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  1. Sounds like the Preserve or Shortys is perfect for her. Much more laid back. I’ve also seen women (or older men, basically any short hitter) play from the all the way up tees. (Royal blue?) With walking only courses no worry about guys in carts driving past.
  2. Spouses are allowed to walk along for no cost, my wife has done this several times. Also since they are guests (I assume your wife is staying with you) they have free use of the practice facility or the punchbowl as well.
  3. That almost black and white photo of Trails#5 is phenomenal.
  4. One almost for sure if you aren't picky about the time or the course, 2 pretty good odds.
  5. Devils Uranus is a great name for a bunker. Which bunker is worst on property? There’s a couple on pacific where the bunker is almost over your head like a cave.
  6. Walking 36 builds the appetite
  7. Either works fine, whatever is most comfortable for you to walk in. I’ve used both and never had an issue I’d attribute to the spikes or lack of. It’s more the dozens of miles walking.
  8. A single digit can go a week with a dozen balls without much trouble. 20 is for sure more than you'll need.
  9. You can probably handle the greens but if it’s windy golds might be more fun, especially into the wind.
  10. An 11 cap will be fine, the key to Bandon is just be a golf nut. Practice a low punch shot on your range at home and other than that embrace the wind and enjoy.
  11. Not so much new as they are redoing what was the Gallery restaurant. Looks like basically the same spot but a new menu.
  12. Not sure, a couple of us were speculating. I know there was some kind of a maintenance shack/utility building in that general area, but the new concrete footings look a little too far away from that. Maybe an expansion of the clubhouse receiving area? There is a driveway in about that spot.
  13. https://www.bandondunesgolf.com/lodging/lodging/round-lake Lodging website now updated to include round lake rooms.
  14. Billing can be done a couple ways. At the end of your trip when checking out you'll pay for everything you charged to your room. You can charge pretty much anything to your room so this could include rounds, meals, pro shop swag, etc. The deposit you paid will be credited on this bill. The other option is pay for everything except lodging individually on each guy's card, IE they pay for greens fees, meals and what not. I'm guessing for you guys the easiest way is everyone pays for their own greens fees and meals on sight, and then you just keep track of what lodging costs were. I'm not sure since I've never done it but if you all check in together they may just set up separate billing for each guy then. I'd ask on check in.
  15. According to the little asterisk note, premium day guests looks like an extra fee during peak months for booking more than 21 days out. Probably intended to let people book guaranteed tee times when not staying at the resort but staying at a local hotel. The previous practice was no booking tee times more than 21 days out unless you're staying at the resort. (I've also heard but never confirmed if you paid all your tee times in advance non refundable they would allow non resort guests to book farther out.) Looks to me like a way to deal with having more tee times available than lodging.
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