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  1. Just goes to show how looks are completely subjective. I happen to think that the JPX 919 Tours looks coupled with it's matte finish make them the best looking irons I've seen (new p770s are second).
  2. I'm not sure how they expect people to reserve theirs if they're unwilling to even sate what the 15 data points "after every swing" are. Getting E/S 20/20 vibes..
  3. I cornered the market on these a few years ago, I must have 8-10 of them (lol). They're an outstanding hybrid. They're very long.. not the best feeling hybrid, but a great shape, low spin and imo look great at address. I think you'll really like it. It's the standard of performance whenever I'm testing any hybrid. Holds up against more recent hybrids (g410 and sim max which are also both very good). GCQuad approved!
  4. I haven't seen or played Ver2, but you'd definitely notice the 20cc difference, no doubt about it. I can notice a 20cc different on drivers that are 460 and 440.... you sure as heck will notice the difference between 180 and 160.
  5. I could have missed it, but you may want to indicate what if any modules this GCQuad comes with. -HMT Module? (clubhead tracking) -Putting Module? (putter tracking) -Courses? If any above the included 5. Also, the transfer fee for the device (which is not required unless the buyer is seeking repairs or support of any kind) is $1000 for the Quad. GLWS - I love mine!
  6. I may have missed it, but Juju headcovers are the best of the knit headcovers imo.
  7. That bag looks great! Scott makes amazing bags... I personally have a number of his. His and Mackenzie's are my favorite. Eliott Bag uses the best material, Mackenzie's balance the best. Love the new style, huge front pocket!
  8. Great post. I have nothing of value to add to the discussion but have long wondered about this myself because as someone with dry hands I can only really play with "softer" grips, typically of the EPDM variety. Any grip with cord or firmer in feel (tour velvet even) doesn't allow me to practice as much as I'd like without it destroying my hands. I even went to try those arthritic grips to try and minimize the wear to my hands, but those grips were extremely torquey where I could actually feel the tourque in the transition. Those were immediately eliminated.
  9. I cant speak or compare to the u510...but the ball speeds off the DHY are stoooopid. I have the 2 DHY with a Diamante Thump and it's an outstanding club. Beat out my P790 UDI for ball speeds and the u85 for feel and forgiveness. All of this validated on my gcquad. TMs hit a homerun. Its not exactly a looker however.
  10. With a HUGE increase in ball speed. I'm a huge DHY fan, and this new variation is just as good with much faster ball speeds. It's a monster ball speed wise.
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