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  1. Doubt you will get enough stretch to take it down to 1/32". But just grip like normal, stretch down, and apply a piece of tape at the end of the grip to hold it while it dries.
  2. Dick's/GolfGalaxy's system is updated with current lead times from the OEM's. They can only give you information that the OEM is providing for ship dates. The associates at the store have no indication of when your order is shipping other than the date provided in the system. Unfortunately, all OEM's are behind and everyone calling them to check on their order doesn't help. Supply chain issues all over the place are causing delays, plus the increase in demand for golf clubs with a rising population of players is strangling the supply chain as well. To answer your ques
  3. They have a website now. allfitgolf.com
  4. So, this may be an unpopular opinion, but to me, hybrids have gotten lighter in shaft weight and longer, and I'm not a fan. For example, I got a Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid (21*) that came with the stock Tensei shaft at 40". After watching a video from TXG, I decided to jump up in shaft weight and reduce the length. For me, a hybrid that is intended to replace a long iron and should be exactly that, a long iron replacement. In my case, I was replacing my 4 iron to achieve better consistency. The longer "standard" shaft length didn't do this for me. For reference, at the time I play
  5. Been playing Maltby TS1 for about a year now. It has been great. Nothing but good things to say about Maltby club heads.
  6. I will say that my 7 iron is most comfortable because that is a club that was always used during practice sessions growing up because it was the "middle" of the set. But I can't say that I love it compared to the rest of the set. I believe it will be best for me to dial in the 9 iron and go from there.
  7. @Howard_JonesJust so I'm on the right track. Using the 3/8" slope, we start with the 9 iron and adjust the SW until we find the weight we like best, then we can go to the longest club, tape it down and add the recommended weight, test it, adjust weight as necessary to get the longest iron to feel the same or consistent strikes. From there we can develop a slope of weight to add to the rest of the set. I will say the 9 iron isn't my favorite, but I have my set at d2 from 5-9 iron. So I believe I can love the 9 iron if I spend time playing with the weight.
  8. You may be on to something there. I haven't taken the time to look at them side-by-side, but I'm sure they vary in their length of the Torx bit, which impacts the purchase like you stated. Good observation.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Thanks to you as well for the research and effort you’ve put into this thread as well!
  10. Hey, @knudson81, any update from Anthony?
  11. I would double check the differences on a launch monitor. If dispersion is better with X100, then bending the lofts a degree or two stronger can bring launch down.
  12. Thanks. That explains the additional tipping with Club-Conex.
  13. I'm not familiar with Club Conex. Is the BBTG measurement different? How about the bore depth of the adaptor?
  14. How did you all test shaft stiffness? By feel? or a frequency machine?
  15. +1 on the Callaway wrench. It just works.
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