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  1. Items will ship Saturday. Any questions just let me know. Not really looking for trades, maybe fairways with upgraded shafts, 2018 irons (MP18, callaway, etc.) GD tour ADBB 6s Mint shape with TM tip Played close to 45 1/2" in old M2 Black iomic sticky $SOLD off to NJ Mizuno H5 2&3 driving irons DG tour issue AMT S400 Standard L/L/L Tour G grips Mint as pictures show $200 Machine M10 adjustable, beauty 34" @ 350G with a blue pure oversize grip Headcover included Stock everything haven't changed a thing $275
  2. That would be awesome- but I bet they say no. I emailed them to ask. As long as it's not a custom order, I don't see why they couldn't? are you joking? just because a shaft doesn't show use like a club head doesn't mean it can be returned.
  3. Apologies in advance. I'm away for the weekend and won't be able to ship until Tuesday. Items shipped out of Buffalo; no duty/brokerage fees. Mainly looking for cash. Would maybe consider irons with upgraded shafts 2017/2018 only, 3 or 4 wood upgraded shaft, 4i TMB or MP18 flihi. DG tour issue s200 wedge pulls. Never used. Standard length Lamkin UTX grips $100obo Taylormade MG wedgies 50SB/9, 56SB/12, 60LB/9 Modus 120 factory ordered Fantastic shape, rarely used No grips but have 3 brand new Lamkin UTX grips I can include Standard L/L/L $SOLD Sad to see these go but going to move to something else.. 4-PW MP25 and MPH5 3 iron Professionally built with DG tour issue AMT S400 through the whole set Tour G grips Great shape Standard L/L/L $SOLD GD Tour ADDI 105x Hybrid shaft No grip, tip prepped ready for install $SOLD GD Tour ADDI 7x fairway shaft Mint shape, no grip and tip prepped $120 Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, let me know. Once again had a buyer lined up for these and he bailed so here they are again.. 52F/12, 56M/8 Stripped raw Standard length with MCC4 align grips $130 quick sale
  4. Lol.. used one in the past and swore it was M/L. Was in a rush so I grabbed them and checked out. Canada pricing is high so I try to take advantage when I can.
  5. Edit-please don’t message me to give you my best offer or lowest price possible. Prices are listed. If you want something make an offer, pretty simple. All items will be shipped out of Buffalo on Tuesday/Wednesday. Not really looking for many trades. Would possibly consider 2017/2018 drivers with upgraded shafts, MP18 and Srixon combo sets. Any questions just LMK. SM6 52, 12 bounce, F grind & 56, 8 bounce, M grind Stripped raw. They have about 8-10 rounds on them tops and almost no range time Standard everything MCC4 align grips $150 Not splitting unless I have buyers for both. Ping G400 9* 3 rounds on it. Club is mint, pictures tell the story XTORSION Copper in 60s. Don't see many of these. Mid flight and mid spin. Factory from Ping playing standard length Headcover included I also have the stock tour shaft off a friends G400 I bought. If you want this instead just let me know and we can work something out $300 head only $360 with tour shaft. Xtorsion shaft sold 50-9 and 54-ATV ARP stamp Pictures tell the story. 5 rounds tops. Standard everything with KBS tour $SOLD for both Game golf life Missing driver, 7i, GW and putter tags. As pictures show there are extra tags so as long as you play 14 clubs or less it's no issue, just reassign them. Works perfectly fine with no issues at all. Really easy to use with the wifi $65 12 Srixon cabretta leather gloves Size is M/L Bought these while on a trip and need medium Just want to recoup costs... $130
  6. 4-PW Project x 6.0 Super stroke grips Black dot, standard everything If interested in heads only, could also work something out just PM me $550obo Would maybe consider a set of Srixon irons 745 or 765. 4-PW or 5-PW.
