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  1. Were those iron pulls really Justin Rose's or are you just saying they are the same models he uses?
  2. Came in my brand new Sim2 but I swapped shafts after nine holes and don’t think I’ll need it. Measures 44.75” and has the TM Z-grip. $100 shipped East and $95 shipped West.
  3. Mizuno T20 Satin Chrome 54-08 with DG Tour Issue S400 and Z-Grip. Measures ~35.5" with my GolfWorks ruler which I believe is +1/4" over standard. Brand new and never hit a ball. Does have some slight "shop wear" (a bump/nick/light scratch here and there). Pictures should show you this is clearly a new club. $105 shipped (East) and $100 shipped (West)
  4. Looking for the head only. Must be in really good or new condition. Here's my estimated price range: Sim2 new- $400 Sim2 used- $300 - $350
  5. 1. 2021 TM Spider S Platinum L-Neck putter. Barely used. 35" long and comes with original head cover. $210 shipped CONUS ($5 off if you're out West) 2. HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 60 6.0. Pulled from a new TSi3 and still has the sticker. Measures 44" from tip to end of grip. SOLD
  6. I was doing some research on this a bit ago. FWIW I never came across a counterfeit of the black version DI shafts.
  7. The answer to your question lies in the variances between starting prices, final prices, and actual item value. If the starting bid is potentially higher than an item may be worth to a buyer then said buyer may offer less. If the starting bid is lower than an item may be worth to a buyer they may offer more (sometimes much more) to try and get the item quickly for a price they are comfortable with.
  8. Was there a reason you think they are 1/2” short?
  9. Question on the Spider... Is that paintfill coming off on the top line of the insert above the grooves? Or just a reflection of light when you took the picture?
  10. Hey, all. I've done some research but hoping for some more direct feedback here. I seem to match well with a shaft profile that loses stiffness from butt to tip at a very linear rate. They feel very good to me and I get the most consistent strike pattern of all my clubs. For example, my favorite club in the bag is a hybrid with a hzrdus smoke black rdx (profile in picture 1 below). I also really seem to pair well with the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 in my wedges (profile in picture 2 below). I know there are other aspects of the club that are more important to fitting but my question is if there is an iron
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