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  1. The quality control on MGs gloves is sorely lacking. The sizing is inconsistent, the thickness of the leather is inconsistent, the stitching is inconsistent. The ones that are good, are really good. Unfortunately, for every good one there is a few that rip at the pad prematurely, rip at the finger seams prematurely, but the most frustrating part of it all, the inconsistent sizing of the fingers. On some the thumb is much longer, on others it's the index finger...and others feel like I'm using cadets - and nothing is more annoying than ill fitting fingers on gloves. For that reason, as much a
  2. Great looking bag! Love the colors. So bright and love the huge logo at the bottom! How are you liking it so far?
  3. I bet you this guy is size 9 who was "gifted the wrong size by my girlfriend".
  4. I love that he tries justifying flipping by saying he takes a bath on selling used clothing! LOL
  5. WRONG! I overnighted (yes, express) a package from socal to the seattle area last wednesday that was supposed to arrive on Friday 7/31. The package still hasn't gotten a tracking update since it arrived in Los Angeles (after a 20 mile travel lol) on 8/1. Contrary to their website announcements that priority mail express is functioning normally, it's not! PSA - Overnight also having issues!
  6. And that's 2k discounted. It's on sale now, will be $2500 once the promotion ends. GTFOH
  7. Set of Srixon z785 irons 5-PW. The irons are near mint and the 5 and 6 irons were never hit (new). Nippon Modus 120 StiffStandard LLL but I can bend to any desired loft and lie angle on Mitchell Golf machineGolf Pride 360 Grips StandardAsking $SOLD shipped or best reasonable offer
  8. Nada! Last week they had a 5% Ebay bucks, but seems like they've discontinued all other promotions. I thought for sure since they started collecting taxes this year these promotions were going to be much more frequent because I figured the sales taxes was going to be bad for business. It's been just the opposite, they've all but done away with all promotions. Even their Ebay bucks promotions have been only of the 5% variety - can't think of the last time we saw a 10% or 8% promotion. What are you looking for, maybe I have it. lol
  9. Great seller here! If I didn't already have that identical Delilah set and 10 other of Dhen9's former headcover sets, I'd be all over these!
  10. As the title says, I may regret this one, but I'm just hitting the g410 hybrid too well! I won't be too upset if it doesn't sell. $SOLD or best reasonable offer. Tour Issue Srixon U85 Driving Iron in near mint condition Shaft - Nippon Prototype Hybrid 09 Shaft (mid 90s grams) in X-Flex. Grip - Golf Pride BCT V55 Swingweight - D2Length- just shy of 40"No headcover
  11. On principle alone I'd demand he take the shaft back (at his expense), AND leave the negative feedback. He misrepresented (I'll stop short of saying he lied) that it was new.He misrepresented the playing length (and or, failed to mention it's raw length).The sooner that seller learns his lesson (with the negative feedback, and expense of shipping label), the sooner we are all safe of his deceiving practices. Don't think about protecting his ratings, think about protecting others (possibly me) in the future. If he gets "away with it" this time, he will certainly do it again. But then again,
  12. Has anyone shipped a staff bag recently? How much does a staff bag typically weigh? What did it cost? Who's the best carrier for an item that size/weight? I know it's region dependent, but assuming you're sending it from coast-to-coast. I'm looking at purchasing a couple because I need more space for my spare clubs! Speaking of which, anyone in the Baltimore/DC area wanna do me a solid and pick one up and ship it to me! Saw a great looking one on a local sale! DM ME, pretty please? Sorry if this is the wrong forum - it's the only one I could think of posting it in.
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