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  1. Just my own experience. I owned both and I would say that the G410 Plus is way forgiving. I love the looks of the Sim Max compared to G410 Plus, but with the Plus, I can confidently play boring golf with it. Aim left, since I fade and ball would always go back to the middle. Or if I mishit it, I don't get punished that much. And also, the sound and feel of the Sim Max, in imo, is way better.
  2. I have been a driver hoe for quite some time now. lol In my recent driver adventure, I got the Ping G410, then the M6, then the Sim Max, then the Cobra Speedzone Extreme. All were great. But I came back to the G400 Max. This is my 4th G400 max. lol I keep on telling myself I hate the turbolators but I keep on coming back to it. It just works for me. I guess this time around I am going to really stick to this one. I got lucky that I found a very mint one. There was also this one time where I borrowed my buddy's Ping G driver. It worked so well for me that I found my ba
  3. Exactly. It's so personal for me as well when it comes to golf equipment. I loved the Tensei Orange though as a no charge shaft for the G425.
  4. I owned the G400 Max in the past and I never really was wowed by it. I was about to say that my pick is the G410 plus which I played all season long last year. But after reading your posts here, I bought a G400 Max online and it arrived today. I tried it out and I guess my swing changed in the last two years that, holy cr*p, this thing is so straight. lol I sold my Cobra Speedzone Extreme right away. So, G400 Max for me. PS. I have tried and bought and sold so many drivers in the last ten years. lol
  5. I just demoed the G425 Max. It was ok. Nothing that really made me want to buy it asap. Last season I owned the G410 Plus and loved the performance but not the looks. I was never fitted for it but it worked for my swing. Before that, I owned the G400 and G400 Max. I thought that the G410 was a great upgrade. Then I bought a G400 Max last week because I was having some issues with my current driver and it arrived today and tried it on the sim. I guess my swing changed from two years ago? The G400 Max beats them all easily.
  6. I have the Smoke Yellow right now on my Speedzone Extreme. I agree with you with the accuracy part. I had the Speedzone Extreme in 9 degree head before and the Aldila Rogue MSi shaft. As good as the shaft was on the 9 degree head, the spin was killing me because it had a open face at address and I have a cut swing and play a fade. I was losing a lot of distance when I don't time my swing perfectly. When I switched to the 10.5 head with the Smoke shaft, everything changed for me from the 1st swing! Everything was just amazing. I was able to try out the CK orange on a Taylormade M6.
  7. Problems: 1. Buying clubs and not sticking to the ones I got and get familiar with them. 2. Mental game and focus. 3. Putting inside 10 feet. I am pretty sure I lose strokes from this part of my game. Fix: 1. I am not sure how to fix this but I really want to stop. lol 2. I am getting better at this compared to four years ago. I think I am close to really fixing this. I just have to be honest with myself on what I can and cannot do on the course. Let go of the results and just do my best on each shot. That's all I can do. 3. I need to
  8. Yes, they are indeed expensive. I ended up with the Cobra Forged Tec, heavily discounted and got them brand new. These will do for now. Btw my buddy told me that got an update from Golf Town and he is getting his set February 1st.
  9. I have been using Game Golf last year. I only have the free app so I manually input my shots. It was hassle at first but when I got used to it, it became a part of my pre shot routine. It opened my eyes on the things that I need to work on to lower my handicap. It has the strokes gained area and you can compare yourself with different handicaps. Mine was putting. It says to improve my putting from 10 feet and in to save at least 3 shots a round. In the app, you can change the pin position to show the exact place and the first putt distance you faced. Which is nice because it shows how good or
  10. We are in lockdown here in Manitoba, so the stores here are closed. He ordered the set via phone at one of the Golf Town stores here. He did not ask for it and he was surprised that it was given to him. Although he has not paid for them and he has nothing it writing to prove it, when he got the wedges, he said they did indeed applied the discount. If I am not mistaken, they gave him 25% off on the set. To be honest, we did not believe it because these are new release irons. We won't believe it until he gets the actual irons. Crossing our fingers for him. lol Btw, the biggest disco
  11. Thank you! My buddy ordered his November 20, but through Golf Town and he got a huge discount that I am not sure how they managed to pull. He already received his wedges two weeks ago but no word on the 770's.
  12. Anyone from Canada who ordered the 770's from Taylormade? Any idea on what the current turn around time for these? TIA.
  13. There's so much information online now. Just Google club fitting videos and you can see how it's done and will give you an idea on what to expect. What they did with your "fitting" is absolutely, not a proper fitting.
  14. Haha I was like, wtf is he talking about. Then I read what I wrote. Well, he has a point. LOL
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