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  1. You can't go by what he does. His whole schtick is trying new swings. If he stuck to one he'd be out of business. He really liked the Gary Edwin RSS swing also but he switched from that, too. He's never going to stay with one swing no matter how well it works. Who knows what swing he actually uses when not on camera?
  2. I'm thinking of doing the same and I have time to practice, just don't enjoy it. If I'm doing something golf related, it's playing. I just bought a Cobra T Rail 2 7 hybrid to try. If it works, I'll get the rest.
  3. Hitting 3? Have I been doing it wrong? I take two shots and I'm hitting 4. If you went back tot he tee you'd be hitting 3 and likely get to where you hit it OB, so you'd be hitting 4, no?
  4. Cant understand whyy they even make blue balls, those are by far the hardest to see to me
  5. Very true. I've played in leagues, tournaments (not high level obviously) lots of travel golf, etc and I've never played with a guy who hits it 285. There's one guy in my tournament group who can get there but doesn't average that. One of the guys who's in his 30's played small college golf and he doesn't do it. The "long" guys I see hit it 240-250. Strictly anecdotal, I know but I just don't see it. I know tons of guys on here do it, but compared to the golfing population as a whole, it's a very small number.
  6. garyt

    Cobra drivers

    I played the S2 for 6-7 years. Really good for it's time. I have a Speedzone Extreme on the way, enjoying reading the good reviews for it.
  7. I would like to try the boards or cycles just once for the heck of it, but really if I'm using any type of motorized device a cart is way more comfortable.
  8. Agree, I play way better by myself, it's so easy to get relaxed and just play. It's not like I lock in on only golf or anything, I still check my phone, look around for wildlife etc. And I quit telling anyone what I score when playing by myself because I get the "Sure you did". And I really I don't blame them
  9. What ball are you talking about?
  10. Have one on the way, just wondering what your thoughts on it are? I've googled old reviews but seems everybody loves a club when they first get it yet a year later they're not playing it anymore. Anybody still playing this?
  11. I could see that. I liked the CB Alta in stiff, also. It's just that the R Alta is a noodle and the Ping Tour is much more stable.
  12. I also swing about 90 and had a G400 max and yes, the Alta CB shaft is very loose. I hooked the hell out of it. I too preferred it in stiff. The Ping Tour shaft is much better and is plenty stout in R for my swing.
  13. But again you're assuming the 250-260 guy is going for maximum distance. What if he is just swinging in control and has 30 yards in his pocket that he doesn't use? And what if the 220-230 guy is actually swinging out of his shoes to get that 230?
  14. There's a course near me that brags about holding a PGA event in 1969 and it plays 6500 from the tips. And there isn't much room to move tees back for the pros, maybe get it to 6800?
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