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  1. Pretty hard not to be impressed with the looks of the Blueprints, Ping's best looking iron in my opinion. Great feel for a non 1020 true forged iron. The club repair fellow I use wanted no part of adjusting the lie angles on the Blueprints, he seems to like sending any Pings out to Ping. Well with a bit of prodding he reluctantly gave it a go, he could not believe how soft and easy they were to adjust. He said they were easier to bend than my Stenson Legacy Blacks and my Epon 302's. I watched him do it and fully agreed with the lack of effort it took to bend them. As other's have said they ar
  2. Legacy Black 2009 Cal X Forged 2011 OnOff Forged
  3. Think your right, kinda makes sense. Highly doubt a new release would be just sitting in the open. Just my imagination getting the better of me.
  4. Well, I'm self employed and have employees, and work 7 days a week in my peak season. Also I'm the trench digger so I know all about building rapport. Kinda cool seeing everyone in a large company building rapport, well done Ping.
  5. Lol, I hear ya on the conspiracy theories. I had looked at pictures of the 410 comparing it to this picture. Maybe the lighting or my poor eyesight but I noticed a few differences. The Ping is stamped farther away from the left edge and more centred on the 45 of the cavity. Also the font is different, more angled to the right vs straight up and down PING on the G410. Looks like a shiny area near the toe, possibly covering the entire bottom of the club, contrasting the satin remaining area. Looks like a edge (cavity) around the top line on the back of the club , the 410 looks to be flush all
  6. Does look kinda hollow in the picture, but sure hope not.
  7. Business must be good if Ping president John K Solheim is working the floor building clubs along with other executives and anyone else willing to work some OT. Impressive. Ping i59 in the foreground? What ever it is looks good.
  8. Looks like I'm going to have to wait a few months for 60F weather unfortunately. Didn't really want to wait till spring to hit a few balls with my new to me GEN 3 T's, so I cleared the loose snow off the ground and proceeded to hit a few balls into the field to the back of my property. The Gen 3 T's felt pretty good for being 20* F out and hitting 34*F balls from my supply in the barely heated garage. Can't wait till my first round come spring. The next warm day I'm going to try hitting a few more balls but I will warm them up first, does anyone sell heated iron cover's?
  9. I really wanted some Gen 3 T's, loved the attention to detail but not the $450 price tag. I was disappointed after seeing the MGS test results. As I continued reading some more reviews I was impressed with Matt from Plug n golf's review. He tests a lot of equipment and doesn't play any games in his reviews. His gamers for last year were Ping Blueprints and Gen 3 T's. So They can't be to bad. I picked up some like new T's and will have a go myself come spring, really impressed of the look at address as I sit here dreaming of spring. PXG has dropped the price to $200 per iron, very attracti
  10. So really bad timing on my part short selling Cobra it seems, thanks Jeff.
  11. I have been playing 8-pw BP's, using multiple different sets in the mid, long irons, rapture v2, 09 x forged, Stenson's etc. I had some 410's and they are so forgiving in the mid, long irons, sometimes just getting the ball closer to the hole at our handicap is a good thing. If you can handle a mixed set I say go for it. Just picked up some gen 3 T's 7-pw, have read a review (Low caper) playing the T's would jump to the XP's in the long irons skipping over the P's. So your not the only one thinking some added help is a good thing. Being a non single capper playing
  12. Picked up some Ping J-Spec Original Raptures to test against my J-Spec Rapture V2's. Should be fun.
  13. PXG Gen 3 T's are worth looking into if you like soft feel, low offset, thin top line, and a little junk in the trunk.
  14. Late last fall I picked up a Tour Edge Exotic Titanium E8 Beta 12* 3 wood from the bargain bin for $65. Playing into the wind was exactly why I bought it, seems to be a fairway finder so far. More testing come spring, that along with some i500's I purchased to replace the set I previously sold. Loved the previous sets power spec 4 iron off the tee, hopefully this very similar sets 4 iron rekindles that friendship.
