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  1. I don’t have the ferrule that was placed in the butt end of the shaft. I left that in my club pros office for him to take a look to see if he new what it could be. However, zooming in on the picture I took, it looks like there is something placed in the ferrule. Almost like the tip of a shaft was placed inside the ferrule and then cut. I guess to allow for a homemade counterweight to be placed inside of it. When I took out the ferrule when first seeing it, I inspected the butt trimming and didn’t notice any issues. For now, I’ll just continue to play it, but I’ll be testing it against the G410
  2. Interesting to hear all of this from everyone. Thank you for all of the helpful insight. I was lucky enough to do some testing on a trackman last week hitting my current setup vs the new titleist and ping offerings. On that day my gamer came out on top, so everything seems to be performing as expected. When I played yesterday the ball was flying how I’d expect it. Guess time will tell and we’ll just have to see how everything holds up. Hopefully it’s a teaching moment for myself and others to ask as many questions as possible before purchasing used shafts. I’ll definitely be replacing grips fi
  3. Yes it was glued into the butt end. I had been playing it with original grip. Hadn’t had any issues and shaft was performing well. Had shaft regripped and played today, and everything performed well. I was just curious as to what I was looking at, and wanted some opinions from people more knowledgeable than myself. Had never seen anything like that put into the butt end of a shaft.
  4. I had the guys at my local shop build the club last fall using the adapter from my 917 that I had bought from them previously. Slapped a new grip on it this morning and played. Didn’t see any performance issues, but time will tell. I messaged the guy that I bought the ad iz from to see what exactly that was at the butt end since it wasn’t disclosed when I bought the shaft. Still waiting to hear back... Appreciate all the replies. Just wanted to hear some opinions from those who are more knowledgeable than myself.
  5. Ok thanks. I’ve never had anything like this happen, so I wasn’t for sure what I was looking at, and our club pros had just left for the day. Appreciate your help. That does look like a ferrule now that you mention it. Why would you glue a ferrule in at the butt?
  6. This was the first time that I had cut off the grip since owning the shaft. Also noticed this was placed in the butt end of the shaft. Can anyone explain to me what this is. Thanks in advance.
  7. I grabbed my driver out of my bag at the range this afternoon and heard a rattle in the shaft that I didn’t hear when I played yesterday. It was driving me nuts, so I had the guys at the course cut off the grip to see what it was. This is what came out. Any ideas on what this is? I have an ad iz shaft that I bought last fall off of the classified forum playing in a titleist 917 head.
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