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  1. Brings back memories because I bought a Tour Issue 580XD from some dude on bombsomething website way back in the day. I bought it for $800, it was just okay. I was dumb, thought Tour Issue made a difference. I did find another sucker who paid me $1200 for it...lol
  2. If it makes you feel better, add 10g and hit it worse, join us...lol
  3. To be fair, it's all perceived value right. When you pay a lot of money for something, you better believe that they are the best thing ever. It's just human nature. It's like when people are served frozen food at a fancy restaurant and they rate the food as amazing. I'm scheduling an appointment to get fitted for the 0211s, if I can't use the stock shafts, forget it.
  4. I've had the Caddttek v1 with slope for the past year. The best part of this rangefinder is that I got a refurbished one for $60 and the stress of not having to worry about losing it. I'm coming from have used bushnell's in the past and the stress of checking to make sure I didn't lose it....haha... The main difference between an expensive bushnell and this and every other cheap range finder is speed. A bushnell is instant, you shoot, instant distance and you know you got the right distance. With this, there's a slight pause. You might not even notice if you never used a bushnell before but i
  5. If you like the C wedge a lot. Go find the Niblicks. In my closet I have the 37, 42, 49, and 56 degree, Niblicks. I can never give them up for that reason...haha....
  6. It's because he heard the stories from other people where they have a cracked driver and TM/Callaway sends a new model, no questions asked. It makes you think that if a company has good customer service, that it's subpar, even if it's not. He wanted them to send him free grips since he bought fakes on ebay...haha
  7. I like counterbalanced putters, I feel I can make a smoother swing. I'm using a Evnroll Gravity Grip.
  8. I have the same setup as you. The PM 19 in 54 and 58. I use both out of the bunker, depending on how far from the hole. I think it's because the 58 has a high bounce but it's been shaved off to give it a lower effective bounce. I'm a once wedge chipper, so I use the 58 for pretty much any shot around the greens and I really like it. My golf instructor didn't like the wedge at first because it had too much bounce but it doesn't play like it at all.
  9. I used to play the OL up until AW and then standard 54/58. I found that there was no distance gap as long as I kept the shafts consistent. Maybe there was a bigger gap than normal from when I transitioned from OL at the GW and regular at SW but I usually do half swings and chips with my 54/58, so I didn't have any issues.
  10. 1 inch, is 6 SW points, so add 12g to the head. Or you can play around with a ultra light grip, the 25g ones. A regular grip is around 50g, 25g grip will give you an extra 5 swing weight points, your decision to add 2g to the head or not to bring it up back to the original SW. I personally play with a shorter 3 wood. I custom ordered it 1 inch shorter from Cobra. They found a heavier head, added the heavier weight. Comes out to standard D0/D1 with a regular grip.
  11. I've played both the Z Star, XV and ProVs, can't tell the difference in distance. Definitely, can in terms of spin. I play Srixons cause you can't beat the B1G1 but I can't make it check and spin back like a ProV1 and I have been playing with the Srixon for 2 years now. The minute I switch back to a ProV, ball checks on a dime or spins back on the greens. I'm cheap, so I prefer the Srixon and I'm used to letting the ball roll out a bit instead of checking, so I'm good with it and wouldn't play a ProV.
  12. I did the cobra set, since the one length is 7 iron length, I did 7-AW variable Cobra, then my usual 54/58. 5 and 6 iron are One length. 4 hybrid is One Length. I can't pull off a 3H one length since my SS is too low, so a regular length 3H.
  13. It's all about how it makes you feel and you're buying the confidence. My friend went to the scotty store in SD, got fit, ended up with a $3500 putter, it's unique, kinda plain looking really because he really likes it plan without many stamps. Obviously, we give him tons of crap when he misses a putt and he says to us, that's why you get $3500 putter when he sinks a good putt. He uses a plain club glove cover since you don't want to be a target to golf thiefs. If you can afford it, why not. I don't like blade putters and don't like any scotty mallets but if I didn't I'd probably get a custom
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