I have midsize grips myself but a normal putter grip. Might get a little snag once in a while but I think there's enough space.
  15. I’ve got one but I ordered late in the season so minimal experience with it so far. Seems well made and it’s very lightweight. It’s definitely designed more for a par 3 course than using a half set on a regular course. The bag is as light as it gets, and still has enough storage space. More than about 6 clubs, maybe up to 8 if you have thin grips, is pretty tight. And it’s very short, obviously designed more for irons than woods. A 45 inch driver is going to stick out a long ways. I plan on using it as a par 3 bag or as a half set bag from the forward tees and start the half set at 3 wood or
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