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  1. Had mine adjusted, I watched the fitter as he bent them, easy as pie. He could not believe how easy they were to bend. Way softer he said compared to bending my Callaway Legacy Blacks and Epon 302's. Who would have ever thought that...
  2. Copper 302's..... check Stenson Legacy Black's..... check Ping i59's..... coming very soon hopefully!!!!!
  3. Looks like Sully is very pleased that his wait to get set #84 is over. Wonder who has set A0000001 ???
  4. PXG 0311 Gen 3 T's. Surprised these are not more popular... Compact shape, tapered top line, great feel. Also very happy with the ball flight, steal of a deal now at $199 per club.
  5. Like others have mentioned everyone's idea of perfect will be a little different. Finding perfect can take a lot of trial and error. I'm a big fan of Ping irons, among other's, had some G410's last year had very similar results with them as you are experencing with the G425's. Forgiving but not great feeling. On the looks factor I'm thinking the G425's are better looking than the G410's by a long shot. Very similar irons but the 425's have a minimal look to them, almost snagged a set but held off. I have some Ping Rapture V2 irons, I love the feel of the titanium face vs the standard face of the G15, almost identical irons but to me the V2's felt way better, wasn't even a contest feel wise for me. Not sure why the Titanium feels better to me but I like it. I found some V2's in Japan specs, (lower offset) these feel pretty good, but they are more in the SGI category, wish they were a bit more compact. I was looking on the Maltby Playability site and the 2006 Ping Raptures seemed to be closer to what I was looking for. I was luckily able to find a set of J-Spec 2006 Raptures in my specs. I had never even seen a set for sale never mind in my specs, so I eagerly waited there arrival. Was able to try them out a few times this spring, I was very impressed with the feel, distance and dispersion. I was thinking to myself these are the perfect clubs for my swing. Lower CG closer to the toe, with the right lie angle does wonders for getting the ball closer to the hole with less strokes. I have some Ping i5's, they feel like a forged iron when struck well, kind of a midsize iron with forgiveness. Very accurate irons, but a club short compared to my Stenson's. Always wondered why Ping couldn't make a club in the i5 size with a Titanium face and 2021 tech? I did find some Ping i5 wedges, U & SW & LW's, been pretty pleased with them so far. 2006 seems to be my year. Best of luck in your search.
  6. Pretty hard not to be impressed with the looks of the Blueprints, Ping's best looking iron in my opinion. Great feel for a non 1020 true forged iron. The club repair fellow I use wanted no part of adjusting the lie angles on the Blueprints, he seems to like sending any Pings out to Ping. Well with a bit of prodding he reluctantly gave it a go, he could not believe how soft and easy they were to adjust. He said they were easier to bend than my Stenson Legacy Blacks and my Epon 302's. I watched him do it and fully agreed with the lack of effort it took to bend them. As other's have said they are one of the more forgiving blades, sold my Mizuno MP5's, and numerous other sets. I have also admired PXG gen 3 T's as well, reading Plugged n G---'s review and reply to questions on the Blueprints and the Gen 3 T's, had me wanting the T's even more. Matt was playing both sets last year, says the T's are more forgiving. The T's are obviously not a true blade, but they sure look like one from address. As a mid capper having the look with a touch of help can't be a bad thing. I'm going to be testing out my BP's against my new to me T's come spring. Best of luck in your search.
  7. Legacy Black 2009 Cal X Forged 2011 OnOff Forged
  8. Think your right, kinda makes sense. Highly doubt a new release would be just sitting in the open. Just my imagination getting the better of me.
  9. Well, I'm self employed and have employees, and work 7 days a week in my peak season. Also I'm the trench digger so I know all about building rapport. Kinda cool seeing everyone in a large company building rapport, well done Ping.
  10. Lol, I hear ya on the conspiracy theories. I had looked at pictures of the 410 comparing it to this picture. Maybe the lighting or my poor eyesight but I noticed a few differences. The Ping is stamped farther away from the left edge and more centred on the 45 of the cavity. Also the font is different, more angled to the right vs straight up and down PING on the G410. Looks like a shiny area near the toe, possibly covering the entire bottom of the club, contrasting the satin remaining area. Looks like a edge (cavity) around the top line on the back of the club , the 410 looks to be flush all the way thru. Who knows. Maybe wishful thinking like u said.
  11. Does look kinda hollow in the picture, but sure hope not.
  12. Business must be good if Ping president John K Solheim is working the floor building clubs along with other executives and anyone else willing to work some OT. Impressive. Ping i59 in the foreground? What ever it is looks good.
  13. Looks like I'm going to have to wait a few months for 60F weather unfortunately. Didn't really want to wait till spring to hit a few balls with my new to me GEN 3 T's, so I cleared the loose snow off the ground and proceeded to hit a few balls into the field to the back of my property. The Gen 3 T's felt pretty good for being 20* F out and hitting 34*F balls from my supply in the barely heated garage. Can't wait till my first round come spring. The next warm day I'm going to try hitting a few more balls but I will warm them up first, does anyone sell heated iron cover's?
  14. I really wanted some Gen 3 T's, loved the attention to detail but not the $450 price tag. I was disappointed after seeing the MGS test results. As I continued reading some more reviews I was impressed with Matt from Plug n golf's review. He tests a lot of equipment and doesn't play any games in his reviews. His gamers for last year were Ping Blueprints and Gen 3 T's. So They can't be to bad. I picked up some like new T's and will have a go myself come spring, really impressed of the look at address as I sit here dreaming of spring. PXG has dropped the price to $200 per iron, very attractive pricing at the moment. Pay for used and get brand new, feel sorry for the poor fellas that dropped retail on these though now that they dropped the price by 55% ouch....
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