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  1. The CB 57's are wonderful feeling irons, when hit on the sweet spot. I can still remember the first shot I ever hit with the 57's, a 8 iron. One of the best feeling shots iv'e ever hit. Not sure I ever duplicated that feeling ever again though. For some reason I'm a toe side of centre guy, thinking the 57's are middle and heel side of centre clubs. The BP's have more mass out on the toe so they allow my poor a--ed swing to hit them well for me. Being a club junkie I have taken numerous irons with me to the range, it usually takes me numerous warm up shots to get something t
  2. Couldn't have said any better BC, the BP's have kept me from looking else where as well. I was always on the look out for something new and used. The BP's have stopped that all together. Funny I was thinking about the Miura Blades as I have read so many great reviews on them. Recently sold some CB 57's as the BP's fit my swing better. I love the low offset and compact size and they feel great for a non traditionally forged iron. Not sure I have ever hit 8-pw so precise in my life, the 9 & pw have really helped me. From full shots to bump and runs these have been game change
  3. Congrats on settling in on the G25's DD. Great set of irons. I was actually wanting to start a thread like this, after recently having the same realization that you described. Many clubs and too numerous $$$ to count I've come to the same conclusion. My combo set of Stenson Legacy Black 5-7. Blueprint 8-PW have been hard to beat for me. Iv'e sold off a ton of iron sets that I have collected. The Blueprints have been worth their weight in gold for me in more ways than one. We shall see how long this lasts.
  4. Thx Rebbutt, i had the 13's as well, they were the local Callaway reps demos, loved those irons. I made a mistake selling those and I'm thinking I don't want to do the same with these. They are getting put back in the good pile. Enjoy the 13's.
  5. As far as I know they are a few grams heavier, I had originally wanted to put some graphite shafts in these so the extra weight was a bonus, new in the plastic sealed the deal. I'm selling off the horde so everything is up for grabs.
  6. Callaway 18 X forged heads new in the plastic (H) heads. The PW was taken out of the plastic for pictures. Pretty sweet looking heads, not sure how easy they are to come by. Price is $625 obo. X-100 shafts Tour issue 4-pw. These were pulled from some Srixon 765's. Price is $150. Shipping and insurance included. Text 204-461-0013 for quick reply. Thx.
  7. Lumpy makes some very cool putters, the new owner will be very pleased. Thx for the nice comment.
  8. Beautiful Handmade Tye Dye Xenon Copper Manta Putter…it is 34.5",3 degrees of loft, 67 degree lie, and 344 gram face balanced head. This putter comes with Stainless Steel site dot, brushed Nickel shaft, and Copper shaft band. Grip is Xenon leather and comes with Xenon head cover. This putter in excellent condition, very limited use. shipped and insured. PP works best, thx. Xenon sold thx lobub. Cameron/Titleist Experimental Prototype Newport LN TEI3. 1998 I have been told one of 600, but I'm no SC historian. This putter was sent to BOS by a member for the oil can finish. Pr
  9. Things are really looking up at Slighter golf, maybe they heard us asking......
  10. Wow, very nice for Tom and crew. Definatly more interest in the Gear model vs the a few of the others they had listed. Kinda proves they can put out something a little different but not weird as ? and find a market for it. Like other's have said previously, make available something custom in a $350 window and it will sell. Would it be wise to make more of these available on the web site for $350?? I would imagine a few bidders would have been disappointed in not having the winning bid. Time will tell, wonder what's next?
  11. Hey Matt, I was kinda hoping Tom would create a secondary line consisting of modifications to the Tacoma/Portland line up. Back to basics like Nova 6868 mentioned. They should incorporate numerous modifications into a cost effective program. Like u have mentioned previously some of these one off putters have sold very cheap on ebay. Why not use the tooling available to them and pump out some putters with welded necks and modifications to the max. Have some of the features available on some of these boutique brand high cost putters at a price point us mortals can afford. I would love to see lit
  12. Thinking Tom is concentrating on getting the refinishing/restoration aspect of the business back on line. He has let the new partner have full go at putter design, not quite sure that's a good thing. This particular putter shows some attempts at trying to be different. Got to be hard to come up with something different to compete with the latest and greatest putter co's. The picture from the face side on ebay looks kinda cool, but I'm into wrenching on things. I'll keep an eye on the auction and if she goes cheap I'm going to snap it up. This latest rendition is a step up vs the last 2 craz
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