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  1. It’s because it’s reed. And because he wins.
  2. I play these in place of the 3 and 4 irons. I really like irons but there’s just no long iron on the planet that I can hit better than these.
  3. I have 3 sets of wedges at various loft combinations. I have settled on using a 50° more like a PW and ping makes a nice full swing 50° wedge. then I go with 54 and 60 Vokeys. I use the 54 for 85% of green side shots. The 60 I use in the sand or when I just have to flop it.
  4. I guess I'm unique? I'd almost rather have something that is harder to square. If anything I'm going to hook that short club. Hard enough to hit a fade as it is. Never made a lot of sense why no finish = more expensive, but as long as they keep making an easily removable jet black, I won't complain too much
  5. Interesting, almost every manufacturer on the planet makes the best 3 wood off the deck. I just picked up an epic flash, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
  6. If a nice clean looking crown is a preferred, I recommend Titleist.
  7. I don't think all the different crazy things he does really matters. He'd be the same player regardless. It only works because he believes it works. That's 90% of golf. Everyone has that in them to a degree. I play standard grips, except for my driver. In my mind, I truly believe I drive the ball better using a midsize grip. So guess what, I drive the ball better using a midsize grip.
  8. The real question is why do people play massive hideous looking mallet putters over the simple, elegant blade putter. The putting stroke is the smallest, simplest of all swings to perform.
  9. I play the 2019 XS, and I'm just below their recommended 105 mph swing speed limit, which may or may not matter all that much. It's been my favorite ball for awhile now. I will try the new RXS for comparison. I like soft on full shots, but I don't want so soft on putts and chips that it just saps all the feel out of it.
  10. I think you hit on it that the percentage of business drives the decision more so with these irons than anything else. Ping makes their money with the G400/700 series. Beyond that, the i200 series have probably done okay. I just don't think they sell any iBlades and even fewer Blueprints. Hence, no urgency to put out new releases. It's not even worth it for them to keep producing the existing heads for a full cycle.
  11. No hands on insight here, but I would prefer the Miuras just based on the fact that they are a little longer blade length. I will occasionally miss on the toe side and it helps me psychologically if nothing else.
  12. I play cavity backs and hybrids because I need the help getting a higher flight, but I get it, because I am that way with the putter. I play a blade putter because it looks cool and feels awesome. I just enjoy putting more now compared to when I used to play with big inserted ugly mallets.
  13. The original glides are every bit as good as any of the others. They are great wedges. Especially excel on full shots. They did a nice job with the soles to fit a wide range of players. I do think the stealths feel more muted with the 8620, but performance is the same.
  14. With the way lofts have changed, to me the gap is the modern day pitching wedge, and I like to have a more forgiving option for full swings, or something that fits with the iron set. The Sand and Lob wedges are for green side, where feel matters more.
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