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  1. Friends, In due time, my frequent absences from you will be explained. And when that day comes, it will likely be more cathartic for me than of any true concern to you good souls. We all face challenges on the journey. Some burdens are a little heavy. Some take longer to shed. Sometimes concurrent challenges face us when one all by itself would be enough to say Grace over. This has been the case for old Reason for a while now. That said - All things in life, both good and not so good present an opportunity to grow our coping skills. We "c
  2. Dedicated to... My buddy Bill on the mend. The recovering Stu The painfully ill Tol. The MIA Sixty. And wherever you are, Wriggs. Here's to you guys!
  3. Chipping and pitching seems to always boil down to two broad choices, right? Either we stand with the weight forward and quiet the wrists, OR we don't stand more on one leg than the other and let the wrists hinge. At the end of the day it always seems like a shot calls for some version of plan A or B. Wish I didn't but know all too well the joys of the dreaded "stab" or "chunk" possible with either plan. Just food for thought here. More of an open ended question than rant. What if... Whatever the landing spot imagined, whatever our eye sees as a lot or a little roll-out, what if th
  4. Gents your tolerance in suffering thru a release rant is appreciated. Some things old Reason puts out there may reasonate more with some than others. Knowing something's here and there are at least dabbled with is cool knowing some things do and some don't work so well for others. And that's ok. There's a spectrum of golfers when it comes to swing-ology. I'm self aware as to where I'd be caregorized.. There are those who need to know how and why, those who absolutely don't, and most who fit somewhere in between. Both ends of the spectrum are filled with golfers of all ability. But at l
  5. The "release" is a premier example of swing lingo that's not universally agreed as to what it actually is and isn't. It's not impact. Not the follow-thru. Not the transition into the downswing (per se). So what is it? This alone gives 10,000 births as to "how". And just to make things worse, the whole topic ends up absolutely smothered in compounding lingo such as lag, handle dragging, hand-flip, shaft lean, club face rotation, yadda. Very little if anything inside of a golf swing is more likely to drown these two simple questions: "What is it?" "How do I do it?" So what my eyes see i
  6. WWRD? First he would wipe the outburst laughter spit off his screen after reading the acronym WWRD. Second he would say those scooters look like a blast. Would love giving one a go, even though they seem to conjure up a whole new meaning to the term "golf bag". Lol Not picking on Fella but more as a general comment... I realize we all (self very much included) end up concerned about a TLDR. Wish I could respond to all posts all the time but just can't. Want to but can't. Just know if you burned calories writing it here, it gets read here regardless of word count. Others are interested
  7. In many states, cattle population outnumbers humans. Such things have natural consequences. For example, there are farms where cows get up at the b$tt crack of dawn to milk people. This of course upsets the natural order of things. Said cattle eventually learn to spell on a first grade level, get agents, and appear in Chick-fil-A commercials. Not to fear my good friends. See, my aunt is someone you may have heard of. Temple Grananthamum. Aunt Temple tempts these zealous Jerseys by fan dancing topless to flute tunes on an opposite riverbank. The good news is, order on farms is resto
  8. And there's our buddy! So good hearing from you, Bill. Any coyote showing up? They're starting to pop up around here. Had a guy two blocks over who was sure a baby coyote fell asleep under his parked vehicle. Called Animal Control. They show up and find a Pekingese napping away.
  9. Is there suddenly a limit on quoting others??? Can't quote Scomacer. Oh well. The joys of the new WRX environment in a world where bandwidth is being squeezed til it screams. The joke is on me if smashing the 'quote' button ten times causes this post to be riddled with the same quote. So anywho, Scomacer I'm going to shoot straight with you. Was away from WRX for close to a year. When returning I remember asking myself when first tuning back in, if you and golf were all done with each other. Was kinda expecting that to be the case. You went through a heck of a tunnel. Heck tho
  10. Your swing has a great chance of being just fine. You're listening to your Docs and PT pros. That's the key! Add to that, you've always figured out how you want to swing your swing. There's probably a couple of rolls of lead tape out there with your name on it, but the Vegas odds on you and your swing are very good. Yea, Sears had a small counter near one of the exits to the parking lot. And they did back then exactly what Costco figured out these days. Those freak'n nitro sticks really drew a crowd! And the bun was killer, too. Simple decent service while dining out, or buying just
  11. My total repaint chops would easily classify as novice. Wouldn't want to misrepresent - lol. The G15 5-metal counts as my first serious attempt. Lost it's head cover a couple of years ago and foolishly allowed it's finish to suffer Thankfully no deep dings. Learned the hard way to allow enamel plenty of cure time. You speak wisely Kemosabe. Had no clue 24/48 hours between coats isn't even close. Ended up with three coats of permanently sticky tree sap and started over. Also used the rattle can. Fancy one day having me a true paint cup to go with my compressor. Never thought to us
  12. Not telling you anything you don't already know my friend. Simply plopping it out there as food for thought. There are two brands of "thin" shots. A: Clubhead arc (relative to the ground) bottoms out well behind the ball. Catches the ball thin on the upswing. B. Clubhead never made it back down to the ball. Something in the posture or bending arms or whatever, prevented the club from shallowing out down near the dirt. So since driver is teed-up.... It's possible but highly unlikely it's a little of both. For the same reason, it's possible but a little less likely to be "B". This
  13. Where to begin? Priority one has to be joining everyone's thankfulness to hear Bill is on the mend. He's a good soul. We all miss hearing from him. Radro cracks 80. Huge congrats to someone who teaches us daily that a virtual friend can be absolutely cherished. Well played Rad. Got to ask, with Jack Nicklaus being colorblind, ball color probably wouldn't change a thing? Lol. And how is it possible to see subtle color changes in grain when colorblind? Is it possible we try taking in too much information when putting? Is putting one of those things where less is more? Other roaming t
  14. Thanks Fella / Stu. The photo above was the old reminder grips I was mentioning specifically. For those who've never seen or gamed them, early to mid 1960s Wilson sticks famously had them.. Leather wrap back then over an underpayment of what amounted to a thick cardboard tube glued to the shaft. This view from the butt end of the handle shows a flat spot which which ran down the top/left side of the grip, which "reminded" the golfer to place that hand properly. The rules Nazis really screwed the pooch when they banned this one. Got a ton of newbies to the game off to a much better start
  15. So many quality posts. So much corresponding risk of a TLDR response. In random order with apologies for failing to mention anyone. PD - Your handiwork is always so awesome. Also, have heard better golfers sum up their favorite swing thought as "swing within your feet". If the dreaded shanks ever revisit - Remember that you are among us who swing a fraction flatter. Your shorter clubs invite less "flatness" just by forcing us to stand closer. They also as a result cause our heads to wander forward early in the downswing without sending the trail hip and shoulder through the shot. So s
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