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  1. Took me until I was 73. Missed it by one each of the previous 3 years. Now at 77 I do it about a third of the time. But I've moved up from 5850 to 5600 this year.
  2. That is what has kept me playing Snell MTB X.
  3. Thank you! Good ideas. Yes, at 68 I was playing from 6500 shooting 76-79. 7 cap. Now I shoot the same score from 5600. But it is not pretty. Lots of up and downs and few, some time zero birdies. Cap 9-10. I feel like I need a urethane ball since I rely on my short game so much. I need a soft, high flying, spinny, urathane ball that still goes.
  4. That sounds just like our group of about 12 guys. Most walk. But, we do not walk fast. We try to conserve for the last few holes. Which is difficult with some heat and humidity.
  5. Thanks! Good idea. I have a 21 degree 7 wood. Carried it for a while and went back to a 4h. Will try it again.
  6. I have never been able to hit a 7 iron 150 yards. My drives are a little shorter than most. But have never caused me issues due to being very accurate. But, my irons were well shorter than most.. 130 7 iron is as far as I ever hit it. But I could elevate it and get a lot of spin. Now the distance, height and spin are gone. I tried swinging a weighted club for a while. But I was so stiff afterwards I didn't think I was benefiting. You are correct when you say I am comparing today to my former self. I have the need to feel like I'm compressing the ball. Maybe I will try a softer ball. Never done that. Still playing something comparable to a pro v 1.
  7. Well...that is definitely part of the problem. I don't do it regularly. Although I do stretch daily.. During the fall and early Winter I work out regularly with stretch bands with golf specific excersize. And walk 45 minutes 3-4 times per week. Then in January I go to Arizona and play two times per week and hit range balls once. Do this for 3 months. I walk ninety percent of all my rounds. When I return home I still play twice a week but the range ceases. And very sporadic work outs for 6 months. I do have some back and hip issues which is where I have pain. I am grateful I can play as well as I do. My course suits my play as most holes have an area where the ball can bounce onto the green. Plus I've moved up to about 5650 yards.
  8. Getting old is a real issue. Age 77. Handicap 10. Up from 6 4 years ago. Losing clubhead speed. I hit the driver solid and straight. But short...175-180 carry at most. And we have soft conditions...so little roll out. Real issue is fairway shots. Just no carry. 7 iron used to be 125..now about 110. This issue extends through the whole bag. Low, no carry shots. Going to demo some hybrid/iron type clubs. But the problem is more linked to flexibility and strength. When I work out, I have joint and muscle pain for a day or two. I know I am not alone in this. Give me tips or just commiserate if you wish. Murv
  9. PecisionPro is having a sale during the Masters. $30-40 off depending on which product. I was going to buy one. But think I will hold off due to what I read here. Season is about over and I can use my GPS for any warm weather trips. Murv
  10. Murv

    Bad look

    I agree! Thanks!
  11. Murv

    Bad look

    Now those are some cool pictures!
  12. Murv

    Bad look

    I actually went back and changed the capital S to small case twice. Soon as I hit submit I noticed it being upper case again. I think you are on the right track with the MLB idea.
  13. Murv

    Bad look

    For some time now I have seen the growth of wearing short or no show sox with long pants. Now I'm an old guy brought up to never let your leg show with trousers. I know I am in the minority here but I think short Sox and pants are a bad look. I think the short Sox come about to not have a "farmer tan". How did they ever grow to every day wear? Murv
  14. Wow, been doing this for years and it's always worked for me. I only build for me. I put the club on a hard surface in "my playing position" and measure up the back with a 48 inch ruler. This makes it very consistent for "me". Many people address the ball in a flat position and extend into an upright position and vice versa. Lot of guess work going on in custom builds. Murv
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