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  1. Set is 4-PW, DG S300 1/2 over length, standard loft and lie. Used for 1 round and 2 range sessions, very clean. Dropping to $875. Text is ok 303.594.0664
  2. Don’t go off static. I played green dot for years due to a static Ping fitting. Got on a lie board and standard lie was fine for my swing. Height / wrist to floor is only a small part of the story.
  3. Just searched at PGA tour superstore, could not find a TS3, only a handful of other titleist woods. Guy said expect a refresh shortly but you all probably already knew that.
  4. Went in to buy a new set of T100s the other day and ended up ordering a set of i210s instead. Night and day feel difference. The fitter laughed when I took the first swing with the i210 after a bunch with the T100 knowing what my reaction would be. The titleists just don’t compare.
  5. Price: $100 ---- SOLD! Specs: standard loft and lie, 1/2 in long. Shaft Oban CT Stiff 115. Shaft is pured through original Club Champion purchase. excellent condition
  6. SOLD! No trades please. Specs: +1/2 inch length Blue dot DG S300 shafts Condition: Gently used after original purchase, very good used condition, see pics. Price: $825
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