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  1. Looks like re-badged J33 cavities to me. Much more rounded toe and muscle on those irons. J36:
  2. It might just be the finish, but the muscle in the cavity looks very different as well. Very cool looking, great pictures.
  3. Apples still plays the old J33 P - pear shaped, 375cc - high launching high spinning.
  4. Fair enough, you can carry a grudge all you'd like. However, I think you'd be hard pressed to find another golf forum that takes as much feedback from its members as ours. Case in point this thread not being deleted despite your best efforts to gain martyrdom. We frequently take our members opinions and advice to heart, and I wonder why you failed to bring it up in our last "airing of grievances": http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=154224 Also, as mods we frequently receive honest feedback from the owners when we don't do our jobs right. Case in point, a PM I got from
  5. I just went through all the old deleted posts and have not seen a single post from you. Are you sure it actually got posted?
  6. Anything is possible but from what I understand heel / toe strikes are length of club issues. Left / right misses are typically lie angle issues. Of course the best way to check this is with a dynamic fitting. Grip the club so it's a little longer and see if that corrects it with some impact tape on the face. If not get to a Ping retailer and try out their fitting cart until you get things centered up. I belive it's only $35 for the set to send it back to Ping, get the lies bent, and they'll re-work your irons so they're good as new.
  7. Substantial differences, much shorter hosel, different head and muscle shape. Much more centered sweet spot on the J36 versus a heavily heel biased one on the J33. I think you'll find the J36 much more forgiving than the J33, but still very easy to control.
  8. If you align the putter correctly you shouldn't be able to see the red dot.
  9. Time for a bump. Kelly Willis performing at May Fest in Ft. Worth TX
  10. I REALLY like my Dry Joys (new model with Pods). I have the conservative looking ones and a pair of the tech on the way. First time out of the box they were a little stiff, but after a couple of trips to the range they're fine. I will say that my feet aren't too picky. I've yet to have a blister on my feet (knock on wood).
  11. Par, Par, Par is three questionable playoff holes for Moore in his first playoff? I don't think he had low expectations of making it all, quite the contrary he had a really good line on it. Don't forget he birdied 18 4 out of 6 times he played it. I think there's some greatness in being faced with a challenge of being down and finding a way to overcome it. If he misses the putt on 18 in regulation, fair enough label him a choker. But I think credit should be given for coming from behind and in the end finishing. Tiger let DiMarco catch him at the 2005 Masters, and he couldn't distance
  12. Alright guys, time to chill out and take a step back. If you're going to keep up the back and forth take it to PM
  13. You're right, it won't stop TSA, but from the person I quoted, they say it's airline employees IE baggage handlers who are stealing. Even so a baggage handler could get the key, but at that point you're playing a numbers game and every bit of protection you can have helps.
  14. You can still use locks, but they have to be the type TSA can open. It's not foolproof, but I always use one on my luggage just to be safe.
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