  7. ordered a driver for a friend on a used website and it just arrived.. he was going off stock photos, rating out of 10, and shaft option said "speeder 661 X flex". shaft color is also grey, not black. seen the tour specs of this model but not one listed "pro 63". does anyone have a link to a profile of this one so i can try to fill him in? thx
  8. I ship/receive out of Buffalo please allow ~3 days for me to get out there and ship. Bought these on here for a friend and now selling for him. Would possibly consider trades. Maybe a 3 wood with upgraded shaft or similar irons 17'/18' offerings only please. TM P770 3-PW Modus 120s with black/white iomic grips Standard L/L/L $575 or $475 heads only. Whiteboard 70s Titleist tip authentic and plays to 45" Green/white NDMC mint $95obo TW 17 Size 11.5 Shoes are mint, worn 1 round and 1 range between the 2 $150 for both
  9. will be shipping items out of buffalo on saturday. so please allow time for me to get out there to ship until then. any questions just ask. trades i would consider-drivers w/ upgraded shafts, wedge sets, 19-22 hybrids mizuno mp4 5-pw factory order 1/4" long with dynamic gold tour issue X100's super stroke mid size grips pictures tell the story, in great shape and played sparingly standard loft/lie $SOLD. Headed to CA. titleist 917d2 9.5 minor wear on the face from some range balls. other than that i would say it's mint. again pics tell the story draw/fade and neutral weight, headcover and wrench included 70s whiteboard playing at 45" with a golf pride ndmc grip $traded unicorn... taylormade 2016 m2 tour issue 9.5 there are 2 very small mark in the white paint. at address it is not noticeable to me and i can't even get it in the pictures really. if you look closely you can see it to the right of the TM symbol from previous owner specs are: actual loft 9.8 face angle 1.8 open lie 59.5 CT 247 (hot) never got headweight but can easily weigh for you graphite design ad bb 6s with black iomic grip plays 45.5" $sold had this posted before but buyer backed out. if not allowed to relist plz let me know and i'll delete PXG 0341 3w 15* black iomic grip hzrdus black handcrafted 6.0 75g all factory from PXG headcover included $sold 2 taylormade ARP ef spin wedges, 50-09 and 54-ATV all factory with kbs shafts used maybe 5 rounds standard l/l/l $80
  10. sorry for the weak pictures, my iphone camera has some condensation built up in it. any questions just ask. i will ship within 3 business days. PXG 0341 3 wood 15* with handcradted hzrdus black 6.0 75g and a black iomic sticky light wear on face, crown mint and sole is excellent headcover included $420 816 h2 19* speeder tour sped 8.8s lamkin z5 grip dont have original 816 cover but will include a 915h headcover some wear on face, crown mint $120 5-AW pulls DG tour issue s400 with literally brand new golf pride NDMC grips in midsize with 1 wrap 5 iron measures 36.5 raw with .5 increments until PW $150 4-pw pulls. clubs are pictures with heads, minus the 4i which is already raw, but will be pulled tomorrow. i believe these were .5" long.. 4i measures a hair over 37.5" raw. DG tour issue AMT x100's in great shape superstroke grips midsize from 5-pw, 4 has tour velvet $170 ping scottsale tr in great shape superstroke tour pistol 1.0 new 34" no original headcover but have a ping headcover that will be included black dot $100
  11. items will be shipped Tuesday. apologies in advance for the delay. some trades i would be looking for are 917d2/d3, hybrids with upgraded shafts, 50-54 wedge sets. can't think of much else but i'm open to hear what you have. if i'm missing anything or have any questions please let me know. apex cf16 (i had these sold and to cut a story short, it flopped and they are back up. if not allowed to do this let me know and i'll remove) 1/4" short with pured DG tour issue s400's (hence labels being misaligned) 5-PW,AW . 4 iron head included which is not shafted and mint brand new GP NDMC white/black in midsize standard loft/lie great shape as pics show $600 titleist h2 19* no headcover some wear on the face from range balls/bunker. topline and sole clean speeder tour spec 8.8 stiff $130obo epic SZ 9* shafted with ADTP 6x at 45.25" (i also have the stock fuji pro 6s i can include instead) like the hybrid it only shows wear on the face and the crown/sole are mint headcover included pure grip will be blown off and replaced with new lamkin z5 grip $500 m2 9.5* k serial headcover included hardly any wear on the face, not noticed. everyone else perfect $SOLD
  12. Please allow 3-4 days to ship out. Apologies that I didn't clean some of the grooves/soles on clubs. Been meaning to post this ad for a while now and in a rush to get it up, all clubs will be cleaned prior to going out and arrive in better shape. CASH TALKS. Would consider trades but not looking for too much... maybe a set of like new 50-54 wedges, 15-16.5* fairway heads, maybe other stuff. Open to hear what you have but cash gets it first. Any questions or if want more pictures please just PM me thanks. apex cf16 5-pw,aw (7 clubs). 4 iron head is also included (mint) tour issue s400, they are pured hence the misaligned labels brand new midsize golf pride NDMC with 1 wrap. these were installed last night they play 1/4" short of standard and standard loft/lie apologies these were not cleaned prior to pictures $580 taylormade DJ spider 34" with P2 react grip (unreal grip) headcover included slight mark on shaft under grip (pictured) $SOLD ping g30 LST 9* stock everything, barely used tour 60x shaft no headcover, will include pompom cover $SOLD titleist 915F 15* golf pride MCC align grip rogue 80s no cover but will include generic pompom cover club will be cleaned and arrive in better shape! $120 set of mint recoil 680 F4's they were pulled almost immediately from a different set of callys standard length with like new golf pride CP2 grips $SOLD like new ping g400 LS 10* graphite design addi 7x tipped 1/4" club plays ~ 44.75" headcover included black iomic sticky $SOLD like new m2 9.5* factory graphite design adbb 6s club plays 45" headcover included lamkin z5 tour $420
  13. please allow 2-3 days before i ship out. i took these pictures under direct light so while they show all marks, they look worse than in person. you will be happy with condition when it arrives. not really looking for trades. maybe a 50* vokey, 16* fairway head. open to hear offers but cash talks. JPX 900 forged 4-pw c-taper 120s with black iomic i-lines with 1 wrap standard l/l/l recently checked swingweights d2-d3 great shape, used sparingly. $715obo 2017 m2 9.5* headcover and wrench included mint $250obo adams a12 18* hybrid well used addi hybrid 105x with a new decade grip no headcover plays about 39.5" $SOLD titleist 716cb 4-pw with project X lz 6.0 ($$ upcharge) standard l/l/l red lamkin utx grips normal face wear noticeable on range irons, great shape $SOLD
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