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  1. I'm not sure that trajectory in this type of iron is directly influenced by the head, since I think the biggest influence will be your swing, and shaft. I say that because these aren't multi-piece constructed irons... there isn't a lot of mass back and low to help with launch, etc. These are one piece forged irons with a small cavity with some perimeter weighting to improve ball speeds across the face, rather than get the ball up in the air (like say the Forged, or other players distance irons). I personally think that these and the ZX7 are the most forgiving of the "players cavit
  2. This! I cant seem to get rid of my Adams drivers. I have a GCQuad and can't seem to find any new driver that beats our my 9015D, 9016D, or Speedline Prototype. I'm so comfortable with the shape of the head/sound/feel that it's so hard to move past them. I suspect that it's because so many of the new drivers are more fade biased (and lower spinning) that a more neutral head works for me. Then again, maybe I just really love the shape of the head.
  3. It's picked up significantly over the last year or so (since the pandemic). About a year ago or so, the classified section was a ghost town for a bit. There were days where a listing wouldn't get to the second page all day. New website, plus feedback being broken for a while really drove many people away from it. Add to it the rash of scammers that seemed "buy in" to listing privileges was really a sore spot for many. Volume of listings is way up, but I agree, not sure it is what it once was. Of course, I could be completely wrong.
  4. I'll defer to Valtiel, who made my point better than I could. But I'll ask, which is it in your case, sarcasm or lack of education? HA!
  5. Just because enough use that expression incorrectly doesn't make it right. I'll bow out of this thread now. Good luck OP!
  6. I'm fairly sure the expression is "I couldn't care less..." as in... you have no more care to give. I could care less implies you indeed care. Can't say you didn't learn something today! Hit em straight bud! xoxo Gib
  7. Whatever helps him retain information. Not all of us are operating with the same horsepower.
  8. That's me bud, fairy princess club builder. My offer still stands of showing you how to use your Mitchell machine.
  9. Lies. I have a Mitchell LL machine, I posted pictures of my irons after having done L/L adjustments to the exact clubs the OP owns. If you take a look at my pictures which I posted on this thread, you'll see your claims of this being "normal marks" are patently false. Not just false, patently false! I'm no master club-fitter, I just play one on the weekends, and if you wanna come over I can show you how to use your Mitchell properly.
  10. No, not from factory. And the label on the cavity is a bit of an issue with these 921s, due to bag chatter. Badge/paint used in the cavity label is very weak and seemingly comes off easily.
  11. Yeah, I bet every one of those persons wouldn't feel the same way if their custom loft/lie adjustment orders came looking like that straight from the OEM. Bet they'd feel a little different about the "tools not jewels" comments then. Fact is OEMs adjust loft and lie on thousands of custom orders or to get manufacturing tolerances back to standard so we know it's possible to bend irons without this "workmanship". Good luck bud.
  12. And they did it to the best looking irons of the current release cycle, the JPX 921 Tours. What a shame. I'm not a club builder, I've never worked at a golf shop doing club work, I didn't go to club making school, I've never worked in a Tour Van.... I'm just a dude who found a Mitchell loft/lie machine on the cheap on craigslist two years ago who has now bent every single set of irons and wedges I've owned in the last 2 years (believe me, that's many sets) and have NEVER EVER come remotely close to leaving those kind of marks on any club before. In fact, I just did it
  13. Looking for a set of Nippon Modus 105 Stiff in Matte Black finish in 4-PW. If you have a set for sale, give me a holler. Thanks! Gib
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