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  1. I noticed I hit thins and hooks when I over do it. But it did fix my very steep and in to out swing and I am hitting it straighter now with occasional draws and pull draws.
  2. This is just my experience and yours might be different. For the last three years I have bought different irons without getting fit. LOL I managed to maintain my handicap 9 to 7. I tried irons from bladed CB's to game improvement irons to some SGI. Titlesit AP1 714 were my irons for like 5 years. Then I got Mizuno Jpx 900 Forged, Cobra F9's, Tommy Armour Atomic, Titleist 718 AP1, Taylormade P790, Tour Preferred CB (both versions), Cobra ForgedTec 2020, Srixon 565 and 785, Titleist T300, Titleist 712 Cb MB combo. Wow that's a lot of irons. The last set was a set of brand new Mizuno 921 Hot Metals. They were great and I saved like $700 Canadian. But I sent them back. Why? I tried them and compared them with a set of 2015 Ping G30 irons and they were almost the same. Sure the HM went a bit far because of the lofts but it all boiled down to me, the guy swinging the irons. I have a Sky Trak so I was able to really test them out for a week, side by side, everyday. lol My elbow hurt like hell now. I found the Ping's to be more point and shoot and forgiving, though to my eyes, they really looked horrible. I was asking myself, why am I spending this much money if they are almost the same with very small difference? Because it is new and shinny? With this, I just realized that I either get fit or just play off the rack cheap irons that I like, for now and get fit when I have the extra money in the future and stick with the clubs that I will get fit for a long time. Good luck with your search and I hope you find what you are looking for.
  3. I wonder what my life would look like if I did not spend that much money and time and effort on golf clubs. lol
  4. I have Fitness Golf. It works just fine but when I have some extra money I will get TGC 2019.
  5. $2500 - Canadian and brandnew. I feel like my set is a box set from Walmart compared to you guys lol I got all my clubs from Global Golf Canada. Ping G400 Max 3 Wood Cobra Speedzone 3 Hybrid Cobra Speedzone Mizuno Hot Metal 921 4 iron to PW / GW Cobra MIM SW Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Tour Lined Cobra x Vessel Bag Handicap 7
  6. Just in time for NYE lol Still frozen.
  7. I bought a Ping G400 MAX earlier this year and before that I bought two or three but never made it through winter to be used in Spring and Summer. I have owned some Ping drivers in the past and my last one was Ping G410 Plus. While it was a great driver, for some reason, the 400 Max was just better when it came to dispersion and consistency. I don't think I will be changing drivers soon. I tried the 425 and other latest offerings and I did not see a big difference to switch.
  8. msg


    I never liked Ping irons because of how they look but I always loved their drivers because they seem to work so good for me. Then I tried some G30 that I bought cheap and I was blown away how consistent they were and how easy to use. *now looking for some G series irons. lol
  9. I bought off a set of Ping G driver and woods and hybrids and G30 irons for my sister in law. One set with a tour bag for $400 Canadian. What a deal. lol The guy selling said he was flooded by offers and I was the lucky guy who emailed him first. Some one tried to offer him more $$$ but he honored my inquiry. What a guy! I tried the G30 irons which has graphite shafts from G20 irons by the looks of it. I was blown away at how easy these are to hit. I have been a Ping driver guy but never liked the irons because of how they look. I have been switching from one iron to another after my 714 Ap1 and can't seem to find the one. I looked at Ebay and holy cow the G30 irons are still expensive. I tried a dispersion test on Sky Trak with the longer irons and from 6 iron to 4 iron, to simulate layups on very tight holes and they were all inside 30 yards. And it was ridiculous at how easy they were to hit. I felt like I was ready for the tour after. lol The hybrids were also phenomenal, I cannot complain with what I saw on the monitor. What is funny is that I can hit the irons with a very lazy swing to the hardest swing I can do and still the dispersion are very much small. I just sold my 2019 T300's and as much as I love them, I seem to like the G30 more. Now I am thinking that my next iron set will definitely be a Ping G range.
  10. After spending a lot this year, I plan on not spending any amount for 2022.
  11. 2021 was a wild year for me when it comes to clubs. Usually I would just change drivers but this year I changed a lot lol 2020 irons - Cobra F9, changed to Srixon 585 Modus shaft, Project X LZ, then to Cobra Forged Tec to Srixon 785 to Titleist T300. Every iron was ok but T300 was the best for me. 2020 Driver - Ping G410 Plus, changed to Taylormade M6 to Cobra Speed Zone White to Speedzone Yellow to Ping G400 Max. Speedzones were a failure for me and G400 Max was the best. 2020 Putter - Wilson Infinity West Loop to Evnroll ER2 to Odyssey 2Ball Triple Track to 2 Ball DXF to Taylormade Juno Patina to Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Tour Lined. At this point, I believe it is me who is the problem lol 2020 Woods - Taylormade M2 og to Srixon woods to Cobra Speedzone. Srixon's were a failure because of the Hzrdus shaft in them, I hated the feel. Speedzones were way better. 2020 Wedges - Taylormade MG2 to Cobra MIM Wedges. Loved the Cobra MiM wedges. 2020 Hybrids - Cleveland Mashie to Srixon hybrids to Cobra Speedzone Hybrids. Same with the Srixon woods, I hated the shaft and the Speedzone were the best for me.
  12. Could be loss of focus or fatigue? I never realized how much fatigue can affect my game and swing. That is what I try my best to snack and drink water while playing. On top of staying hydrated and snacking, What I do is just follow the cliché of 1 shot at a time. I treat my game as a series of targets, that starts with my pre shot routine and that I try my best to aim and hit them targets (most probably I will miss) and then go my ball and do the same routine again and again until the game is finished. In this way, it keeps my mind engaged and not think about score and what I did back there and what I will do in the next holes.
