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  1. So does the AP2 still have the same face or this new L one? Also is the closed cavity filled with that black material like the older ones?
  2. Is Justin Thomas still using that BF shaft? I never noticed the two colors.
  3. Flak 2.0 matte black in great condition with grey lenses that are used but in good condition. The Grey lenses have two small scratches in one and a slight scratch at the bottom of the other, doesn't effect sight. PRIZM lenses are perfect and barely used. Cloths and case included, $100 Shipped
  4. Poulter looks like a geek with the hat!
  5. Hunter has a pretty left and low exit, hardy O'Connell advocate similar moves, also the flatter swing which hunter has. I think that's why he went to him. So maybe he saw a similar trait and thought he could help? I guess that makes sense.
  6. its amazing that one of the most drooled over swings in golf wanted to be more like Kuchar. Not hating on Kuch but it's a unique swing.
  7. What is O'Connell's swing methodology?
  8. Why are all of the good reviewers from Britain. Are there different rules in the US?
  9. Why isn't Miller working this? I would rather have Stupples but curious why Koch and not Miller.
  10. Did Zinger say Harman "punts the eyes off it"?
  11. In my opinion it's the neck. Very few slant necks on the market. I have one in my spider Si and that was my favorite thing about that putter. Wish other companies would offer in their mallets. He's referring to the amount of people using the red putter instead of the black iteration of the same putter. And to your last point, sounds like odyssey is going to be releasing this neck on their models soon yeah why is the red so popular?
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