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  1. Maybe I'm just thinking way too simplistically... But I would expect the GC3 to be as accurate as the GC Quad (or GC2) for the data parameters it will provide. I can't imagine the accuracy to be any different than the Quad because the tech it will be using is exactly as the Quads. Additionally, the flight algorithms/physics used by the software to simulate ball flight will be exactly as it is with the Quad because it's the same software (FSX). I would expect the GC3 to be identical in accuracy as the GC Quad - the only difference being the missing 4th camera that will not allow you to get face impact, dynamic loft, face angle, etc. But for all ball data points and the few club data points the GC3 will provide, I'd expect them to be identical to the Quad's (within tolerances). With that said, the GCQuad/GC2 are considered the gold standard in LM technology (in particular indoors). Don't take my word for it, take the players on tours use of them.... (I've tested my GCQ and GC2 against one another, and I would say they're virtually identical in accuracy because the tech and software are the same for all things ball data).
  2. I just wonder how much of my $69.99 is in TXG's pockets. Maybe they're better people than I am, but I doubt TXG put their reputation behind this product out of the goodness of their heart. After all, it is Ian and Matt's video that is prominently displayed and the selling point on the scammer's website (still). No, I'm not saying TXG scammed me.
  3. They told me I would get mine this PAST February. lol They've literally ghosted me when I started demanding my money back. Embarrassing.
  4. Yes, invisible to FS. It's just smarter folks than me, who find a way to extract the data points of each shot that can then be used by other 3rd party software. That's really all that's going on. Heck, I stumbled upon a way to use the Dongle version of FSX2020 without an actual dongle. I've been able to replicate on every pc I've tried.
  5. I understand. One last point.. These devices aren't jailbroken like a phone typically is so there is no potential harm to any hardware. It's usually software on the PC you're connecting the launch monitor to that performs all the breaking (in the form of software), because it's the PC you're connecting to that you're using to siphon all the data points from FSX2020 to then be used by other golf sim software (TGC, etc.). No firmware or modules are ever installed in the launch monitor so there is zero risk of "bricking" your LM. The work-arounds are always software and they're only on the PC. In fact, I'd be shocked if the current work-arounds for the Quad won't work for the GC3. We shall see.
  6. The point someone made earlier I think will apply here. Foresight Sports "locked" out the Quad to force people to have to purchase an FSX License. The BLP and GC3 will apparently (at least initially) not be able to be purchased without software. That said, I'd be surprised, since the software money ($3k or $800 yearly) will already be in their pockets, if they play the "lockout" game. I'm sure like the Quad, 3rd party software will also have workarounds for the BLP/GC3.
  7. GC Quads without HMT don't command anywhere near the value on the 2nd hand market because you've in effect a GC2. Additionally, I can't imagine there is too many potential buyers who are interested in purchasing a GC Quad without HMT. I'd imagine that most individuals who are looking for a GC Quad on the 2nd hand market are doing so as an upgrade to an existing LM (like a GC2) and without HMT on that Quad it eliminates all those potential buyers. Personally I think adding HMT to your Quad would increase it's value beyond the cost of the HMT module itself. Additionally, I think the extra clubhead data points you gain from having 4 eyes instead of the 3 (GC3) is well worth the added cost. Getting club face, dynamic loft amongst others is very powerful. You said you've been told a GC3 will work direct with your FSX2020 - was it Foresight Sports that told you? That would imply that FS will sell GC3s without software. If that were the case, I wonder was the cost of the GC3 would be without the software. Would it be closer to the cost of the BLP or would it be closer to the cost of the way FS is splitting up the cost of hardware/software on the invoices of recently sold GC3s. Buying a GC3 at $7k would leave you with a reduntant FSX license.
  8. I don't think they will drop too much if at all. For starters, unlike the BLP and GC3, you're not "required" to effectively purchase $4000 worth of software to go with the hardware. The BLP is $3000, but effectively requires you to "lease" the software at $800 a year to get the most out of the device. The GC3 is $7000 out the door. A GC2 gives you the exact same ball data (with a better LCD!), and most on the second hand market are sold without FSX software. Factor in that GC2s are "open" to all 3rd part sim software and the fact that unlike a BLP and GC3 you still have the option of getting full clubhead data (with an HMT unit) and I think the price of GC2s will remain pretty stable. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Don't know what to tell you bud other than you're wrong. It was posted yesterday AM. Link to the post on this thread:
  10. You must have missed it, it was brought up (on this thread, a couple pages back at most). And yes, this will be the upgrade of FSX2020. This will be a "free" upgrade for anyone with an existing FSX2020 license, and I'm sure will be the same for anyone with a subscription. Graphics definitely improved.
  11. You're right, and I was partially mistaken about FSX Pro. It turns out FSX Pro is available for Apple Ipads: https://www.foresightsports.com/fsx-pro-ipad-user-manual So that will essentially be the 2D range they're alluding to being used on Ipads. Of course this will require the Basic Package on the BLP ($99 a year).
  12. In case this hasn't been answered..... What you're missing is that FSX Mobile is used with mobile devices like cell phones or tables, where as FSX Pro requires a PC/Laptop in which the software is installed.
  13. Just to clarify, what they see/use in the tablet is what FSX Mobile is. What they project on the hitting screens is FSX2020. But if you've ever seen them show data on the tablet, that's always FSX Mobile (quad connects to is via bluetooth - while the quad is hardwired to a pc that projects what you see on their screen).
  14. Yes, I have. Plenty. There are times where I just want the data on my IPad and on occasion my phone. When I do use it, I use it for exactly what you describe. Just to see dispersion, shape, distance in a 2D view. For reference, if you're familiar with say Mark Crossfield or Dan Hendriksen (when they used to work together) on youtube - every time they've used in the "studio", they're almost exclusively using FSX Mobile on a tablet.
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