  13. I saved a video of Ernie Els, Fred Couples and Nelly Korda on my phone.
  14. Oh man, I did read a lot from eBooks (Bob Rotella etc) to online articles about mental game and expectations to PGA stats to IG accounts . I just went crazy on reading and learning and drilling into my head that my game is not the same from the scratch golfers in our city. What more compared to PGA tour players? I just had some delusions like most golfers, in the past that hindered me to enjoy the game as it should be enjoyed. I have been playing on and off since 1996 and the last three years have been really great mentally. 2021 is the best yet. I have never been this happy playing golf, ever. Hope to get better mentally even more in the coming years. No I did not have a mental score card but I did read about that. I just wrote some short reminders on my score card to remind me on each game to keep me grounded. In the long run it became natural that I did not need reminders.
  15. I did three things, I hope that's ok? One: I bought a Ping G400 Max. This is my fourth one and I stuck with it and this is the first time I played it in real life. The other three were all played in the off season winter in a sim. Long story. LOL I went back to forgiving irons, after going through 4 sets in the last two season, T300 irons. Those two equals lots of good looks at the greens and lots of girs = low scores. Two: Because of covid, tournaments were not allowed so my buddies and I made our own mini tour with our handicaps used. It was an epic ten round series all season long. It made us all try to play to our best abilities and beat each other since there was a huge pot money for the tournament winners and the overall champion. Three: I read a lot of things about the mental side of the game, especially how amateurs' measure up against better players. That really opened up my eyes as what to expect and realize how hard this game is and what we ams play is just a way different game that pros do. Accepting what I can do and cannot do and playing the game "properly" really made it more fun for me.
  16. 30 putts a day from 5 feet. 30 shots a day from 100 to 15 yards using my SW and AW. Play 18 holes once a week using the sim.
  17. Last year, I shot a 5 over par 77. 5 GIRS 27 putts 45% up and down 0 lost balls or ob 3 birdies, 1 double bogey, then all pars and bogeys This year I shot a 6 over par 78 and the course is almost the same as the I played above. 13 GIRS 37 putts 20% up and down 0 lost balls or ob 2 birdies, 1 double bogey, then all pars and bogeys There are so many ways of doing it. But not losing balls the first thing we need to do. Take the bogey when you can and try to not get more than a bogey. It's the blow up holes that kills our chances at breaking 80. I have a buddy who is the prototypical short hitter. His physical limitations only allows him to hit his driver 210 yards total max. But he is deadly accurate and he retires golf balls. His woods, hybrids and irons are understandably short as well. But his wedge game around the green and putting, are just unreal. Par and bogey are the norm on his score card.
  18. I never got fitted for a wedge. But I know that I must like the weight of the wedge for it to work for me. I have this old SM5 in the past that I really loved and it was the only club I used from 5 to 80 yards. Then I sold it and 4 wedges later I could not get the confidence back. This season I got the Cobra MIM wedges and the weight right off the bat was perfect. I practiced it indoors using a sim and dialed in my distances and in real life for almost every day for a month or so. I could not be anymore happy and satisfied with it. I stuck to the same routine and principles. I used the clock method.
  19. My 2021 season was amazing. I changed my drive to a Ping G400 Max and I got so many good looks at the greens opposed to punching out of trouble. Because of that increase in GIR's, my scores became lower though my putting and short game was exposed. More greens more three putts. Less scrambling, lower % of getting up and down. Also, because I got so much confidence with my driver, I used it more than I should have. This means that I put myself in trouble instead of playing it safe, thus, some double bogeys showed up more than I would like to. I just need to learn how to be patient and balance the use of my driver. I plan on working some things this off season, nothing dramatic, just small changes. I think I can still squeeze some progress for next season if I do the following: 1. Improve my short putts from 8 to 5 feet. 2. Improve my putts overall. I have set a record high on GIR's this season and it exposed my putting a bit. 3. Improve my wedge game from 50 yards and in. 4. Improve my overall mental game even more. 5. Make better choices around the course to minimize the blow up holes.
  20. 1. Mental - delusions of grandeur etc. 2. Club hoeing When I stopped changing clubs and accepted that I am not going to play the PGA Tour, my handicap went down and scores became better. Games felt way better. I cannot believe I became a single handicapper with my attitude in the past. Ugh.
  21. I checked my last 20 rounds and removed three putts and penalties. I plugged in my would be score and I got a handicap of 3 from my current handicap of 9. LOL Still not scratch but close enough. I guess a GIR here and there and sprinkle some up and downs and it will get closer scratch. Penalties and 3 putts. So simple yet so hard to do.
  22. $10 off per dozen at Golf Town in Canada.
  23. I just realized that this season as well. In the last ten years I have spent so much money on clubs. I was chasing my own shadow. The feeling of having new and shiny clubs was just secondary for me. But this time around, for next season, I will stick with what I have because I know it works and being familiar with my clubs is a huge advantage.
  24. I have been playing for 10 straight seasons after a long break from golf and it's funny that I am just learning new things lately. 1. Golf is hard. Like really hard. Why did I not realize that early on? 2. I am not as good as I think I am. 3. Why do I have so much expectations from myself and my game? I only play once a week and this is my hobby not my livelihood. 4. The perfect game does not exist. 5. Mistakes are part of the green fee. Deal with it. 6. It's all about minimizing the blow up holes. 7. I should shoot or beat my handicap 1 out of 5 games, not every time I play. 8. Every time I have the chance to play, I should be thankful regardless the outcome or the score. 9. I need to focus my efforts and energy on the things I can control. 10. After learning and doing all those I wrote above, I have learned that golf is more fun this way.
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