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  1. I thought Moe addressed it with the club like a foot behind the ball...
  2. Focus on getting more speed after impact.
  3. In a sense, it is preprogrammed before taking the BS because of his grip position.
  4. Seems like you'd have to have impeccable timing to pull this off. Otherwise, you're going to be spraying it left and right.
  5. I don't think we must consciously do something that should just be happening as a result of other movements. The wrists really hinge on their own as we swing back and through. To add wrist hinge is to exaggerate. We also influence the plane and arc by adding wrist hinge.
  6. My bad. I just noticed you already answered that in the op.
  7. Depends on your definition of weak/strong. I've seen golfers who feel like their left hand was very weak, and their right hand was very strong after moving them to a more "neutral" grip.
  8. I've seen a lot of crappy golfers with pretty swings. And a lot of great golfers with crappy swings.
  9. A lot of people feel like it's a power move to turn their hips back to the left, and hard and quickly enough to transfer the weight to the left foot. I believe that the natural movement of transferring weight from the right to the left foot will do the job more easily. As long as we keep our minds on where we are going we will transfer weight to the left foot. This will result in our hips turning out of the way to the left; it’s a natural result rather than a conscious action that we must learn.
  10. The length and lie of the golf club determine posture and distance from the ball. If you feel like you are on top of the ball, you are probably too close.
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