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  1. 1. Regatta Bay Golf and CC 2. Niceville, FL 5. 10 4. G400 MAX 10.5, turned down to the big minus 5. No 6. Thinking 3, but open if the 2 out preforms!! Want to trust the fit!! 7. For sure!
  2. I’ve had the Frogger, but like Club Gloves towels much more.
  3. I’ve use Nike sleeves and feel that they not only stop my arms from getting burnt, they help prevent sweat from running down my arms to my hands soaking my gloves and eventually my grips. I’ve gone as far as when I wear them, I don’t wear a glove here in the panhandle of FL. Makes the $28 price tag not so bad when you don’t have to carry three $10 gloves a round.
  4. Niceville, FLCleveland RTX 4 54/60Average to soft (got to love FL)A wedge grind that works a bit better out of the sand. Would love a PM grind that isn’t prone to digging. I doI do
  5. I’ve got 4 dozen of the older 4 piece KSigs and agree, they are a bit firm for me.
  6. I think it really depends on how slow your normal course runs Where I play it’s quick and no waiting around, so for me it would be a waste, but if your course normally takes 4.5+ hrs, I think it would be a nice option.
  7. I heard Mizuno measures without the grip, which is more than likely were your 1/4 in is.
  8. Hello All, I have two bags depending on if I’m carrying or riding/push carting. When I walk it’s a Ping 5 way hoofer, and I recently picked up some new irons w/Steelfiber shafts. This is my first set of irons with graphite shafts and just wondering if I need to worry about the wear on the shafts with the 5 way when I’m carrying? Thanks in advance!
  9. Why not try something like Steelfiber FC 115?
  10. I have them in my 0311Ps. Coming from Project X LZ 5.5 in i200 and really like them. During my fitting it was between the i95 and the FC115. The 115 spun a little less but launched a bit better and a tighter grouping. The shaft it self to me also felt a bit better as well.
  11. Thanks for the great comment! I was told that I could have gone with either the i95R or FC115S. My fitter told me that the I95 spun a bit more and that the 115 was a tighter dispersion. I did feel like the 95 was a bit looser than the 115, and also liked a bit more of the weight coming from Project X LZ 5.5. Super excited and hoping to be a graphite iron guy 4life!
  12. would love your thought of the FC 115. I was fit into them and the i95 both with the same results. Other than weight what is the primary difference? FYI, I only go down to a 5 iron. thanks in advance! Kevin
  13. I checked on Bushnell’s website and they weren’t listed yet, but did allow you to submit your email for notification when they were ready.
  14. Thanks for the advice! When I was fitted for the PXGs I could notice that the Ts did get a bit more into the turf that the Ps. I guess maybe that’s because of the width of sole...I just wish they would have made a Gap wedge in the T gen2, as I normally hit that full and would like a bit more help that having to go with say an RTX4 in a gap wedge.
  15. Purchased the 0311P, but was looking at the T-100s before. Noticed that you had AP2s in your sig, what made you decide to move away from the AP2?
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