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  1. Please allow 2-3 days for shipping out. No trades on the mizunos but would be interested in aftermarket X shafts for the t1100 or a sim fairway plus cash on my end. Mizuno MP100, 100th anniversary edition 3-P Original s300 mizuno shaft bands 4-P have the mizuno/ golf pride M31, 3 iron has a tour velvet Standard L/L/L Let the pictures speak for themselves $850obo no lowballs please open to offers Project X T1100 6.0 60 Was told no tipping from the original owner but can’t 100% guarantee Measures a hair over 44” no tip, played
  2. on the block list you go. open a paypal claim, don't even try to deal with him.
  3. Trades-X driver shafts, 5 woods with upgraded x shafts KBS prototype 85x, .355 excellent condition tip to end of grip is 38 3/8 $70 project x LZ 6.5 5-pw in great condition 4 iron is included but has a bend to it from hitting a root raw 36.75 5 iron length and played standard 38 in a set of srixons $120 or $140 with red/black standard multicompounds that have 15 rounds on them tensei pro white 70s measures 43.75 with NO tip , played just under 45.25 was told it was tipped 1 inch, if someone has measurements t
  4. Appreciate it!! Thanks.
  5. Tour AD VR 7x Measures a hair over 43.5 raw with a standard golf pride tour velvet, played a hair over 45 in my SIM 24.75 to first ring, so not tipped (feel free to correct me) $225 Would consider trades for other high end driver shafts but in the 60 range, SIM ti fairway head or with shaft, PXG 3 hybrid. Open to offers similar to the items I listed. Taylormade R9 TP ‘c model’ heads 3-PW 3 iron is still shafted and not pictured but is in the best condition of the lot Face & address pictures are of 4,6,9 Mark’s on the sole are of 5,9 and
  6. Apologies in advance. I see these threads posted here every so often so figured this is the spot. Anyone able to comment on if this looks questionable? Had a friend pick it up in a trade locally. The refinish was done by NorCal. Seems ok to me but just want to be sure.
  7. Pretty sure the white paint used in grips causes extra weight as well. All white Golf Pride wraps are heavier than the others. Don't think it would cause that much extra weight though..
  8. Search function is spitting out odd results, only found a few threads and couldn’t figure it out. I have a 9* speedzone with a cobra adapter that has the following settings 9-9.5-10.5-11.5-12-11.5D-10.5D-9.5D what setting is neutral so my head plays 9, and how do I determine the other settings?? thanks!
  9. only trade i can think of is a sim to try out, preferably 8*. please allow 2 business days to ship out. any questions let me know. mint cobra speedzone 9* headcover included cobra adapter included whether you take the shaft or not tensei 7x non pro version, will play a little over 45" with grip. came stock on a ping 410, and don't believe ping tips their shafts but can't confirm. $300 for driver head, $350 with tensei pictures tell the story
  10. If they want to buy an item (single) and go through the hassle of buying and reselling it, go ahead. Personally, I have better things to do with my time. I'm not a fan of the people that buy as many items as they can of exclusive drops/big sales. Just the same as the scalpers that buy all the sports events tickets. The worst.
  11. Bummer! $60 shipping to Canada. I usually ship to a place across the border and drive to pick it up but they're closed with covid. Scratch that-called them and they'll hold the order until places open and will ship out. Awesome company.
  12. Ian is booked until next year I heard. Fitting fee for him versus other staff at TXG is also massive, if that makes a difference for you.
  13. Unlikely but the latest I will ship these is Friday, but should be able to get them out on Wednesday. Have a travel week with work. Let me know if I'm missing anything. Only trades I can think of is a 60-62 wedge - hi toe, glide 3.0 eye only, 5 wood head, cool headcovers SM7 set - pictures show, used for 4 rounds of golf 52 f grind 8 bounce 56 m grind 8 bounce 60 d grind 12 bounce lamkin sonar tour grips, standard L/L/L, stock wedge shaft $275 2016 M2 15* - IMO one of the best mark in the white finish not sure what from, but other than that in excellent shape no headcover diamana b serie
  14. Getting fit indoors is the big no no in my opinion. If you can find a fitter that will do it on a grass range with the same inventory, go for it. You can see where balls will actually fly to, and allows you to aim at different targets as well, not like indoors where everything is lined up perfectly for you. I know a lot of people now that have been fit, good and bad players, and the gear never lasts.
  15. Please allow 2-3 business days for shipping. I'm away Nov.29, and Dec.7-11(hoping they sell before that). Any questions about items please ask. Titleist TS2 10.5 Head is MINT. Any marks shown are just from tee's and will be cleaned before going out. Headcover included New golf pride tour velvet +4 Tour ADGP black 6x. Plays 44.5. Please note the butt end had some fraying. Some epoxy was applied to keep it from getting worse. It was received like this from the previous owner and have never had a single issue with it but just want it to be known. If needed I can cut the grip for picture
  16. Uploaded with my phone so if more pictures are needed just let me know. Trades interested-g410, epic flash sub zero, m5, maybe other 2019 drivers. G400 lst 8.5 Crown mint, normal (light) wear on face and sole Graphite design tour ADGP 6x plays 45” Tour velvet cord Headcover included $380
  17. It’s quite easy for the seller to communicate and say “I’m not sure what’s going on, but let me look into it and have someone follow up with you”. Won’t be ordering anything from these guys heard a lot of brutal experiences.
  18. Please allow 2-3 business days to ship. Usually can ship day after but I get tied up with work/travelling sometimes. If I'm forgetting any details just let me know or PM me. Trades I'm interested in.. M5, G410 LST, X driver shafts. I think that's it. Edit - maybe a 4 or 5 wood with upgraded x shaft. Mizuno ST 190G 9* head Headcover included Mint as pictures show $250obo or $350obo with GP7x GD ADGP7x GP tour velvet with 2 wraps + extra wrap on top hand Has ST180 adapter but works identical to 190G adapter, just want to give full disclosure. Can remove tip if wanted. Played to
  19. I bought a 190g off the classifieds and the shaft had the 180 adapter (would’ve been nice to know before it arrived). The adapter works but it doesn’t have a standard setting. My head is 9.0* and there are only .5* options on the sleeve with no neutral setting. Does anyone know what would be a standard setting for my 190 on this adapter?
  20. Please allow 2-3 business days for me to ship out. Will normally be 1-2 but sometimes I get tied up with work. Only trades I would consider are M5, X driver shafts. Maybe a 400 max head or a 410 plus. I think that's it.. If you need more pictures or any questions just let me know. Black C-taper 4-PW set - Played 1/4" longer than standard in a set of Srixon 785's so can easily be cut to standard before install. Labels state 130x but they are the 125s+ model, KBS just sent the wrong labels. Labels are free so easily corrected if it bothers you. Shafts are in great condition with no da
  21. Please allow a few days for me to ship out. I'm away for work right now and returning Monday. There are 2 small marks/knicks on the top of the face towards the bottom. I do not notice it at address but they're there and it may bother some. I had to use the flash for them to really show up on my pictures. Other than that the head is mint with the exception of very very light wear on the face/sole from normal use. Trades I'd consider are M5, M6, 400LST, Flash SZ. Would prefer upgraded shafts as well. Price $435 Titleist TS3 8.5 Headcover included Oban Kiyoshi purple 65/05 (X) Pla
  22. > @stephen3108 said: > I’m so pissed I missed these! If anyone finds a place to grab the spider cover for a reasonable price, please shoot me a message! Likewise. Can't find the cover anywhere. Bummer.
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