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  1. The thousand foot view of all this is Malaska understands that all the positions everyone is trying to get into and force to happen start to show up automatically when you simply utilize the momentum of the club head by offsetting it's natural force. Nearly the whole golf industry studies effects, like hold the wrist angle for lag, create an X factor, shift your weight, keep your head down, etc. Those things are effects that happen automatically when you athletically get in synce with the momentum and weight of the club head and your body athletically offsets all those natural for
  2. To my amateur eye your hips turn a lot early in the swing and given how little time they have to work around and open in the downswing I think you want to start left sooner. Not with faster hips, but with earlier starting pressure and naturally resulting opening hips. For giggles try the feeling of swinging down hill. About halfway into your backswing, with your hands about belt height, try to get the feeling of recentering your weight left toward the target very early. To accomplish it you need to get your pressure into right foot/heel what will feel super early, like when you
  3. You draw the ball by aiming the club face right of target and swinging left toward target? In my mind that should produce a ball that starts at target and curves right.
  4. Agree on the partial shot practice. I find when I'm having issues with distance control it's because I get a bit off plane and can only hit full bore shots well. When I'm on plane I can hit partial shots with ease and my overall distance control is SO much better.
  5. It takes a long freaking time, that's for sure. I think it helps to do it really slow with lots of reps and let your body and mind kind of marinade in the new, proper feeling. Drills help. You're going to fall off the wagon periodically, for a long, long time - maybe forever, so have some swing keys or feels at the ready to get back on track.
  6. The term "calm" is very subjective here. Calm compared to what? If you used to have super active flippy hands trying to square the club face that way then a "calm" feeling could be very helpful if you fixed the part of your swing that was necessitating the flip to square the face. In a typical good swing you're not really trying to do anything special with your hands. They react as part of the overall dynamic athletic movement that is the golf swing. The hands do play a major part, calling it a "calm" feeling is just too subjective.
  7. Makes sense. I almost went to the CBX for the 60 but really didn't want that much bounce on at least one wedge so went with the RTX3 60 with much lower bounce. Have a RTX2 62 degree with almost no bounce that I carry for courses with lots of hard pan. But for the lower lofted wedges it is amazing what these game improvement wedges offer.
  8. Makes almost zero difference. If you want a big difference in playability try a CBX or CBX2.
  9. I have that tendency as well. The hands low and flat is symptom of shoulder and hip turn that's too flat. What helps me is making sure proper athletic spine tilt at address and focusing on making sure my left shoulder points at the ball at top of backswing and rt shoulder points at it (maintaining that same spine tilt) just after impact.
  10. I'd make it play like a short 3 shot par 5. Tee shot up the rt side of fairway comfortably past 2nd bunker, so likely a hybrid for me, leaving around 200 in. 2nd shot I'd probably play 20 yards short of green and take my chances that way. Take 6 off the table and just accept that I'd average like 4.7 per over time. My other option would be try to be a hero and make lots of 4's but also plenty of 6's and the occasional 7 and probably average a little over 5 per over time.
  11. Really don't like all the talk in the video about lag and the right elbow being a power source, but it's a feeling/move that can help many people shallow the club on the way down. Make sure to start it before you start your rotation on the way down or it's real easy to get stuck.
  12. What a bunch of panty waists. Yes, you should have said something, and you should be ashamed of yourself for letting her continue to suffer. Golf is hard, and we need more golfers, so help when you can. That woman could very likely end up giving up the game because of the frustration resulting from poor instruction. How'd you feel about keeping quiet then? At the very least you should have suggest she seek different instruction, because while the game is hard, it doesn't have to be THAT difficult. If she seemed curious then offer rudimentary advice to get her making at least solid contac
  13. Good for you. Breakthroughs are gold in this game. :)
  14. My turn controls the face. Proper turn makes stable face. Improper turn and my hands have to control the face.
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