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  1. PecisionPro is having a sale during the Masters. $30-40 off depending on which product. I was going to buy one. But think I will hold off due to what I read here. Season is about over and I can use my GPS for any warm weather trips. Murv
  2. Murv

    Bad look

    I agree! Thanks!
  3. Murv

    Bad look

    Now those are some cool pictures!
  4. Murv

    Bad look

    I actually went back and changed the capital S to small case twice. Soon as I hit submit I noticed it being upper case again. I think you are on the right track with the MLB idea.
  5. Murv

    Bad look

    For some time now I have seen the growth of wearing short or no show sox with long pants. Now I'm an old guy brought up to never let your leg show with trousers. I know I am in the minority here but I think short Sox and pants are a bad look. I think the short Sox come about to not have a "farmer tan". How did they ever grow to every day wear? Murv
  6. Wow, been doing this for years and it's always worked for me. I only build for me. I put the club on a hard surface in "my playing position" and measure up the back with a 48 inch ruler. This makes it very consistent for "me". Many people address the ball in a flat position and extend into an upright position and vice versa. Lot of guess work going on in custom builds. Murv
  7. I could be very wrong here...but would you say you have a shorter more compact swing? If so, you are just more comfortable with the grip and this length that allow you to hit your "punch" shot very solidly. At longer lengths the swing you have is not as effective. Cutting the club down probably won't improve your contact. Murv
  8. As far as the TS1's and the TE are concerned...7 iron to 7 iron the TE's are more forgiving. But actually you will have to hit a 6 iron to get the same result as the 7 TS1. So that changes it back in favor of the TS1's. Murv
  9. That is tough for me to answer. My ball striking is improving...but it's not what it once was. I'm very sensitive to mishits. I know at the moment of impact where on the face I have made contact. The TE's were amazing...but I was hitting the ball much better during the time I was playing them. The 1's let you know it right away if you miss the sweet spot. Right now I am missing toward the toe. But the result of the shot is not as bad as it feels on either the 1 or 2. Many times I think "o crap" and look up and see the ball roll up on the left side of the green. The penalty is about the same i
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. I naturally thought the 2's were the way to go because of the cavity. So, I built them first. I gave myself and those clubs a whole year before I figured out that they weren't going to stop with the trajectory and spin i was getting. Made the TS1's with just a little softer shaft but still an R. They are much better for me. Do wish I'd gone to an A shaft though. It's a never ending compulsion. Right now no club has been in my bag for a year except a 3w and 5w XS titanium fairways from Hireko. 6 or 7 years for them. But, they are also ready to go to an A shaf
  11. I do hit the TS1's higher than the 2's. But, they have a little more loft and less offset and just fit my eye better. I'm sure the TE would get even higher but lose a lot of distance. When I was playing the TE's I was more of a digger. Big divots with short irons. I am now 76. My swing speed is down a lot. Have much shallower swing now. Murv
  12. I played the TE (or what it was called then) from 2009-2016. Age made me "distance challanged". I've been on a search ever since. I have both the TS2's and TS1's. The 2's I can't get elevation and spin to stop on a firm green. Playing the 1's. Just love the look. I errored by using regular shafts although I soft stepped graphite. Next move is to A shafts in the 2's. Then probably the rest of the bag. I could never experiment like this at OEM retail. Murv
  13. I know that you know the reason they fit your game so well. There is some serious bounce built into those irons. Which is good for a digger. I had another brand with similar bounce specs and had trouble with them on firm turf in the Winter in Arizona. Eventually gave up even after grinding some of the bounce away. The PTM'S may not fit a sweeper. Murv
  14. Instead of a fingernail, a razer blade in a box cutter makes separation a lot easier. Murv
  15. I'm getting all these ads for socks( yeah the ones on your feet) that promise 13 more yards. Give me a break. Murv
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