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  1. Anyone mention Joey2Aces? He might be joey3aces by this point. Dont see him around anymore.
  2. Are they really?? Never thought about stubhub. Just looking at the website they are $50 Fri Sat and and $40 else. Not exactly cheap. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Just curious if you guys know of any way to get some complimentary GA tickets, i know they are normally handed out like candy. Already paid for one to go Friday - also trying to get Thursday or Sunday on the cheap. Last year you could test drive a Ford, spend X amount at Albertsons, probably a few others ways too.
  4. Dobson is always decent. Even Cave Creek is a fun layout. Just dont expect 5 hour rounds.
  5. Too bad i cant give a like to that post above lol. So true.
  6. This has more action than a Game of Thrones episode. Now another thread?? Work will have to wait till tomorrow.
  7. Think we've answered the age old question. Can a 4 handicap beat a 2018 tiger? I think not.
  8. What are you doing trying to stream? Just continue hitting refresh on this page. Its way better.
  9. Stenson is +1 for the round today through 11. Just 4 putted on 11 for bogey. Smart. Just getting the seasonal 4 putt out of the way early. Thinking ahead.
  10. Just booked my appointment for a fusion. I want a swing like that!
  11. Great first post! Welcome aboard the bandwagon. There's plenty of room.
  12. Im loving the play-by-play. Hookem making Thursdays great again. Thank you!
  13. Someone could take that the wrong way. Esp in the current climate.
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