  15. I would imagine a long time listener playing an older club that really WORKS, must have mistakenly listed one's handicap as 3 vs +3, please update this oversight. Congratulations on your recent retirement, the Champion's Tour awaits. Hopefully your Spalding's are Tour Issue with conforming grooves. Just a reminder not to mention the Spalding's when Mizuno comes a calling. Seems as of 2020. Mizuno has announced that it has adopted a new policy towards its sponsorship of tour players going forward, with an emphasis on identifying and signing n
  16. I'm not expert on much, but I would have a hard time thinking of the 09's being blades. Far from it, not sure how anyone could, when i had read another posters comments regarding that, I thought did They make another set of X forged in 09 that looked like blades? NOPE. I had a set of proto's and the Razr mb's, they were both smaller in size vs the 09's. 2009 XF 1.335 C dimension .770 CG 13.04 MOI. MPF 621 2010 Proto 1.195 C .786 CG 11.15 MOI MPF 461 2012 Razr MB 1.205 C .759 CG 11.19 MOI. MPF 498 For my swing the 09's were easi
  17. Here is a link about the 09's posted by Easyyy from Jan 3 2009 https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/286316-callaway-x-forged-2009/
  18. I was looking thru the Maltby Playability Factors numbers regarding Callaway irons, having had numerous of the forged sets I was intrigued by the 09's numbers. The centre of gravity is lower and further out towards the toe than most of the Callaway forged CBs. With my miss being toe side of centre I thought these would be perfect for me. So I found a decent set that had some PX 6.0's and put them in play this spring. I was extremely pleased with these, a soft forged CB with fairly low offset, ample bounce works for me as well. I have had the 13's and 11's and prototypes and the 18 heads, sol
  19. You said it DC, seems my entire club purchasing history has been a long and winding road. After years of being fitted for upright irons iv'e found I am better off with standard long/mid irons and flatter scoring irons. So I am revisiting some of the iron sets that I had that were not ideal in their lie angles. Also have come to the conclusion that it's mostly me not the club, so I'm learning to keep trying u will figure it out eventually. Kind of a cycle I go thru every year, buy up a bunch of stuff at the end of the year and during our long winters, then test quickly in the spri
  20. Had both sets of these irons. Being a big Ping fan it was inevitable. Loved the look of the 500's at address, beautiful set of irons all around. I had purchased these from a member in early 2019, These had stiff 110 steelfibers in them, I was very anxious waiting for spring to arrive. My initial thoughts were of dismay, had a hard time hitting them after a long layoff. Kept trying and was getting quite pleased with them, almost ordered a backup set. lol. Loved the long irons , I can still remember thinking that was easy, WTH ? Took them with me on a guys weekend
  21. I remember walking into the local GT box store, they had ONE black DJ Spider on the shelf. I can remember the club manager being very excited having it in the store. Didn't take long for it to end up leaving with me. I was very pleased with its look and performance. Only thing missing was a sightline, kinda figured TM would release the next years model with an available full sightline. I was able to exchange the Spider for credit and was on my way home. A few days later I joined up with one of the better players at one of the courses I play. When we get to the green he pulls out a black
  22. Pretty good list Wasp, looks like you have had a few good years of collecting all types of things. Not sure one used to having an array of stuff can actually declutter oneself once and for all. Had a big purge this spring sold off 20 sets of irons, numerous putters, wedges etc. Was thinking I was cured of all this collecting business until I seen this post and made a list. Adding up the very conservative totals of inventory my $$$ amount was over last years total. What the ??? Speaking of really decluttering, my wife and I were thinking of buying the house she gre
  23. Driver--- Titleist 910 Irons--- Stenson Legacy Black and 2009 X Forged. Glad I'm not the only one who's thinking the 2009's are so Pure. Always looking for more but not sure any set will top these 2 from Callaway. Wedges--- Ping Stealth. Putter--- Odyssey White Hot Pro #2
  24. Thx flush, I am not impressed. Could snag another set from the Bay with the standard graphite shafts, then replace the shafts with some Steelfibers I have on standby. Kind of a pain in the butt. Especially when iv'e never hit or seen these in person. Price with the SF's was fair enough to be able to sell them if I didn't get along with them. Not sure I want to monkey around switching shafts in and out. Life of a club junkie I suppose....
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