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  1. Get the 950GH neo, if you don't mind the weight difference and only difference was lower launch, the NEO goes a bit higher, than the regular. I have the 950GH NEO R flex in the JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro. I only went to the pro since my miss is to the left and need less offset. I'm a 15 handicap that can play in the 70s when the stars align once every other month.
  2. Got a new mailer, says buy 2 dozen, get 1 dozen free from 6/6 to 6/20. Been jumping on the B1G1 sales for the past few years around father's day.
  3. Checking in since I see the thread alive again. Year 2 now, I think my warranty is about over. I had to send my cart in for warranty, it cost $230 to ship it by Fedex Ground to them with the box. Maybe I could of saved a few bucks somehow but I just took it to the FedEx store and had them pack and ship it. My cart was misaligned and the wheel wasn't tracking straight. At least they ship it back to you for free. As for the fuse problem, it's doesn't happen anymore. I figured it out...haha.. just lighten the load I think. I just put less drinks on it and I'm
  4. I went from the F9 to Rad XB this year. The XB is more forgiving because you have to remember that for the F9, they didn't do the more forgiving model. It was 10.5 for the closed face and 9.5 for the square. Realistically, will you see much difference in a driver that's only 2 years apart. When I switched, I got more consistent and got more distance, only cause I needed a lower loft, went from the 10.5 F9 to the 9 XB and the Fuji shaft worked better for me.
  5. I'm a Nippon 950GH Neo user, if you really do hit your 7 iron 154, you should be in a stiff. I prefer the NEO version for the higher flight but PXG don't have them. If you get the 950 stiff, you'll be fine. 850's will be too light coming from the S-120.
  6. I used DD to order PXG stuff and for sure they don't check the order before reshipping it to you. Both times, I had accessories missing, like an extra weight I ordered, etc. They shipped me the missing items later but PIA since it goes to them first and then to you.
  7. moolman

    Evnroll ER9!!!

    I've tried switching to the PXG One and Done. Came back to the ER9 and still putting it so well. Replaced the gravity grip with a new one and still rolling putts great. I try to use a slight arc and feel it does a better job than a straight back and forth. Mine is face balanced but I get a 1 or 2 degree slight toe hang, maybe that's why.
  8. I'm still waiting too. They stopped selling the PM 19 on the website. Show us what's next.
  9. I have the 0211 3W, playing it 0.5inch shorter at D1 with the 17.5g weight in it to get it to that SW. I was coming from the Cobra F9 3W, that one also shorter as well. In terms of the head, I don't see much difference. Do you really expect much difference? I like the rails on the bottom of the 0211, just like how the cobra has it. I mainly use it off the deck, I hit my driver on average 220-240, these are legit distances tracked with my Garmin and so I need a 3 wood to get it close on a long par 4 or par 5. I'm not skilled enough to land a 3 wood on the green consistently but I'm
  10. Yup, that's why you hit high...lol.... forward of stance to hit high, back of stance to hit low. I'm a bad golfer that hits into trees alot, not taking a mulligan, got me good at hitting low iron shots under trees, play it off my back foot.
  11. I'm looking for my irons to drop on the greens, working on hitting down and having shaft lean. I did get the new clubs this year, got the HMP with the Nippon 950 NEO, these are supposed to be the highest launching steel shafts. If these can't help me, nothing can.
  12. I do, cause I swear, if you play a nice ball and hit it to the wrong fairway, people steal it.
  13. I sorta disagree only because I'm in the same boat as you, my handicap swings form a 12 to a 15 and back, it happened this year. So one week, I'm on fire and the next OB on a few holes. When you're on fire, you do notice the balls that drop on the green and stop. I've been experimenting with the Z-Star and Prov1x cause the both claim to have good iron spin onto the green. So far the ProV1x stop on the green, I've seen the Z-Star roll off. Of course, it's most likely my swing. I've been using Srixon because of the father's day B1G1 offer, if it comes back again, I'll stock up on mo
  14. I switch off between the Z-Star and Q Star Tour, I have no problems with the Z-Star. Not sure of my swing speed but I use the Garmin watch for distance tracking and it tells me that my average drive is 240. If I'm on flat ground, I expect my driver to go anywhere from 220-250 or so and I've measured it with the watch every hole. I use a 9* Radspeed XB with Fuji Motorex R flex.
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