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  1. Change irons very rarely. Changed drivers and wedges like socks for years and years. Stopped changing drivers when fitted for a TM Rocketballz many moons ago. Have finally stopped searching for nervana with wedges. Wearing my current Clevelands out but will likely game them until they explode. "My name is Reason. It's been 610 days since I bought a wedge". But the Ping zing 2i putter -- they will bury me with that relic. Got to be 25 years old. It's the Indian not the arrow anytime things go wonky. When it's good, it's really good. Leading temptresses have co
  2. Guitar playing - Finger picker and sometimes flat-picker here. While that's how I go about it but... I'm not that good at either style but at least it passes as music. The primary reason behind banging my head against the same guitar playing wall is a) I own a horrendously bad singing voice and b) got no buds to play tunes with. So if I want to play, and not sing, alone, the options are narrow. The bad singing voice is no exaggeration. There's no shyness about it. There's unabashed embarrassment about it literally being a coyote ugly, upsetting event. Imagine a person trying
  3. To give you a little quick heads-up, old Reason here thrives on a swing video. OK some might say a swingaholic. Alright I admit it. An insufferable geek -- with that one "alleged" charge Involving an axe. Hey, the man said something about my take on the grip so I had to do it. wink-wink-nudge-nudge You know of all the swings viewed and studied, one of my favorites is Jackie Burke. He's much shorter in stature than most of us but whacked it so solidly. A couple of more years and he makes it to his 100th b'day.
  4. Stu - That's committing to the shot if I've ever heard it. Probably the best player I've made rounds with was an incredible putter. One day I asked him to give me one thing that might help me putt better. His answer - "Easy question. I don't think I'm going to make it. I know I will." Asked if that set him up for disappointment. He said, "Only when I catch myself doubting it." Many times over the years Jack Nicklaus has been asked about his putting style and mechanics. As often as not he leads with saying "You first have to believe you can make it." Fella,
  5. Here's some potentially interesting putting talk amongst friends. I tend to believe WAY too much emphasis is placed on straight-back-straight-through, versus inside-and-down-the-line, in-out-back in, yadda yadda. We we can prove it's not that big of a deal in about two minutes. Drop a ball and do your best to keep the putter face square while literally cutting across the ball on a 45° path. Did you miss it by 45°? No! You'll miss it but not by that much. But if you purposefully struck it with the face out of square to the target line, even slightly so, the re
  6. These are things I personally believe about putting and putters. Because I say so doesn't remotely mean it's how everyone else should see it. I'm capable of being wrong. As to all theories about face-balanced versus toe-hang... and what is "supposed" to go with what type of stoke... I give that stuff a qualified "maybe". Have seen it too many times. The stroke doesn't match the putter type and yet he's a very good putter. Have seen (and been) a below average putter when the equipment "matched" the stroke. It's tougher for me to say there are absolute do's and dont's on thi
  7. This will be a feeble swing at catching up on 6/8 pages worth. Courses I personally prefer (muni or otherwise). Tough holes here and there don't bother me but I prefer a balance of tougher and less difficult holes. Not a fan of excessive moguls and bumps randomly sprinkled around where good shots end up being penalized. So yea, I like me some D Ross just like you guys. A trip to St. Andrews is on the bucket list. Snow - Haven't (yet) seen anything but light frost here. On days when temps would create snow... clear skies. The airport has more snow removal equipment
  8. Well he was seen spinning rock band platters at WKRP. If you wax or duct tape it all off, you risk losing that distinguished big star quality. Think of the Bond and Shakespeare roles you won't get! The Oscar, Emmy, and Tony awards. And what would become of all that lavender juice?
  9. I'm very certain of that Radro. Right back at you! And btw, my acute intermuscular leg cramposis has manifested in gross face contact multi-flightus.
  10. Unfinished business: Have sorta-kinda wanted to explain bowing out of WRX for a year or so. Sorta-kinda would just assume not. It's a long tale with the arms of an octopus. The compromise lands in a way that sums it up, albeit far from the whole nine. A PGA professional taught me for 30 years. Also a friend. A best friend. He took ill from lung cancer and succumbed to it a few months ago. He was of an age and stage in his life where he owned and operated a really nice practice facility. Myself, my wife, and a handful of his friends ran the business as he decli
  11. Its so hard to imagine golf without Trevino in it. Anyone on display publically is subject to haters. Inescapable. LT certainly trots a lot out there for the eye-rolling cynics to feast on. But I personally love it. The wit, wisdom, confidence.... He gets me hanging on every word. One thing worth watching in any/all videos of his full swing is his lead hip. Here we all were just chatting about how foot/knee work gets the hips to respond. Check out Trevino's lead side hip from transition to his finish. Few if any golfers absolutely drive that lead butt cheek straight back b
  12. Names Sixty could consider at age 70: * Dottheeyeguy * Cyndee'smentor * Grillestergus * Sixtysomeping Names Sixty might want to pass on: * Iseedeadpeople * discolives4ever * flyswaterstew ------------------- This vid is somber. Radro's news is anything but. That said it's good, solid, beautifully performed music. It begins and ends with scenes of a tower where many years ago, things could have turned out much worse. Interesting sometimes how music, a little good old fashioned faith, and what could have bee
  13. Interesting stuff. Sometimes, the focus on one wrist is best managed through focus not on it, but the opposite wrist. If the lead wrist is cupped at the top for example, one fix is let it go for a ride and intentionally cup the trail wrist. Another approach can be to pay more attention to where the trail elbow lands at the top. Not lecturing or hoping to change a living soul here. Just sharing I've found there are times when trying to get one body part doing this or that has proven frustrating for me, too. There were cases when I got the desired result by turn
  14. Totally understood and respected. As Snead himself said, "What works for me may or may not work for you." i didn't go there, but for many really good ball strikers, the hand path bottoms out more off the trail thigh, and actually rises a bit through the lead front pocket. But they hit ball-first meaning clubhead path has a low point as much as a foot past the low point of the hands and handle. How? Delayed release of that shaft/lead arm angle, good shoulder turn plane, not protracting the lead shoulder from address through the release are big factors. But for such golfers, the
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