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  1. All size medium. Feel free to ask questions and offer trades. All 6 sold together for $72 PP'd and shipped Blue Puma (Shirt #1) White Puma (Shirt #2) Blue Puma (Shirt #3) All three Puma shirts (Shirts #1-3) Navy Heather Banana Republic (Shirt #4) Charcoal Heather Banana Republic (Shirt #5) Turquoise Heather Banana Republic (Shirt #6) All three Banana Republic shirts (Shirts #4-6)
  2. Wow. Deal of the day! I'm waiting on mine to be delivered but I paid way more than this haha.
  3. They are definitely smaller in profile. Are you going to hit them or just pass them on? What flex did you order BTW? And were you only nine days from purchase to delivery?
  4. I don't know if I want the KBS Tour's or the $-Taper's and Wilson's fitting cart options are pretty awful so I can't test either of them. Since the $-Taper's are an upcharge I may go with the Tour's and hope they work. ' EDIT: Whelp... I went for it because I didn't want the coupon code to expire without getting in on this deal. CB's in 4-GW with KBS Tour 125 S+. I'm really praying they aren't too loose for me as I've never played a KBS shaft before!
  5. Are these fairway wood shafts? About what length would these play in a driver after the tip and head are installed?
  6. Do we know how long that code is going to be good for? I want to order the CB’s but want to get fit for the right shaft first.
  7. 1. Tour Issue M1 8.5 with UST Proforce V2 7F5 extra stiff shaft. Plays at 45.5" and comes with headcover as shown. Head weight is 193g and I've added pictures of the slightest discoloration and tiny scratch on the head. Neither are noticeable from address. $170 together or $125 head only/$50 shaft only 2. Mizuno S5 White Satin Wedge Set (52-09, 56-10, 60-06) with DG wedge flex shafts and all standard specs. $140 together or $50 each SOLD! Lots of trade interests here (all with extra stiff shafts): Titleist TS3/TSI3 9.5 degree, ~16.5 degree fairway woods, forgiving iron sets, a
  8. I bought these on the BST a few years ago and they have been great. Their feel is even better than the new Mizuno lineups IMO. They're in great shape for their age as you can see by the pictures. There's a nick on the sole of the PW (heel side) that doesn't affect play and I've shown it clearly in the pictures. 4 and 5 irons are MP-54 6-PW are MP-4 All irons have DG X-100 shafts, standard specs, and Lamkin UTX grips Price is $270 to the CONUS
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