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  1. The shaft is available in taper and parallel tip according to Nippon website. Do you know which one you have?
  2. Little bit of heat from a hair dryer or heat gun makes it pliable enough to slide on.
  3. I really like this from a fitting perspective. Should give you even closer results with factory adjustable hosels. Sounds like they are still in the testing phase. Hopefully full production and retail sale will follow.
  4. Golfworks sells a bore guide for drilling out graphite shafts. A no-brainer for me. https://www.golfworks.com/self-centering-graphite-shaft-tip-cleaner/p/gw1110/ It comes with an 1/8" drill bit, but I would order the longer 1/8" drill bits from golfworks for those times you have to drill out a longer plug from the tip of a shaft.
  5. A 30" sander works fine. What I believe is important is the RPM of the belt. Usually the 42" sanders have a RPM of aournd 1700 rpm versus the 30" sander at 3400 rpm. Faster rpm chews more material more quickly and you really have to pay attention and apply light pressure to not mess a ferrule up.
  6. Ralph Maltby's book, "Golf Club Fitting and Performance" has sections on club head design and the impact of cg location. Can be had for $50 on the golfworks website.
  7. As of the last couple of weeks they have.
  8. Looks like it. It seems that Top Golf manufacturers these and most likely license the sale of these through other distributors.
  9. For me, going shorter and heavier in the hybrid shaft has been a game changer. Much more control for me. I follow under the premise that a hybrid should be an iron replacement. Not always the case. But works for me.
  10. I may have made a mistake. Normal adaptor screws are T25 torx bit, right? If so, these won't work.
  11. To me, I don't thing the partial threaded screw matters. I always go slow to make sure the thread engages properly. I've still found partial threaded adaptor screws to want to cross-thread sometimes. Just have to be careful. I found these screws on McMaster-Carr. They seem like the right fit, but fully threaded. Which, to me, is fine. They have a 25mm length for Ping/PXG. Has anyone verified the head diameter of the screw? If not, I can do it when I'm home this evening.
  12. Acetone evaporates very quickly. Its safe to use if wiping down a tip to clean it or when putting the shine on a ferrule it will not harm the paint. Just don't let the acetone soak on the shaft. Normal wiping is fine.
  13. Yeah. I've always seen Nippon to be very tight in tolerance. Most reputable brands are. If that is CC justification for insane shaft prices, by weight sorting already tight tolerance shafts, that is ridiculous.
  14. They may weight sort their shafts when they get in. Does the justify the huge markup in price? That's your call.
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