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  1. Played it Thursday. Normal spring conditions, pretty good considering 3 weeks ago there was snow on it, and intermittent snow since then. Greens are good, fairways are ok. A couple of low drainage spots are still damp, but not casual water level. They're letting carts out on the fairways, usually this time of year it's cart path only.
  2. A couple weeks ago one of the starters said they tracked one of the units all the way to london. Sounds like they don’t keep any data other than location though.
  3. Just look at it after a bunch of whisky.
  4. There's a locker room with room for a change of clothes in the basement of the lodge, but that's about it. What courses, where are you staying, and what's the turn around time? Depending on those you might be fine anyway. If not just bring a change of socks in a zip loc baggie in your golf bag.
  5. Mostly from the south. The last two days have been hard out of the south. Another WRXer I played with yesterday said he actually got to experience the wind from the north last weekend.
  6. Saw these from the back today (no pic, pretty wet out) but looks like they’ll have floor to ceiling windows. Right off of # 6 green at trails.
  7. New round lake lodging right next to the lily pond ones.
  8. Any recommendations between Lost Tracks, Juniper, or Quail Run, mid March? I'm passing through the Bend area on my way to Bandon, and looking for a travel day round. I played Juniper last September and really liked it, other than getting a horrible smoky windstorm for the last 4 or so holes. Never played the others. Just looking for an affordable round passing through.
  9. 2.5 is about as long as it takes. Unless it’s super crowded probably less.
  10. I can't imagine tents surviving long out there in the wind, but fingers crossed.
  11. I know there was a plan for a second 18 after the par 3 course, but don't remember what kinda schedule they were looking at.
  12. Yeah it looked fun, not like a try to shoot a number thing, but “I wonder if I can pull off this shot” thing.
  13. I’m gonna guess no one since the gamble website states it opens in May. I was there last August and it looked almost ready to go. Looked like a wild ride, picture the Punchbowl style but a par 3 course.
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