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  1. Excellent, thanks for the advice.
  2. Hey I'm doing a trip to Sand Valley this August, and will try to tack Lawsonia on to it either to or from the airport. (Probably Madison, maybe Milwaukee.) Any lodging suggestions in the area of Lawsonia? I don't need anything super luxury, it's just me and my non golfing wife. Something nearby for her to do would be a bonus, but if not she's perfectly happy on a lawn or a beach with a book.
  3. Generally very playable, unless you're in the middle of a rainstorm. Some bunkers occasionally have standing water if it's been raining for several days.
  4. Shortys, the practice center, and the punchbowl are free amenities for guests, no need to check in. They may have a problem with going out to the pacific snack shack at sunset as you have to walk back in the dark, the marshals have to stay out to make sure you get back in safely. I’d ask at the pro shop before going out.
  5. The gift shop in the main lodge is pretty good for souvenir type stuff.
  6. I’ve played all of them except sheep ranch in heavy rains, and all can get standing water and rivers in the greens. Of the first 4 courses Trails was probably the best, it has the fewest greens with “channels” where water collects. OM was probably the worst in my opinion, it’s greens are full of low spots where water collects. If you get one of those torrential days, it’s best just to accept putting may not be practical, throw away the scorecard and have fun trying crazy shots you wouldn’t normally try.
  7. Sunrise at the sheep ranch. They have generator lights up for the early risers.
  8. Exterior of the new round lake rooms
  9. Filling in the middle fairway bunker on 12 at Pacific. Caddie in my group said they’ll put sand back in eventually with the goal of making the bunkers shallower.
  10. 1. Buy a bunch of expensive goretex rain gear. 2. Gain 50 lbs of fat so the rain gear doesn’t fit. 3. Buy another set of expensive rain gear to cover your newer, larger, sexier self. 4. Have your spouse get mad and put you on a diet, lose weight. 5. Bring both sets of rain gear so the golf gods say “look at this guy, we’ll show him”. 6. Enjoy the sunshine.
  11. 23 to 26 for me. Tuesday Trails 0750 Wednesday PD 0910 Thursday SR 0740 Friday BD 0810 Trying the Round Lake rooms for the first time.
  12. Yeah same boat, just saw that rate hike. It’s nice enough but not worth that in my opinion. I’ll probably do the Inn at old town in a couple weeks, but it’s only one night before going to the resort.
  13. Has anyone stayed in the Round Lake rooms? Do you know if check in is at the Inn, Main Lodge, or do they have their own check in?
  14. The one on 14 for sure I can see that, being right in the dune face. The one on 15, seems more to open up a bail out area? There's another bunker right next to it that looks untouched in the video. Things to ask next time I'm there.
  15. Speaking of the course flyovers, if you look close at #13 at PD, as you scroll forward (IE fly the drone forward) you can see a couple guys walking up the hill to #14. Just seems neat to me.
  16. I can't remember if it was somewhere in the thread or a group text with my buddies, but we saw that too. Looks like they are getting rid of that bunker. Look close and it looks like the deep bunker to the right of #14 is also being grassed in. My only guess is to make it a little more forgiving to improve pace of play, as those are some spend all day in there bunkers.
  17. Sounds like the Preserve or Shortys is perfect for her. Much more laid back. I’ve also seen women (or older men, basically any short hitter) play from the all the way up tees. (Royal blue?) With walking only courses no worry about guys in carts driving past.
  18. Spouses are allowed to walk along for no cost, my wife has done this several times. Also since they are guests (I assume your wife is staying with you) they have free use of the practice facility or the punchbowl as well.
  19. That almost black and white photo of Trails#5 is phenomenal.
  20. One almost for sure if you aren't picky about the time or the course, 2 pretty good odds.
  21. Devils Uranus is a great name for a bunker. Which bunker is worst on property? There’s a couple on pacific where the bunker is almost over your head like a cave.
  22. Walking 36 builds the appetite
  23. Either works fine, whatever is most comfortable for you to walk in. I’ve used both and never had an issue I’d attribute to the spikes or lack of. It’s more the dozens of miles walking.
  24. A single digit can go a week with a dozen balls without much trouble. 20 is for sure more than you'll need.
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