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  1. Going to give Vokey's a try in the PW and GW. These are standard length, loft, and lie with KBS Tour 125 S+ shafts. $153 plus tax at retail with the KBS Tours. Take both for $175 or $95 for one. Trade interests are: -SM8 wedges in 46F, 50F, 54S/54D, 58S/58D -TM Spider Tour Black 35"
  2. Thanks! I split time between riding and walking. Does it strap into a cart okay? I'm using an old Hoofer and would just get a new one of those but I'm really turned off by the stand-cramping issues making it really hard to get the clubs in and out. How is the stand function and the accessibility of the clubs on your Stitch bag?
  3. Has anyone used one of these bags? How do they compare to the other popular bags like Ping Hoofers, Sun Mountain, etc?
  4. 1. Wilson D7 Forged 4-PW with DG S300 shafts. Standard lengths and lofts, 1 degree upright lie angles, and standard Tour Velvet grips. I just got these brand new last week and only the 5-iron and 7-iron have been taken out of the plastic and hit on an indoor simulator with premium balls. The rest are still in plastic in the box. Will split heads and shafts if anyone is interested. $700 shipped for the set $575 for the heads $150 for the shafts
  5. This makes sense. Upon quick search I don't see any R400 #9 for sale with any online retailers or even resellers like eBay. I do like the idea of the DG S400 (probably non-tour issue) 7-iron with some tape down the middle. I've played DG S400 tour issue #9 in my wedges and they do still feel quite stiff to me so it will be interesting to experience the difference with the soft-stepping and added weight.
  6. My understanding is that S400 is stiffer than S300 which would make your recommendation stiffer in the GW, SW, LW when I’m actually hoping for softer. Am I missing something?
  7. Like most people here, I'm very familiar the X100 irons + S400 wedges setup that is super common with tour pros and others. I'm wondering what a similar setup would look like for someone playing S300 in their irons? Maybe S400 7-iron or 8-iron shafts "soft-stepped" into the wedges? Looking for a little heavier but softer than the S300 it isn't quite as clear.
  8. 1) Mizuno T20 Raw 56-14: Tour Issue S400, Z-grip cord, 1/4" over standard, in excellent condition. $90 shipped west/midwest (+$5 east) 2) C-Taper 130X 4-PW: New in plastic except for 6-iron (length shown). Unused labels included. I was so excited for these and I somehow spin them MORE than my KBS Tours? SOLD Trade interests: 3 Woods Vokey SM8 56-12 and 60-12 X100 iron shafts or another that should kill spin
  9. Guerin Tour Spec Master Milled Putter. 35" and 355g of head weight. Great putter but I've gone all-in on mallets and I'm moving this along to a new owner. I probably used this for one or two rounds and a little practice green work. It's in fantastic shape as you can see in the pictures. It comes with the original head cover but (full-disclosure) it hasn't worn very well on the outside for some reason. $150 shipped west ($5 more out east). Trade interests: Vokey SM8 60-12 raw or jet black TM Spider Putters (w/ toe hang) Sim or Sim2 3 woods
  10. It looks like TGW also has a 90-day playability guarantee on custom orders like these. Does anyone have experience with that? I'd like to take a chance on a TSi2 fairway sight unseen and it would be nice to have that as a fallback in case it's a disaster.
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