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  1. I played the V6 for a couple years, they are great clubs. I switched to the Staff Blades this summer.
  2. 1. Grandfather Golf and Country Club 2. Blowing Rock, NC 5. +2.3 4. Titleist TS2 w Tensi Blue 55g X 5. No 6. 3 7. Yes
  3. 130? No way I'm playing with that guy. Way too exhausting and seems like it would be impossible to focus on your own game.
  4. I was given a couple sleeves and played 18 with the ball yesterday. Only mark on the ball was a cart path scuff that I got on 17. I normally play the TP5x. The Mizuno ball has more of a clicky sound to it. I did hit some longer than normal drives and had a few iron shots go longer than normal. The ball seemed to hold the green just fine. It did launch much higher than the TP5x with the driver. A couple times way too high for my liking. Overall I thought the ball was fine and I'll play out the rest of the sleeves to see if anything changes.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've been messing around with my wedges recently and trying to figure out what to go to out of bunkers. Right now I've got a 62-10 and a 56-10 in the bag. Not sure if that's enough bounce on the 56 for me out of bunkers. Our bunkers just got uncovered, so I haven't had a chance to hit any shots out of them. I'll never open up the 56 around the greens, just in the bunkers. It will just be used for straight forward chips and pitches. The 62 would be the club that I open up around the greens. I would rarely use it from the sand.
  6. Just curious to know what you guys use for greenside bunker shots? Loft and bounce.
  7. > @bladehunter said: > > @"b.mattay" said: > > Can’t do it! The position is physically painful on my left wrist and shoulder! > > Me too. I literally do not understand how people use it. Might want to try bending it more upright. When I got mine I couldn't get it to rest on my arm at all. I still need to tweak it, but it's much better.
  8. Just got these. The noise cancelling is amazing! https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-PXC-550-Wireless-Cancelling/dp/B01E3XLNA0/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1PIBZ0LP1AK0L&keywords=sennheiser+wireless+headphones&qid=1554685731&s=electronics&sprefix=senn%2Celectronics%2C147&sr=1-8
  9. Recently lost 30lbs doing "lazy" keto. Cut out sugar, kept the carbs low. Tested my blood for a month to know if what I was eating would put me in ketosis. Went from 2-3 beers a day to 1-2 a week. Still keeping the carbs, sugar and beer low to maintain. Just spent a week in Jackson Hole skiing and ate pretty much whatever I wanted. Put about 4 pounds on, but I've pretty much taken it back off during the last week. You don't realize how bad carbs and sugar make you feel until you cut them out. Good luck!
  10. Mine came in a few days ago. They guy that owns the shop and I had a good laugh because it definitely did not fit me. After lengthening and bending, it feels much better. Probably still will need to make some more fine tuning, but it rolls the ball well in my basement. I agree with what some have said, a thicker grip would probably help.
  11. I have SlingTV and use an antenna for local channels. I love it. Don't miss Directv one bit.
  12. I unfollowed him almost a year ago when it was clear he was nuts or just drunk a lot. He went off when Revolution Golf got going. He claimed it was his idea or something.
  13. Sounds like its your kids fault. She should sue them, not you!
  14. I saw his daughter Lilly 2 times back in September.
  15. I just tried to order one of these through my club (I have shop credit) and was told that Odyssey is no longer making these. They are still available on their website, but they wouldn't let my club order one for me. :(
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