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  1. This was my unicorn, but now looking to move it with another kiddo joining the fam, trophies aren’t allowed. Yes-initials are stamped in the face but the custom shop will 10000% remove them for 275$. ive discounted it to cover for that cost. I used it for 1 round, and had Scotty extend it to 35”. Asking SOLD shipped insured.
  2. 1. New Release Scotty 7 point crown snap back. -70$ shipped 2. Circle T Putting Disc-$75 shipped 3. 10 Tour Velvet +4 grips.-65$ shipped pm for PayPal
  3. +1/8” long 6.5 Project X LS 125g Golf Pride Z-Cord align grips. bent to Titleist t100 standard specs. OG Purps BB and F co ferrules Sold shipped
  4. Played 2 rounds with it. No tipping 60g Stiff Measures 43.5” uninstalled. taylormade tip golfpride Z-Cord grip logo down Sold OBO
  5. I’ll just say, don’t try to regrip your irons while drinking IPAs
  6. 4-P. I bought them with the thought I would look at them everyday and think how I need to get better to play them. Whelp, Baby number 2 is coming this week and I’ll likely need some GI shovels when I am allowed to play Golf again. 1250 shipped. these are the sexiest irons I have ever seen
  7. Used 4 rounds. Was fit into an LA Golf Blue. 150$ shipped. Tipped 1/2” plays 45 3/8” in a TSI3
  8. Got a lot of messages all at once. It sold
  9. 2021 Club Cameron Kit, Hydroflask, CashBag, Blade Headcover, sticker, Pin. all New in plastic. $old
  10. Used 3/4 rounds-got fitted into different irons and driver/fwy and irons. 1. TB 60TX Tipped 1”, Plays 45” in Ping G425 LST. GP Tour Velvet Standard +4 grip logo up. $old 2. TB 70TX no tipping, Plays 43” in TM Sim2 Ti 3w. GP Tour Velvet Standard +4 grip logo down. $old 3. Set of Project X 6.5 Pulls from Srixon ZX7s, plays .5” long. (6 iron is 38” installed). Sold
  11. Used 4-5 rounds, 9* Ping G425 LST with Brand new never used 65x shaft plays standard length. I just got fit into another big dog, but this guy is $$$$$$. Sold obo. This one is hard to give up... g425 Max with 6.5TX Hulk PVD 80 gram. Used but rarely hit, took a sandy shot to the face on the course but I did all I could to make it look nicer. Not noticeable from address. Plays stock length, no tipping. Sold obo. thanks guys! pm with questions or for PayPal.
  12. Used 4 18 hole rounds. Extremely low spin bomber. This combo is a high spinners dream. It’s only throws out Mid flight BOMBS. My rounds per week is about to go down to 1 or Zero with another baby coming in a couple weeks. The ferrule on the shaft it separating a bit as a well. $old for the combo. thanks and PM for PayPal.
  13. All prices are shipped Usps 1.Scotty Cameron Medium Shrimp Polo-$old 2. Scotty Cameron Louisana Open Blade Headcover. $75 3. Sim2 TI 3w with AV Blue 75x-$315 with headcover pin 4/2
  14. 1. Brand New in Plastic-Ping LST 10.5 with Ping Tour 65x Shaft, includes Arccos Grip. Plays Standard Ping length-45.5” -$old shipped 2. Diamana TB 60Tx shaft Tipped 1” plays 45” in G425 LST. $250 shipped 3. Hzrdus Smoke Green Small Batch-PVD no adaptor 6.5TX 70g plays 45” in a Ping G425. $old shipped. 4. NEVER USED Tensei Orange AV 75TX. Plays Standard length in Titleist Tsi3-$175 shipped. 5. NEVER USED Ping Tour 65x and 75x Both including Arccos Grip. $60 shipped a piece. 6.Hzrdus RDX Black 6.5 70g plays standard in a Titleist Tsi3-$old
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