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  1. The ability to make golf clubs in the USA is almost non-existent, except those specialty makers that make the wedges and putters. I think Ping was the last hold out for awhile. PXG is assembled in the US and made in China. You want it made in China cause they are really good at it.
  2. They must of really needed to push out the new designed website for whatever reasons, probably some backend website licensing stuff because there wasn't even basic user interface checks. This weekend, if you tried to buy white TP5x balls, it asked you which style and it only comes in White since yellow and pix has its own order button. Loyalty points still messed up and it got my tax wrong, when I tried to custom order a wedge, the firggin tax, so basic, the tax calculated was 24% or so.
  3. Got notification that my clubs shipped too. I'm getting them Tuesday 8/31 since I'm close to San Diego. My original eta was Oct. And whoever redesigned the TM site should be fired. Half the website is still broken, you couldn't order TP5x balls over the weekend and the custom order menu is still broken. I've been trying to order MG3 wedges and it won't let me select the bounce. The loyalty point system is still broken, there's just so many things broken for it to already go live, what a mess.
  4. Get the 950GH neo, if you don't mind the weight difference and only difference was lower launch, the NEO goes a bit higher, than the regular. I have the 950GH NEO R flex in the JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro. I only went to the pro since my miss is to the left and need less offset. I'm a 15 handicap that can play in the 70s when the stars align once every other month.
  5. Got a new mailer, says buy 2 dozen, get 1 dozen free from 6/6 to 6/20. Been jumping on the B1G1 sales for the past few years around father's day.
  6. Checking in since I see the thread alive again. Year 2 now, I think my warranty is about over. I had to send my cart in for warranty, it cost $230 to ship it by Fedex Ground to them with the box. Maybe I could of saved a few bucks somehow but I just took it to the FedEx store and had them pack and ship it. My cart was misaligned and the wheel wasn't tracking straight. At least they ship it back to you for free. As for the fuse problem, it's doesn't happen anymore. I figured it out...haha.. just lighten the load I think. I just put less drinks on it and I'm more careful about using it on thick grass so that the cart doesn't struggle to get around.. I enjoy walking while playing golf and the cart does make it easy. I'm still really torn about the price tag and if it's worth it. The cart is heavy especially with the battery in it. It's not the easiest to load and unload into the car. I miss things like having the umbrella cover me in the summer in the hot sun and having the seat attachment so that I can sit if it's a slow round. There has to be something better. And yes, the accessories still suck. I know as golfers, we want to love something we spent big bucks on, I spent over $2500+ on this thing and damn it, I want to love it but sometimes, you have to admit that your old driver and shaft was better and go back. I'm already in deep, my $2500+ is already spent and I really like the cart. It's great not having to push, it's great that it follows me, it's great that it's a cool device.... but I wouldn't get it again, not at $2500+
  7. I went from the F9 to Rad XB this year. The XB is more forgiving because you have to remember that for the F9, they didn't do the more forgiving model. It was 10.5 for the closed face and 9.5 for the square. Realistically, will you see much difference in a driver that's only 2 years apart. When I switched, I got more consistent and got more distance, only cause I needed a lower loft, went from the 10.5 F9 to the 9 XB and the Fuji shaft worked better for me.
  8. I'm a Nippon 950GH Neo user, if you really do hit your 7 iron 154, you should be in a stiff. I prefer the NEO version for the higher flight but PXG don't have them. If you get the 950 stiff, you'll be fine. 850's will be too light coming from the S-120.
  9. I used DD to order PXG stuff and for sure they don't check the order before reshipping it to you. Both times, I had accessories missing, like an extra weight I ordered, etc. They shipped me the missing items later but PIA since it goes to them first and then to you.
  10. moolman

    Evnroll ER9!!!

    I've tried switching to the PXG One and Done. Came back to the ER9 and still putting it so well. Replaced the gravity grip with a new one and still rolling putts great. I try to use a slight arc and feel it does a better job than a straight back and forth. Mine is face balanced but I get a 1 or 2 degree slight toe hang, maybe that's why.
  11. I'm still waiting too. They stopped selling the PM 19 on the website. Show us what's next.
  12. I have the 0211 3W, playing it 0.5inch shorter at D1 with the 17.5g weight in it to get it to that SW. I was coming from the Cobra F9 3W, that one also shorter as well. In terms of the head, I don't see much difference. Do you really expect much difference? I like the rails on the bottom of the 0211, just like how the cobra has it. I mainly use it off the deck, I hit my driver on average 220-240, these are legit distances tracked with my Garmin and so I need a 3 wood to get it close on a long par 4 or par 5. I'm not skilled enough to land a 3 wood on the green consistently but I'm just trying to get it close so I can chip it onto the green. I like using a high launch shaft, so I paired it with the PX Riptide CB R Flex that comes with no upcharge and I really like it.
  13. Yup, that's why you hit high...lol.... forward of stance to hit high, back of stance to hit low. I'm a bad golfer that hits into trees alot, not taking a mulligan, got me good at hitting low iron shots under trees, play it off my back foot.
  14. I'm looking for my irons to drop on the greens, working on hitting down and having shaft lean. I did get the new clubs this year, got the HMP with the Nippon 950 NEO, these are supposed to be the highest launching steel shafts. If these can't help me, nothing can.
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