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  1. I just stick with one for a period of time just to keep consistent. Right now it’s Bridgestone RX. Last couple of years it was TP5x. I’ve just liked the softer feel lately, which is why I made the switch.
  2. Around 100-105 driver swing speed here and right now I really like the Bridgestone Tour B-RX. I waffled between the BX and the Taylormade TP5x all last season and liked them both but they felt rock hard off the tee. I gave the RX a try and it’s just as long (probably even longer) and feels much softer off the face, haven’t seen any losses/differences in irons or wedges. I’ve never been too picky about feel off the putter so can’t comment there.
  3. This app is and has been absolutely fantastic for years now. For as old timey and historical they make the tournament feel, the masters is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else technology wise in golf and probably sports in general. They lead the way with innovation and they do it all without throwing it behind a paywall. Props.
  4. G400 Max for about a year now. Prior to that I played at Taylormade RBZ driver for my first seven-ish years of playing. Tried to self fit into a M2 between that period and it went horribly wrong. I was fitted for the G400 last February and I can’t see it leaving the bag for a long while.
  5. Playing a set of JPX 919 HMPs and the gap wedge that came with the set has been unreal good. 50 degrees is the GW and from there I go 54 and 58 in vokey sm7s. May move on from my vokey’s though, I’ve been eyeing some mizuno wedges simply because of how nice this 919 GW is to hit.
  6. Just switched from a blade to a Spider X over the winter. Five rounds in with it and I really like the switch. It’s March so the greens in New York have been slow and bumpy but I’m no worse and I feel more confident on short putts. The thing just starts on line, all the time. I’m adjusting to the lag putting, I feel like all that mass behind the ball is going to send the thing way past the hole and I end up leaving them short. I’m starting to get past the mental block though and just put my regular stroke on it. I think the thing is really going to pay dividends when the g
  7. Confused with some of the comments in here. Aside from Brooks’ wrist injury, his last few injuries to his knees have not been swing related. His first knee injury was due to slipping on wet pavement at the CJ Cup and this last one was clearly not golf related. The lack of clarity and severity off it only proves it was something way out of the realm of swinging a golf club. To say his “lack of hip turn” is causing his body to breakdown is just forcing some type of Tiger’esque/modern swing narrative on a guy that’s simply just had some poor injury luck. Not everything fits into a tiny
  8. Way too many good options out there to just stick with one setup, don’t be too hard on yourself haha
  9. Good start for the new shiny mizunos, 11 greens hit yesterday and 12 greens hit today. I finished last season at 52%. The Spider X while not showing in the stats is also really confidence inspiring. Had a bunch of mid range putts right in the jaw that were just a roll or two short. Once the greens northeast speed up I feel like I’ll be draining them.
  10. It’s seen some interesting places, that’s for sure
  11. You’re not the only one. I still have both 13s and 14s hanging around in the back of my closet but they’re beaten down. Great great shoes.
  12. Adding more grey and navy to my already mostly grey and navy wardrobe
  13. Midsize on my driver, 3 wood and hybrid, standard on my irons and wedges. Fought the driver hooks for a bit a couple years ago and even went jumbo grip on driver only. I felt like it helped a good amount. Went back to midsize when my fade started coming back and I got confident again releasing the club.
  14. Haven’t played the stock ping shaft in my G400 Max head but I have paired it with two different counterbalanced shafts (Hzrdus Yellow and Aldila Xtorsion) and it’s a great pairing with both. I’m pretty sure the Alta shaft is counterbalanced as well and I’ve hit that one when testing out the G425 and liked it.
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