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  1. Received my ZX7 5-AW. Got lucky, ordered them on a Friday (26 Mar) thru my dealer and arrived via FedEx a Monday, 5 April. Took them out last night and love them. So much nicer than my i200s that they are replacing!
  2. Had a G400MAX since release (3 yrs now). Went yesterday to test against the new stuff and with my increased speed, getting a launch of 16-17 degrees. Tested agains a 425 MAX @9 and increased distance from 272 average to 293. Same shaft, but guess going from 10.5 to 9 made a pretty big difference! Plan to get fitted to try out other heads to see if there is anything else on the table.
  3. I remember someone telling me that Mizuno would always be 1/4”longer because they measured prior to installing the grip. 1/2 in seems a bit much. My new set will be here next Tuesday. Will check and report back.
  4. Wanted to see if you made the decision on what club your sticking with (425 vs TSi 3 wood)?
  5. I’d also add that if they are going too far left when you weaken, go a degree flat. That will also take away a bit of left.
  6. I couldn’t decide so I preordered both. Hitting on my putt out mat couldn’t tell a difference, but out on the putting green hitting the 40 footer could hear a distinct difference. The 11.5 did have an aluminum ting, and the 5.5 sounded MUCH muted and better to my ear. For those looking for the difference in toe hang here is a comparison shot of the two.
  7. Hello All, Three year lover of the Biom Hybrid 3s (have every color!). Wanted to see how those who have gotten the H4’s like them. Kevin
  8. I sense the sarcasm. My 7 iron carry has always been around 155, which is why I was alarmed. . Guess we will see.
  9. Can you get on a launch monitor? I ask as I’ve heard that normally specialized wedges will generate more spin than the stock Gap wedge, so going with the standard 5 degree gap might not for out too well for ya.
  10. While I was picking up my new 3 wood today decided to hit the T-100 and the ZX-7. Was swinging the 7 iron at about 82-88 via quad. The T-100 I was launching it @20 degrees getting about 168-173 yards with 5K spin using Project X LZ 6.0 For the ZX7, I was using a modus 105S and was launching at 16-18 getting 189-194 carry with 3.4K spin. Titleist felt good on center strikes, but Srixon’s felt fantastic! I’m assuming the spin difference is because Titleist are 3 degrees weaker. I’m also caulking up the lack of spin in both because the balls were off brand and wo
  11. I’d look hard at the T-100s. Great sticks, and preferred the feel much more than T-200, with surprising amount of help!
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