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  1. FYI - That's not the Jones Players series bag, that's the Jones Utility Rover..... imo, their best bag.
  2. Looking for excellent set of pulls or new Lamkin Sonar + (plus) grips. Let me know what you have!
  3. I am also getting these annoying and deceitful ads for norton and mcafee. Initially I didn't think it was related to golfwrx, but then it hit me, it only happens when I'm on this site, and it's happening to me across 3 different computers. f****** annoying. Googled norton and golfwrx and found this thread. lol
  4. They were my favorite polo. Great looking, well made, and have held up very well. I must have about 40 of them still in rotation. Great idea of only making 100 of each "release". Gibran (founder) closed down Alial Fital about 2-3 years ago, as he had just started his other lifestyle brand (more artsy). Said Alial Fital just wasn't profitable as hard as he tried.
  5. Maybe it's just me and I'm not good enough as a 3 handicap to know/feel the difference in sole designs of irons... But hearing all this sole design talk as the reason a high handicapper's (no offense) iron game went to ish makes me chuckle. In this thread alone I've read the Srixons are for diggers, and the Srixons are for sweepers. Ok guys, let's leave turf interaction to the pros please. lol It's YOU, forget sole designs, and offset, or CoG, it's you! Figure out what you're doing wrong and fix it.
  6. Yes, you're missing that Paypal has already taken their 3% the second the first transaction completed. It was the seller who received the funds in error that is short 3%. The buyer (who erred) made him whole by sending him that 3%.... but it's technically still the seller that is short 3%..... Refunding normally or sending F/F still doesn't make up the 3% the "seller" is still short.
  7. Same thing happened to me with Paypal many months ago... way longer than 2 months ago. An ebay item I put up for sale was "accidentally" bought and paid for by a buyer who immediately requested a cancel. Not wanting to deal with the hassle of such buyer I promptly refunded them only to find out Paypal had still charged me the 3% fee. It literally took me like 5 calls and to demand to speak to supervisors to finally get it reversed because I was a "long time customer". It's outrageous, I can F someone over by sending them unwanted money then getting it back and leaving them with
  8. Not sure if they're out of business, but I will say they've have been much quieter on social media the last 2 years than they were prior to that. With their customer service nightmares of the last many years (there is countless threads here and elsewhere), it wouldn't shock me if they have gone out of business. Aesthetically, I think they make the best looking leather headcovers (their reserve line anyway), and so I own many of them, but the majority I purchased second hand, and after seeing all those threads on this board about their complete lack of care once money has been rec
  9. He joined the day that he messaged you asking whether you'd take offers. And it's his only activity. That alone would have given me reservation. I realize everyone is new at one point, but I wouldn't have sold a Skytrak (I'm assuming that's what he purchased) to a member who joined Golfwrx on the day he reaches out to me. Hope it works out for you. Hope he didn't scam others (he reached out to someone else for a Skytrak as well).
  10. My hands don't sweat, and I like to get plenty of swings up on my launch monitor so anything too firm or with any rough/cord textures just destroys my hands so I stay away. Like you, I prefer wraps, and like you have tried everything on that list.. My go to now is Star Smoothee Grip. They're a US made grip (so unsure of shipping), with no frills (black is their thing), that are super tacky, soft enough (but not torquey), super easy to put on with air, and just work.
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