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  1. Yeah. I've always seen Nippon to be very tight in tolerance. Most reputable brands are. If that is CC justification for insane shaft prices, by weight sorting already tight tolerance shafts, that is ridiculous.
  2. They may weight sort their shafts when they get in. Does the justify the huge markup in price? That's your call.
  3. Ping also has standard tour velvet as a stock option.
  4. I guess I'll add a little more here. I did not have an issue with their fitting. I am a fitter myself now and I understand that fitting fees pay for the fitters knowledge, expertise, and fitting technology. I should have said, "I wouldn't buy from club champion." I think they are competent to do fittings. I just wouldn't pay their ridiculous (IMO) prices for clubs. In regards to my local fitter, he carries OEM fitting Carts plus some aftermarket shafts, like Accra and utilizes GC Quad. I'm not impressed by CC showrooms or their nice couch they sit you on w
  5. Did my first ever club fitting with Club Champion in 2019. Never done a fitting before. Took advantage of their 50% off fittings. Sigh. Full bag minus putter was over 5 grand. Did not purchase because I knew the cost of clubs, shafts, etc. Prices were ridiculous. This is why you don't work with club champion. Their pricing makes no sense. I did a fitting with my local fitter, got fit into a Epic Flash driver head with an Accra tZ6. He gave me the stock HZRDUS Smoke black shaft too. Told me to keep the Accra and put the stock shaft back in the head if I sell it. Did an i
  6. Most shops are going to fit you based off of current club and shaft models. He can take that information and use it to find used clubs that are close to those specs pretty easily. Make it easier by only getting fit for stock shafts. I think the big takeaways are going to be shaft weight, flex, loft of woods, iron head type, iron lofts, and wedge lofts for correct gapping, lie, and length. Actual lie angle too, not just 1* flat, which differs from club to club. If I was him, just pay the money for the fitting and get the specs based off of stock shafts. I'm sure you or the folks on
  7. I ordered a G425 LST driver through the local rep. It took 3 weeks to arrive at my doorstep.
  8. Just modify one club, like the 7 iron. Do not reshaft the whole set without knowing if the changes will help. Generally, I would start with graphite shafts and larger grips. You can order a graphite iron shaft for under $20 from golfworks. Plus a larger, softer grip. Golfworks even sells an arthritic grip made by Lamkin for $6.19. A simple $30 dollar experiment could keep him playing the game for many more years.
  9. Cheaper to have the lofts bent, IMO, if you are just looking to gain some peak height.
  10. I got that notification too. Hopefully, having the grips shipped by air gets the supply chain back in order, even at the increased price.
  11. Score LT is expected to be available next week according to JimY from Golfworks.
  12. Score LT is suppose to be available next week according to JimY from Golfworks.
  13. Do you like the feel of your current shaft, but your trajectory is too high? If able, reduce the loft of the head.
  14. Always have used acetone or grip solvent to remove any sticky residue.
  15. Did he test the 780? How does he know he likes the heavier feel, or if the heavier shaft will even work that well for him?
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