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  1. Has anyone seen a Ping G425 in person, it doesn't look like it has an exchangeable weight anywhere to add more weight.
  2. Hi all, Time to upgrade my Cobra F9 Tour Length. I used to play my driver at 43.5 inches but found at the end, my ideal length is 44.5. These are the drivers that I found so far where it can be ordered shorter from the factory and they will adjust the swingweight accordingly. Of course any driver can be cut short but some drivers, more weight can't be added to increase swingweight. 1. Cobra RAD drivers in Tour Length, 44.5 inches 2. PXG 0211 driver, stock is 10g weight at 45 inch, make it the 15g weight if at 44.5 inch and 20g if at 44 inch.
  3. 921 HMP ordered on Dec 1st. Got shipment notification Jan 14 from Georgia. 1.5 months.
  4. 921 Hot Metal Pros Ordered Dec. 1st, was told 3-4 weeks, it's been 6 weeks, still no word.
  5. I can see my order status on the pxg website, ordered through DD, order entered 1/12, estimated assembly 1/30.
  6. The best price they had was during black friday at $245 but I doubt it's coming back. $285 is pretty decent and if you upgrade to a SuperStoke is $25 extra.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I used our dudes in Oregon, they quoted me 3-4 weeks, I'm good with that but I'll hold out hope that it might get here faster. I ordered some Mizuno 921HMP irons on Dec. 1st, still waiting on them, it's way past the promised time but looks like everything is delayed for Mizuno. I ordered the black jack and one and done putter from PXG a month ago, took 2 weeks.
  8. I got my PXG One and Done Armlock last week. My first armlock putter, so far so good. I added the JumboMax 17 flat side parallel to the face. 37 inches. Switched out the 4 x 10g weights for 4 x 20g weights. So far so good. My other putter is an Evnroll ER9. I'm going to go back to the Evnroll factory when it's safe to try out their new Midlock putters. PXG made me buy the 20g weights separately and change out the weights myself. Kinda annoying added $40 to the cost, but I did sell the 10g weights back on ebay but still a lot of extra steps.
  9. I ordered the 0211 3 wood and 3 hybrid a few days ago. Will give it a go. I usually look for forgiving clubs, the 0211 seems forgiving. Been using the Cobra F9 3 wood and 3 hybrid. I chose the Evenflow Riptide for both clubs. I fit well into higher launching shafts and both are mid launch, mid spin. I usually play my 3 wood a bit shorter, so I ended up ordering their new wood weight kit. They can adjust the weight and length for you but I wanted to try it at 43 inches before. The new weight kit is different than the old putter weight kit cause it goes up in 2.5g increments which wi
  10. Ordered mizuno 921 HMP on Dec 1st, was quoted 3-4 weeks, still no word. I'm think 5-6 weeks then.
  11. Where on the Ben Hogan website is it? haha....
  12. Just going back to regular length since I've been OL for the past 4-5 years. I saw the new Mizuno irons and wanted to give it a try. I borrowed my friend's regular length set to make sure I would like going back and in the 5 years, I'm a better golfer now. OL does make you hit shorter but that's just physics, as long as you know your distances, it was fine. I was OL up to the Cobra 4H and just so easy to hit. I'm not a long hitter, normal, regular flex. I hit a 7 iron about 140-145, like a real 140-145, hence the regular flex....haha... I use a range finder. If I hate
  13. Used OL starting with the Wishon and the F9 OL, I recently wanted to try something new and ordered the Mizuno HM Pros. So we'll see if I come back. I really like OL irons and get decent gapping. The lie angles are like the other guy said above. Cobra states that even though the 5 iron is the same length as the 8 iron, you see the number and swing harder, therefore, you need a different lie angle. Not sure if it's true or not but didn't make a difference to me. The f9 had different hosels lengths depending on the iron, so when you look at them, you can tell it makes no difference. I
  14. I play a Cobra F9 at 43.5 inches, you can add enough weight to make it come out at D1-3 since you can go up to 18g on each weight.......I'd have to do 18g +18g to get around D3 but it felt too heavy for me so I instead went to a 25g grip and it's at 24g.... but swingweight doesn't mean much if you're doing it to fool the scale.
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